Quick Social Media Hack to Trick the Algorithm
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Quick Social Media Hack to Trick the Algorithm

100 thoughts on “Quick Social Media Hack to Trick the Algorithm

  1. QOTD ⚡️ What are the top two social media platforms you are focusing on this year? Let me know here! 👇 One of the ways to grow faster on YouTube is by creating a simple growth strategy? Watch this video for details ➡️ https://youtu.be/obRIcC3hVE0

  2. A lot of the time I get the feeling "creator helper" channels are just trying to push whatever they can think of out the door for people to watch. This one is a really great tip, thanks.

  3. As always, your videos are packed with excellent value! Just curious, did you always talk with your hands, or is that something you learned to do?

  4. I actually do this by editing highlights and putting them on my social media then put the link to the full match in the comments section.

  5. please I kindly ask you to help me. I am making book synopses with my own voice but English is not my first language. I don't know if my accent and pronunciation is good enough for such videos. Can you just for 5 seconds check if I should continue with my own voice or I should use text to speech. Please help me with that. I am really worried about it

  6. This is a great strategy, I’m currently using it but not as effectively as you are talking about. Going to look at developing what you have suggested. Thanks dude.👍🏻👊🏻

  7. Not exactly what I expected from your title, but it’s a pretty good (almost obvious) idea. Thanks for sharing.

  8. This is great! I’m just getting started with my channel and I really appreciate all of the information that you post.

  9. We've been doing this prior to watching this video so it's great to know that this is good practice! Thanks for reaffirming what I thought was a good idea at the time! One of the reasons I watch you and Benji.

  10. It's like the little light in my head just turned on! This is an excellent method on how to promote rather than just copy and pasting everything across the board 🤙🏽 ps: I throw in prayer anyways

  11. Awesome advice! This reinforces the additional benefit of a well-executed intro in the first 10 – 20 seconds that can with minimal effort used to get more traffic and awareness to the video,

  12. Good video! Question: You say at :35, "When you send traffic from, like, Facebook or almost anywhere, they reduce your reach." How does sending traffic from social media reduce your reach? Wouldn't it expand your reach? 🤔🤔🤔

  13. Thank you, I kinda have started doing that on Facebook. I have also been told to put the YouTube link in the comments not in the main body but refer to the link in the comment on the main post.

    What do you think?

  14. Hey Sean. Another great tip that we will implement. Thanks!
    Is it true that the other platforms (facebook,instagram) give less exposure to link aways and buries those posts?

  15. Very powerful technique ! Thanks for the tip Sean ! Man, I really want to invite you to a videocast on my channel to share some tips for Crypto Youtubers.

  16. To 👏🏾be👏🏾on👏🏾YouTube 👏🏾you👏🏾have👏🏾to👏🏾talk👏🏾with👏🏾your👏🏾hands👏🏾

  17. I use to try putting out videos for my Youtube content, but then i started making a separate thumbnail specifically for Facebook & Instagram… Stories is a little different, but I found when people are scrolling they react better to thumbnails than videos…. but as a knifemaker, people looking for my Niche are looking for knives, not an intro to a video… So I would imagine every topic is different… Thanks for all the info, take it easy…

  18. You keep saying it, and it's always on my mind. I gotta really start incorporating video in my social media posts.

  19. Great information, I've been using that opener in my fashion vlog, I like the way it sets up the video

  20. Thanks again for the inspiration.. it's like falling and getting back up & watching that favorite movie again.

  21. Thank you for the excellent tips! This strategy will save me a lot of time and be more impactful.

  22. In Linkedin I have more than 15K connections. I am just sharing YouTube links. And people are watching the videos on Linkedin. Not getting even a single view from Linkedin. I will now create a teaser video as you said. And then upload the video in Linkedin. And then I will see how much people come to my YouTube videos. Thanks for another amazingly awesome trick. Fantastic channel.

  23. Another simple, commonsense and brilliant tip. Thanks Sean, gonna give it a go in my future vids for sure! I'm even wondering if might be worth giving it a go for the previous ones

  24. @ Think Media: I apologize that this is unrelated to the subject matter at hand, but could you do a video, or even provide me a link to some information, on how in the world all these people are making lyrics videos with millions of views without getting copyright strikes….Please and thank you.

  25. Thank you! This was great advise. I had been sharing the entire video to FB but my next video, I am going to try this. Thanks again!

  26. Thanks for the tip! Recently came back to Youtube with much stronger idea/vision and niche, really enjoy your content👏👏😉

  27. Hey sir sean i really hope your advice helps me get far and i just wanted to ask if you do shoutouts @thinkmedia

  28. hey Sean just watched your video about affiliate …loved iT😘!! I have 190.000 subs fifa/football channel with 3 million views a month but still trying to build affiliate in my niche. Do you have a tips about products i could promote to my viewers ?? Thnjsss

  29. this is superb, i love everything fast to give more reach and i'm gonna start doing these, i've been wondering how i can get more reach for my youtube videos on socials, big thanks!

  30. This is so helpful and genius. I posted my first video about a week ago (I have 3 total now) and about 15 subscribers. I really appreciate y’all!

  31. Because of Sean, my YouTube channel has been growing from 0 subscriber to 4000+ in just 5 months. Just make sure you take in all the advise from him and do a little bit of twist to your style.

  32. Thanks to the help of Think Media, I started my YouTube channel and today I finally reached 100 subscriber!🔥

  33. I am learning my way thanks to your beacon of light. Thanks for giving us valuable tools for progress👍

  34. Makes a video about getting youtube views… Has 700k subs… gets 8k views in 4 days??? Should i really trust you?

  35. I have a question – in analytics I have a lot of views coming from Creator Studio – what does that mean?

  36. For the last couple years I've just stopped fighting the drive to get people to leave Facebook and come to my YT channel and just uploaded the full thing natively to FB. Didn't think to upload a hook though! I just hate how it all looks on mobile when then click on a YT link and how it won't really close out Facebook but will pull up the YouTube website inside of FB and play there unless you say 'ok yes please leave FB and open this in YT' which doesn't even always come up for me.

    The tip for seeing how much traffic you're getting from other social media is helpful to see if it's an effective strategy though.

  37. We REAAAALLY need more details about this! I mean does Facebook look at the link or at the fact that even this short video is pointing traffic out of Facebook? How does the algorithm see it?

  38. I'm working on Instagram and Twitter but I still prefer Facebook because I'm an old timer. Lol! I'll have to try this tip, thank you! 👍

  39. Yes definitely I most link this video. I did this strategy by posting on LinkedIn, Facebook and even on WhatsApp status and my analytics show over 60% better in past performance. My channel is Young but growing bit by bit.
    Thanks Sean

  40. Thank u Sean! My channel is slowly growing because of your tips. I get excited for each new view and subscriber❤️

  41. Great tip!
    I have thought about doing more “native” content on each platform.
    I have been promoting with just the video link.
    Now I’ll try using the intro clip with the link in the post.

  42. Sean – Why and how is reach reduced when sending traffic from one platform to another? Is this all platforms or mostly Facebook?

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