PS4 isn’t on this list. Switch and Xbox are.
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PS4 isn’t on this list. Switch and Xbox are.

– The year is coming to a
close and one of the kind of traditional things that
happens during this time of year is time releases a bunch of
different lists and articles come to just reviewing what
happened over the last year. But because this is the end
of 2019 they’re also releasing articles, talking about
things over the past decade. And something I want to
talk a little bit about is their list of the 10
most important gadgets of this decade. Now I’m not again talking
about every single thing on the list, but there are
two specific things related to gaming I want to go over. These aren’t ranked in any order
by the way either it’s just 10 things that are shaping
the decade and for gaming, the two representatives they
listed were the Nintendo Switch and the Xbox Adaptive Controller. And the reason I find
these listings interesting is because when you’re coming
from a background of video games and looking at what’s
coming and going on in the last decade, a lot of times
people boil down the console atmosphere to being the three
companies, Xbox, Nintendo, and PlayStation. And if you didn’t notice,
one of those does not have a product on this list. And this isn’t to say that
PlayStation’s a bad thing. There’s just I think very
important reasons and kind of implications is to look at
why nothing they’ve released over this past decade
qualifies for this list. So first let’s just kinda
break down the two that came in and why they’re important. First let’s talk about
the Nintendo Switch. Now there’s a couple of reasons why I think this made the list. They of course have their own
little blurb talking about why it’s important. And the really big thing,
honestly, especially from someone who’s been just playing
games for a long time, is that this really has
been the system that caused a reemergence not only for
Nintendo but also for the concept of portable gaming. For a long time while Nintendo
and PlayStation as well, we’re putting out handheld systems. There’s this kind of ongoing
arguments of like when will mobile phones replace these? Cause phone games were getting
bigger and bigger and bigger and as things were kind
of shifting more and more of that direction. The Switch happened in very
heavily gave a lot more momentum in favor of
portable gaming and obviously it’s important not just
portable gaming but to Nintendo in general. Seeing as how their last system
that we used was not doing super hot and well the
three years was successful. It was still a smaller,
more specific market that they’ve really been achieving
with the Nintendo Switch. It’s been such a wildly
successful system that a lot came from both the three years
and we’ve been getting ported over or remade or getting direct sequels. The point is the Switch has
become sort of the definitive home for everything Nintendo
and then of course alongside the importance of bringing
back portability was also the extremely simple but
innovative concept of the Switch marrying the concepts of
portable and at home gaming into one system that can
adapt to both situations. The concept that honestly
had been explored in the past before by other systems like
say the Sega Nomad, but all those attempts back then
were a little too ahead of their time and the technology
just wasn’t really user friendly yet. Whereas with the Switch it is
a very simple, straightforward concept of played on the system,
on the go, drop it into doc when you want it on your TV. So the Nintendo Switch
makes a lot of sense. It brought back an importance
to portable gaming. It was a new important idea
that really shaped how future consoles might be influenced. And of course it is brought
into know back into really the limelight for a lot of people. So why is it important to
me that these two items are on this list and that
there is nothing available from PlayStation? Well, it’s because PlayStation
as a company, especially this last decade has been
playing things very, very safe. This isn’t necessarily to say
that they haven’t been doing anything good, it’s just that
they haven’t been focusing on things like innovation. Instead, the focus has been
on making the best kind of traditional run of the
mill game experience possible. And that was one of the big
reasons why I think the PS4 had a really strong start
against the Xbox one, is that all the Xbox one was trying to
push this idea of bundling in the connect and motion
controls and all kinds of crazy stuff. PlayStation just made a
simple more powerful system with a great library of
games and that worked. But the question that this
raises to me, is this the kind of thinking that only works
out in the short run where the system right now
immediately is going to do great or does it cause a longterm
stifling where yeah, the system is working out well, but as
everyone else was trying to push the envelope further and
further, will PlayStation find themselves falling behind? And to be fair, yes, PlayStation
has messed around with some special ideas before, but
normally it’s following after other things have succeeded. The PlayStation move on the
PS3 which honestly didn’t do great on its own, was based
on the success of the Wii. PlayStation, also the PlayStation
portable and PlayStation Vita, following the footsteps
of Nintendo successful handhelds and even more recently
with PSVR that was trying to kind of jump on the same
craze as we saw VR headsets coming to PC. And as I’ve talked recently
about the concept of PS5 I have seen a few people
ask questions of why are we assuming PlayStation is just sticking with a standard system? Could it be they are working
on something crazier? And honestly, I don’t think so. I think PlayStation likes the
idea of playing things safe and making a straight forward approach. In fact, even recently
when topics came up about, Hey, are you guys going to make
a successor to the PS Vita, are you going to do another portable? The answer was no. They didn’t think people were
interested in portable systems despite the fact the switch
has been selling insanely well. And instead they have been
focusing on everything you’ve been talking about
with the PS5 which is all the powerful tech specs. And really what this all
boils down to is again that question I’ve been
having lately of how the next generation of systems is
actually going to be received because you have Xbox who’s
been making a lot of active efforts to not only improve
the accessibility of their system, but really even change
the way that people approach having a gaming system with
concepts like Game Pass and Xcloud and Nintendo
having the huge success of their Nintendo Switch
and other innovative ideas they might be working on in the future. Well, the concept of business
as usual of PlayStation is working out right now and
I think they’re still gonna have pretty good momentum
going into the start of the next generation. I just can’t but wonder if
that momentum’s going to slow down more and more as the pace picks up for Xbox and Nintendo. And you know the defense that
a lot of people have against that is that, well the
big strength PlayStation has is their exclusives, which
is a big strength Nintendo has as well and the concept
that there are certain properties that are
always going to be just on those systems, but I just
have to wonder at what point for a regular consumer does
that decision become more difficult where sure
PlayStation is cool exclusives, but Microsoft has cooler
everything else or Nintendo has the ability of going handheld. At the end of the day, not
everyone out there is going to buy every single system
out there, so what becomes that final decision maker for someone? Now let’s talk about the
Xbox Adaptive Controller. This is something that’s really important for different reasons. It’s not so much about
reinvigorating a particular company or bringing in a certain
brand, but instead focusing on the idea of making
gaming in general a lot more accessible. As the years have gone
by and gaming has grown more and more. There’s always been a very
heavy emphasis on refining the core game play experience,
better graphics, better controllers, but all of it’s
been focused on this kind of standardized experience
that isn’t honestly accessible to everyone out there and this
is something that the Xbox Adaptive Controller has been
one of the biggest steps towards helping with. There had been other areas
that gaming’s been working on. We’ve seen more games have
things like colorblind modes. Subtitles are a lot more
common as well as having texts that’s a lot more readable
though there are some games that still struggle with
that concept fire emblem, but the idea is that more
and more games are aware of this fact that they need
to try and just do a few light changes to make them accessible
to a lot more people out there and make it that it’s
an experience that isn’t only to a few select groups and the
adaptive controller is really one of the best examples of
this in the last decade because not just a simple matter of
a specific game added a mode or feature that was
handy for certain people. It wasn’t a matter of some
smaller company coming up with a cool idea. It was the fact that a major
brand, one of the big three companies right now when it
comes to console gaming took a conscious effort to make a
controller that fits a large number of disabilities
and that is fantastic. By improving on the
controller itself and actually introducing a way that
people with disabilities can interface with just the
entire game library in general opens up so many more
games, and this is something that I think is very heavily
indictive of what Microsoft has been doing as a game
company, at least after this kind of initial problematic launch
of the Xbox one is just improving the overall
experience of their system as much as possible, not in
terms of just UI and special features as well as things
like game pass, but by also making their system accessible
to a lot more people with things like the
accessibility controller.

78 thoughts on “PS4 isn’t on this list. Switch and Xbox are.

  1. Sony has to play it safe. Without the PlayStation brand Sony as a company would be staggering right now. Their products as a whole this decade haven't Wowed in an overall perspective. Nintendo is a gaming company through n through, they focus on bringing the best gaming experience to everyone. Xbox is a TINY piece of the Microsoft pie. Xbox can afford to " innovate. " I.E the adaptive controller which is a love letter to all those who want to game but physically just cannot do it, now they have a platform. Sony needs to stay traditional with the PlayStation because we need it and PlayStation has too much value for Sony to be failing with that brand.

  2. It's just crazy how much unmet potential the switch has, despite selling so well at the moment. They went backwards with a lot of things from wiiu to switch

  3. I love all my systems. So it doesn’t matter who’s on any “list” because I have all. 2020s gonna be a great year for gaming. 👏🏾👊🏾😊

  4. My kid and his friends have a switch, they barely touch it. They spend more time on their other systems. Its a little overrated.

  5. PlayStation was too busy being crowned as the best selling home console brand of all time to be worried about making the list of the most important gadgets of this decade. 💯😎👑

  6. People are forgetting that PlayStation is a global sells good because it has the has the most diverse game library.consistency of PlayStation console is the key to their success.nintendo and Xbox can't make a hybrid handheld and subscription service is easy but providing gamers with constant high quality 3rd and 1st party games for 25 yrs is no is known for its quality games not for service or features.25yrs later people still don't get it.just crazy.

  7. I prefer Xbox’s exclusive games, I’ve played halo, forza and gears my whole life so I will keep playing them my whole life. The only exclusive game I like on PlayStation is god of war

  8. Hey, appreciate Sony for beating Microsoft this generation. Now Xbox One is literally 100% better in every way possible – and exclusives wise they have 15 studios now. Next gen is going to start strong with Xbox having the upper hand in hardware with better console and controller, better online services with Live, Game Pass etc and a strong lineup of games from solid studios. Sony always is up there with their games, but that alone now can't carry their success into PS5. Not with more and more of their games becoming available for PC. They need to approach like Xbox – and innovate more. Be the first to.

  9. Great point that exclusives are great but there is a point that are overshadowed by other cool thinks. That is why I went for Xbox.

  10. I think you’re downplaying the PlayStation VR a lot. Sure they didn’t pioneer modern VR, but neither did Xbox or Nintendo, both of which have no real VR options. As long as PS5 pushes a new upgraded VR headset I think they’ll be on par with their competitors, maybe even in the lead.

  11. I sold my ps4 pro to get switch cause my friends says they got new pokemon shield and i was like yeah ps4 nothin to play just boring god of war 4 alreqdy finish but gets boring and lasts of us 2 nothin to do in mission and none ps4 games coming out

  12. Just get all three consoles. Same with when the PS5 and XBOX Series X come out, I'm getting both. I work for a living, and to Hell if I don't enjoy the fruits of my labor!

  13. Fuck xbox pathetic console is a complete failure this generation pure and simple
    Mighty Playstation dominating worldwide

  14. I have the switch and love it. And ive been playing handheld all my life. But i base my decision when buying a new console on what games they offer. I bought 3ds because of pokemon. I choose the switch because of zelda botw. If it didnt have botw or I've played it i would've choose ps4 in a heartbeat. Ps4 offers a lot of great games that fits my taste better than the switch. So yeah, in my case, exclusives will always be the main reason why I'm buying a console no matter what extra features or specifications its rivals have

  15. At present, I have a PS4 and a Switch, I had an Xbox 360 in the past generation, but overall there really wasn’t anything about the xbone that made me want anything about it. Microsoft had the better product overall last gen, Sony this, and Nintendo is kinda in between gens right now, (technically next, since the Wii U came out with the PS4 and the xbone). Still don’t see why I’d want an Xbox in the future, since everything they have is available on a pc too.

  16. U were number 1 second was austin but after watching this you've bumped yourself down 100 slots on my favorite tech tubers list my friend… You suck, the ps4 DESERVES to be on tha list lemme just say one thing… God of War. Im done here.

  17. But it’s funny how that works and Sony PS4 still in first place 🥇 and Nintendo still in second place 🥈 and Xbox still in third place 🥉

    Time Magazine is a waste of time I don’t take them seriously 🤔

  18. I don't really like playstation like that anymore got really disinterested the switch is the best console as of right now in terms of games and the stature within the gaming community .

  19. It’s sad you all argue about which 300$ piece of plastic is better hears the truth PS4 has best graphics and exclusives Xbox have game pass much cheaper and a points system Switch has high quality games like botw and you can play doom and bunch of other stuff PC well it’s just PC

  20. Yeah, this is most expected like yeah, they have great exclusive games and all but over all less powerful less frame rate and the Nintendo switch is better over all than the PS4

  21. Ps4 isn't on the list, "Guinness book of world records puts Sony/Playstation as the best selling console/company" What?

  22. I'm PC Master race I love my powerful machine. Quiet. Free online. Huge list of free games. Can play Xbox games with windows 10. But I also wanna give Nintendo a shout-out for being so innovative and keeping things fresh and exciting

  23. People buy consoles for the games…
    As long as Playstation does what it does well… it will beat xbox.
    The adaptive controller is great bravo for xbox for doing that..
    But as a whole Playstation can implement that easily and have the disabled play their roster of games and wipe out xbox..
    The next year isnt looking good for xbox…
    They need better games. That is all

  24. Playstation had one of the best devices out with the PlayStation TV. And they scraped it… If you don't know what Playstation TV was or did click

  25. In the end it’s really a matter of opinion and what YOU enjoy. If you enjoy Nintendo games, that’s perfectly ok. Get Switch. If you enjoy Sony exclusives, get PS. Same goes for XB. If you care about graphics the most, get PC. Idk why people cause such a fuss over what games we enjoy. It’s the holidays everyone, be kind to one another 🧡

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