Prince Harry Blasts Media’s Treatment Of Meghan Markle In Rare Statement | TODAY
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Prince Harry Blasts Media’s Treatment Of Meghan Markle In Rare Statement | TODAY

100 thoughts on “Prince Harry Blasts Media’s Treatment Of Meghan Markle In Rare Statement | TODAY

  1. It’s the father’s letter. His property. Then it’s up to him to do with it as he pleases. If Harry & Meghan really wanted to resolved this chronic family problem then figure out how to resolve the problem with her father. And stop playing “I lost my mother card”. Enough. We all miss Princess Diana due to her premature death. We also have suffered our own personal losses. Meghan will never become even close to Princess Diana’s image.

  2. I don't see a problem with all the dirt coming out on these clowns as well…the so called "Royals" are worse than most.

  3. Harry is a fool. This trash woman has deatroyed his respect and adoration he once had world wide. The greedy liar that is Meghan is trash!

  4. How can she use UK copy rights to sue an UK paper when she is an America citizen still and even if the letter was written to her father he also an America citizen. Yes,I agree about all of the bad stories too much. BUT unfortunately in today world there are some people that feed off on negativity about people
    Which is just sad.

  5. No one knows if really her father gave or sold the letter. It could have been his been fooled and daily news took a shot of the letter without consent..where's d proof of the father consent? much money he got?..

  6. The media needs Harry not the other way around really. CLEARLY lady the tour backlash has not been a "massive success" and they are tired of the bull. There is only so much an individual can take and especially while traveling with your child and wife (who is still probably healing from childbirth – extra crap and bullying is just over the top. Quit it.

  7. Good for them. We have so much of that crap going on in the states to about one politician after another. It has got to stop. The media should not bully people. It should not take sides. They are supposed to be objective. I don’t believe a blank thing that I read anymore

  8. I thought that a letter addressed to her father, would then be the property of her father. She wrote it then in effect, gave it to her father ergo – it belongs to Thomas markle.

  9. Wow!!! Whether it was edited or not, how does the media get a hold of a private letter? Who is the Spy from inside??????


  11. Victoria arbiter I for one can’t believe you said that the timing is perfect when they get back to England everything’s gonna be brushed over and positive press will only have been on their Africa trip. They will start a negative campaign again so yes this was perfect timing.

  12. HEY! Harry and Meghan any day you 2 don't like the media than leave the party, Go on get a real job and give up your big mansion and private jets and live like the rest of us do and Meghan we all know what a really big actress you were ( Not) So please spare us on the crap about some stupid letter that you knew that was going to be leaked to the press by your father stop playing the "victim" it's getting really old and Harry stop blaming the press about the death of your Mom (I'm sorry it happen ) But she also used the press as well

  13. Positive press on the Oceana Tour as well as other royal visits, including Morocco. Oceana rocked the Grey Men, the courtiers at the various Palaces, and the strength, influence and star quality of MEGHAN and Harry was recognized and feared. The status quo are upset, and the media wants more than they're willing to give. At times the media has been quite vocal about wanting ACCE$$. When her friends spoke to People magazine. , a couple of them told us, "she would regret it, she would pay, the price would be mockery." They've been trying it for a long time. Enough. Stop trying to control the narrative, and just report the news.
    I watched an old documentary about Anne, and the tabloids of the time were nasty. Following her on tour, one had to get permission to write the tour as it happened, "positive" as his instructions were to go negative. Another said something so vile regarding the kidnapping attempt that I was grossed out. Their so called Royal Reporters are the National Enquire times 5.

  14. Harry's statement was perfect; It showed the hypocrisy. The same woman the press praised in Africa is the same woman the press villifies daily.

  15. People are getting very tired of this covert narcissist who's always playing the victim. Those who have known her the longest (her family, college friends, former husband) know what she is like-she loves attention and certainly appears to be a ruthless, selfish, manipulative social climber.

  16. Oh please.. how bout you both keep their toffee nosed entitled pieholes shut and be happy to be where they are as compared to the harsh reality of normal people. His should sue his own family to restore their actual real name and German heritage “saxe coburg gotha” and nazi connection and betrayal of the common man

  17. What a bizarre, she should blame on her father, who sold that letter to the media. What hungry money they are!

  18. These pair want to be celebrities instead of Royals, then snap at the media. Harry is a pushover prince married a hand-me-down American. Wow!

  19. This woman on this show is stupid. They have the right to file a lawsuit WHENEVER they choose to do so. Who cares if they were in Africa when the news broke? Here we go…blame the victims again as usual. He has EVERY right to not want his wife to be mistreated as his dear Mother was. 🌸

  20. If the sussexes have minded their royal business with respect and humility towards the british taxpayers, stayed politically unbiased, displayed integrity of speech and actions they would not get themselves in this mess.Prove me wrong! Its not the british press to blame, sorry..

  21. Boo Hoo. Refuse to take money from the people and go live a private life on a council estate then you morons – disgusting couple

  22. Tell it like it is. Where are the press reports about Prince Andrew and the allegations about him and Fergie? Yet Meghan wearing jeans to Wimbledon is front page news. Give us a break.

  23. I wish Meghan Markle and her mom become Queen. I wish prince Harry and Queen Elizabeth just give up the thrown to Meghan Markle and be done with it.

  24. Don’t sue the people. I think your wife is an Angel. And your son is beautiful and your the smartest man on the planet. Everybody else should bow down to you and your family. Long love the Royals.

  25. Prince Harry and Meghan Please take over the world. Good Job for shutting down all the news reporters from showing up at any of your events. The press promise to never follow you anywhere or take your pictures again. This is great the press will never report your events or life forever. You may be like private citizens now. Nobody will know where you go or what you do anymore just as you wish. Your family is perfect and your son is the Master of course everybody will never say negative comments about you and your family again because nobody wants to upset you. We love you guys not the news reporter


  27. I am soooooooooooo very sick of these dumbos being of no importance at all sailing in the waters of Diana, they are privileged USERS, nothing else

  28. In Australia we had two magazines in the same month, One Megan and Harry to Divorce, The second Megan and Harry Happily Married. I'm sick of the rubbish published just for sales. I don't buy them haven't since Princess Dianna

  29. Seriously misjudged. They've made a right mess of things. This all her, wanting to be at the centre of a drama, as she thinks that's how thing should be done. Meghan planted that letter herself and got her celebrity friends to attack her father – the legal case will be very embarrassing. What was she doing writing anything revealing in a written letter that could be intercepted or used any old how, considering her position. Harry just looks a right fool.

  30. I remember having a dream aboit Meagan before she had Archie. In the dream she's crying and stressed . I tell her she has to look after herself.

  31. Meghan and Prince Harry are very good couple. They works hard for others less advantaged. They must be protected well.

  32. The letter wasn't stolen by the media. It was her father himself given to them. So I don't understand why Harry & meghan are so angry and upset

  33. 😮😐 Every family has a difficult experience, but I understand the feeling that Mr.Thomas Markle was abandoned by his daughter.

  34. But why did Meagan's dad give the press the letter to be printed??? Why is he so bitter & jealous over his own daughter? I thought fathers are protectors & coverings.

  35. Isn't it strange all that has happened since mm has come into this family she is so self serving and nothing else

  36. VERY GOOD. I dont think it will help though and I believe it will end with them moving from England and possibly also giving up their titles. Harry will not accept
    his wife being bullied.

  37. Oh we all know why this marriage is so important to some people…….all of you flat earth and birds of a feathers yahoo’s! I hope there marriage last until they are 100, that way it will out last your partial mentality

  38. WOW…and ROFL….ME ME MEghans minions are out in full force on this vid. They add to the LIES already being told by ME ME MEghan and Harry….it's hysterical.

  39. So who gave 'her' letter to the mail? If she sent a letter to her father, I dont think its 'her' letter anymore. Its her fathers letter to do with it what he will. not defending either one of them but they have no case

  40. He should leave and get a job.. let's see how that goes for him?? He's just a scrounger living off the British taxpayers… his uncle and father should be in jail for crimes against children

  41. How sickening the British people adore these royal leaches. Considering the bloody history of monarchy and the recent history of Nazism and pedophilia I don't know how they tolerate these miscreants

  42. These so called Tabloids reporters are bullies and it’s time someone fight them back. They have been bullying Meghan when she was pregnant and now new mother. Their bullying could cause her depression and other mental problems. They don’t care the emotional pain they are causing Harry and Meghan.

  43. let's be clear, her ""father" sold her letter. what a guy. seeking attention. He's in the news because why? its like someone showing up again AFTER you are rich and famous,to get something. oh oops, did he do that?. I'm proud of Harry and his mother would be too.Best wishes to a great couple.

  44. For those of you who are confused as to why Meghan and Harry are claiming copyright on a letter that her own father legally sold to the tabloid, let me try to explain. Meghan wrote the letter so she has copyright. Even though she sent it to her father and it was his from then on, the words still belonged to the Duchess. Therefore the tabloid didn't have the right to publish the letter as they did not get the Duchess's permission. It's like me owning a Harry Potter book. It's my book but I can't publish it online for example because JK Rolling has copyright. On top of all of that, by publishing it the tabloid also broke a UK privacy law so the law suit is very credible and has legal standing.


  46. If I had a media money hungry father, half sister, half brother like Megan,,,,,Id Never speak to them in any fashion what so ever. Harry is right, the media is stirring up trouble to get people to buy their rags. Sue them All. Protect your wife and child!!! Dont forget or pay off her trailer trash family thats has no idea what love is!!!! Shame on that man who sired her but Never learned how to be a father!!!

  47. I think Harry should "divorce" the Royal family pack his bags with Meghan and go far far away from the world and live his own life with his family. He can do his charities but he does not have to do tours around the world representing the royal's Kate and William job is that then Prince George and Princess Charlotte! they are the leaders of the Royals now for the next 60 years and their grandchildren. Harry Meghan should do themselves a favour and go far far away to a country that welcomes them with LOVE, maybe South Africa! a spiritual country of love, no bullying and no jealousy! Harry if you read this, go far far away with your family you have created to be away from bullies and jealous people of Megan! Save your family from this abuse and bullies! get out of England! GET away from ENGLISH PRESS! and journalists! Sit in silence close your eyes and vision what country and people that are around do you feel peace and SAFE!! Find a SAFE country to live in away from ENGLISH press! A majority of characters that work within the industry of News, reporters and their bosses are ruthless, malicious people get away from them! LEAVE ENGLAND! Ask yourself this question, you know how much your Mother loved you, Your Mother Diana loved you more than the world, ask your Mum. "Mum what do I do , do I stay in England and put up with all this abuse or do I take my family far far away" sit in silence and wait for an answer to come from the LOVE of your Mother! What would your Mother say Harry ask her! she is still around you, but in energy form not human form, energy cannot be destroyed when the human flesh fails us. Energy of us the essence of your Mother never died, her energy is still around! Remember your mother did her job William has the role and Kate to do royal duties, those responsibilities are not in your hands, you would not be letting your mother down there, but respecting the royal family is something she would want you to continue of course. When I say divorce, I mean divorce from being put in a position of being abused.

  48. I’m tired of this couple honestly. You want the royal famous life this is also a part of it. It can not be fairy tale all the way. They have made a lot of mistakes and that is why the press does not like them anymore. I think that is the real issue here

  49. Wowww!!!daily mail prepare the £20 million fine damages for a breach privacy act of 2018 UK, her defending lawyers already announced her 80% winning, the money will be donated to charities.If only P.Morgan shut his dirty mouth this won’t happen at all.

  50. I admire harry for doing this, I totally understand why he's doing it , he's more a man than his father was with Diana , I think most of us Brits are behind him , the media really just need to know when enough is enough , leave them alone and slagg off her father and sister , they have fueled this as well as the media, I think it's wicked of them to feed the media .

  51. let princess Di rest in peace. They will fight  their own battles win or lose,the public need facts.Where has Archie gone,we would love to see him.

  52. MEGHAN JUST DESTROYING THE ROYAL FAMILY AND A TRUE NARCISSIST AND IS NOT HEALTHY FOR HARRY !! Harry is already a very Damaged Depressed man…He is too EASY for her to DAMAGE further with her CONTROL over him !!!

  53. It is about time the media should leave Duke and Duchess of Sussex alone. I can understand how Prince Harry must be going through. Remember he lost his mother due to the media. I do feel sorry for him and wish the brothers should stick together.

  54. Can't have one without the other… they're all a family of leeches. Sooner we become a Republic the better.

  55. bunch of rubbish. she told her 5 friends about the letter first who told people magazine.. he had it for 6 months without releasing it because he diddnt want to until her friends talks about it! she started this. such BS. dont compare diane with his fake wife actress.

  56. So at the beginning everybody gave her a chance. Then lies started to come out. She called herself Caucasian in her resume, she said she would have the family she never had when there are plenty of picture with her childhood with cousin’s uncle, aunts, Mom Dad etc. She said that she paid her own college tuition and it seems that it wasn’t true either. She claims to save the world and she spent more money that the entire family spent in a year of clothing. She held her belly for the entire pregnancy and they she dumped 4 months old at home to watch a tennis game across the sea. When her father got a heart attack nothing. Not a single member of her family especially the color one was there. Nobody. Friends from Hollywood. Catherine wear expensive clothes but never as expensive as Meghan and not for a private event such as a friend’s wedding. Forget about private jets flights while even the Queen flies commercial. Who they think they are? And then speeches about being greedy and not being humble. When they slapped them in the face she came out with H&M clothes. After. He’s always in the background and she rudely always enter the room first as a Diva. Seriously? In my opinion that is the typical behavior of a narcissist (Narcissistic personality disorder — one of several types of personality disorders — is a mental condition in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, troubled relationships, and a lack of empathy for others. Grandiose sense of self-importance, lives in a fantasy world that supports their delusions of grandeur, needs constant praise and admiration always searching for the camera – , sense of entitlement, exploits others without guilt or shame, frequently demeans -what Meghan want Meghan gets , intimidates, bullies, or belittles others – a lot of employees ran!-.), and the definition suit her well, then again, my opinion.

  57. This story just breaks my heart, people please leave them alone! The two of them are doing such great work and seem to love each other ! So please just respect their privacy!

  58. Meghan has such a sordid past, it's coming back to haunt her. No one is buying her innocent act expect Harry.

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