Promote Facebook Blog Notes on Twitter using tweetdeck
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Promote Facebook Blog Notes on Twitter using tweetdeck

okay welcome back now you just watched the last video on how I created a blog
post on Facebook using facebook notes now we have to start marketing this now
when I normally do keep things real simple guys a lot of
people sold for some reason that I’m doing
something really outrageous and now my hope in TweetDeck right now and when I there was a connected I love
my whatever accounts not all of them but a
few minutes whatever Council here so this is what I’m gonna do missile at
this and copy the title which just see me copy over minimize
this them a copy the URL for Facebook opened me deck again and I’m just gonna at you are ok and that’s really all I
really do over here tells you have 20 characters
left so I was gonna look as it is the title and the link that’s really it just that back there separate URL so no comic leanza at aviano Facebook no title and the
Facebook no link so this is one method that I’m
going to utilize to stop marketing to 1234 56 7 Twitter does it act like they wouldn’t
we that you want to get weekday just got to take
that com installer for your Mac or your
Windows computer you’re pretty much done so the only
thing I have to do left before this is that you is just hit tweet one more thing and
wanted to hear me to do tweet as well and I’m going to summit just these accounts
now I’m at image ominous let the image that I say earlier today this is the image I I’m basically
promoting right now just gonna put the image there and now going to tweet when this finished doing what he’s going
to do it show pray or hear enables the image and I’m done so less in two minutes i’m basically
blasted out to all my links already and I just wanted to let I just wanna
let you guys know how simple this is Andaman and the video now

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