President Trump Participates in a Media Availability
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President Trump Participates in a Media Availability

The President: Well, thank you
very much, everybody. We appreciate it;
we’re getting ready to go back. We had a tremendous 24 hours. We’ve had a tremendous
three months, actually, because this has been
going on for quite a while. That was a tape that
we gave to Chairman Kim and his people,
his representatives. And it captures a lot. It captures what could be done. And that’s a great —
a great place. It has the potential
to be an incredible place. Between South Korea —
if you think about it — and China, it’s got
tremendous potential. And I think he understands that
and he wants to do what’s right. It’s my honor today to address
the people of the world, following this
very historic summit with Chairman Kim Jong
Un of North Korea. We spent very intensive
hours together, and I think most of you have
gotten the signed document, or you will very shortly. It’s very comprehensive.
It’s going to happen. I stand before you as an
emissary of the American people to deliver a message
of hope and vision, and a message of peace. Let me begin by thanking our
incredible hosts in Singapore, especially Prime Minister Lee,
a friend of mine. This is a country of
profound grace and beauty, and we send our warmest wishes
to every citizen of Singapore, who really made this visit
so important and so pleasant, despite all of the work
and all of the long hours. I also want to thank President
Moon of South Korea. He’s working hard. In fact, I’ll be speaking to him
right after we’re finished. Prime Minister Abe of Japan —
a friend of mine — just left our country, and he wants what’s right
for Japan and for the world. He’s a good man. And a very special person,
President Xi of China, who has really closed up
that border — maybe a little bit less so over
the last couple of months, but that’s okay,
but he really has. And he’s a terrific person
and a friend of mine, and really a great leader
of his people. I want to thank them
for their efforts to help us get to this very historic day. Most importantly, I want
to thank Chairman Kim for taking the first bold step toward a bright new future
for his people. Our unprecedented meeting — the first between
an American President and a leader of North Korea — proves that real change
is indeed possible. My meeting with Chairman Kim was
honest, direct, and productive. We got to know each other well in a very confined
period of time, under very strong,
strong circumstance. We’re prepared
to start a new history and we’re ready to write a new
chapter between our nations. Nearly 70 years ago —
think of that; 70 years ago — an extremely bloody conflict
ravaged the Korean Peninsula. Countless people died
in the conflict, including tens of thousands
of brave Americans. Yet, while the armistice
was agreed to, the war never ended. To this day, never ended. But now we can all have hope
that it will soon end. And it will; it will soon end. The past does not have
to define the future. Yesterday’s conflict does not
have to be tomorrow’s war. And as history has proven
over and over again, adversaries can indeed
become friends. We can honor the sacrifice
of our forefathers by replacing
the horrors of battle with the blessings of peace. And that’s what we’re doing
and that’s what we have done. There is no limit to what
North Korea can achieve when it gives up
its nuclear weapons and embraces commerce
and engagement with the rest of the world — that really wants to engage. Chairman Kim has before him
an opportunity like no other: to be remembered as the leader who ushered in a glorious
new era of security and prosperity for his people. Chairman Kim and I just signed
a joint statement in which he reaffirmed
his unwavering commitment to complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. We also agreed
to vigorous negotiations to implement the agreement
as soon as possible. And he wants to do that;
this isn’t the past. This isn’t
another administration that never got it started and therefore never got it done. Chairman Kim has told me
that North Korea is already destroying a major
missile engine testing site. That’s not in your
signed document; we agreed to that after
the agreement was signed. That’s a big thing — for the missiles
that they were testing, the site is going to be
destroyed very soon. Today is the beginning
of an arduous process. Our eyes are wide open, but peace is always
worth the effort, especially in this case. This should have been
done years ago. This should have been
resolved a long time ago, but we’re resolving it now. Chairman Kim has the chance
to seize an incredible future for his people. Anyone can make war, but only the most
courageous can make peace. The current state of affairs
cannot endure forever. The people of Korea —
North and South — are profoundly talented,
industrious, and gifted. These are truly gifted people. They share the same
heritage, language, customs, culture, and destiny. But to realize
their amazing destiny, to reunite their
national family, the menace of nuclear weapons
will now be removed. In the meantime, the sanctions
will remain in effect. We dream of a future where all Koreans can live
together in harmony, where families are reunited,
and hopes are reborn, and where the light of peace
chases away the darkness of war. This bright future is within —
and this is what’s happening. It is right there.
It’s within our reach. It’s going to be there,
it’s going to happen. People thought this could
never take place. It is now taking place.
It’s a very great day. It’s a very great moment
in the history of the world. And Chairman Kim is on his way
back to North Korea. And I know for a fact,
as soon as he arrives, he’s going to start a process that’s going to make a lot of
people very happy and very safe. So, it’s an honor to be
with everybody today. The media — this is a big
gathering of media, I will say. It makes me feel
very uncomfortable. (Laughter.) But it is what it is;
people understand that this is something
very important to all of us, including yourselves
and your families. So, thank you very much
for being here. We’ll take some questions. Wow, that’s a lot of questions,
go ahead. Sure, go ahead, NBC. The Press: Thank you,
Mr. President. Two questions for you,
if you don’t mind. First, the man you met today,
Kim Jong Un, as you know,
has killed family members, has starved his own people, is responsible for the death
of Otto Warmbier. Why are you so comfortable
calling him “very talented?” The President: Well,
he is very talented. Anybody that takes over
a situation like he did, at 26 years of age, and is able to run it,
and run it tough — I don’t say he was nice or I don’t say anything
about it — he ran it. Very few people, at that age — you can take one
out of ten thousand, probably, couldn’t do it. Otto Warmbier is
a very special person, and he will be
for a long time, in my life. His parents are
good friends of mine. I think, without Otto,
this would not have happened. Something happened,
from that day. It was a terrible thing,
it was brutal. But a lot of people started
to focus on what was going on, including North Korea. I really think that Otto is
someone who did not die in vain. I told this to his parents.
Special young man. And I have to say,
special parents, special people. Otto did not die in vain. He had a lot to do with us
being here today, okay? Thank you very much. The Press: Mr. President, that
second question for you, sir, was on the security — the second question, sir — The President: Go ahead. The Press: —
on the security assurances you talked about
in your statement. Can you be specific
about what assurances you are willing
to give to Kim Jong Un? Does that include reducing
military capabilities? The President: No. The Press: And just to follow
up on your answer — The President: No, we’re not
reducing anything. We’re not reducing — at some
point, I have to be honest — and I used to say this
during my campaign, as you know, probably, better than most —
I want to get our soldiers out. I want to bring
our soldiers back home. We have, right now,
32,000 soldiers in South Korea, and I’d like to be able
to bring them back home. But that’s not part of
the equation right now. At some point, I hope
it will be, but not right now. We will be stopping
the war games, which will save us
a tremendous amount of money, unless and until we see
the future negotiation is not going along
like it should. But we’ll be saving
a tremendous amount of money. Plus, I think it’s
very provocative. Yes, John. Yes, John, go ahead,
oh, go ahead. I’m sorry, I thought
you were John Roberts. I looked at you,
you just like — The Press: It’s all right. The President: Much better,
right? The Press: Frequently —
we’re frequently confused, Mr. President. The President: Yes. The Press: Mr. President,
this joint statement does not talk about verifiable or irreversible denuclearization.
The President: Yeah. The Press: Was that
a concession on the part of the United States? The President: No, not at all,
because if you look at it, I mean,
it said we are going to — let’s see here —
it will be gone. I don’t think you can be anymore
plain than what we’re asking — issues related
to the establishment of the new
U.S. DPRK relations — the building. We talk about the guarantees,
and we talk about unwavering commitment to the complete denuclearization
of the Korean Peninsula. This is the document
that we just signed. The Press: Did you discuss with
Chairman Kim methods to verify, either with the United States
or international organizations, that very process —
and do you have a timetable — The President: Yes, we did,
yes, we did. And we’ll be verifying. The Press: Can you give
that to us? The President: Yeah, we’ll be
verifying, it will be verified. The Press: How is that going
to be achieved, Mr. President? The President: Well,
it’s going to be achieved by having a lot of people there, and as we develop
a certain trust. And we think we have done that. Secretary Pompeo has been
really doing a fantastic job — his staff, everybody. As we do that, we’re going to
have a lot of people there, and we’re going to be
working with them on a lot of other things. But this is complete
denuclearization of North Korea, and it will be verified. The Press: Will those people
be Americans or international — The President: Uh,
combinations of both. Combinations of both. And we have talked
about it, yes. Yeah, go ahead. Be nice.
Be respectful. The Press: I’ll be very
respectful, sir. What did Kim Jong Un say to you
to give you the confidence that, for once in the history
of North Korea, they are not cheating
the system, and gaming the world, and gaming the people who will
have to go in and make sure that they’re actually giving up their nuclear arsenal?
What did he say to you? The President: Yeah, I mean,
very fair question. He actually mentioned the fact that they proceeded down a path in the past, and, ultimately, as you know,
nothing got done. In one case, they took
billions of dollars — during the Clinton regime — took billions of dollars
and nothing happened. That was a terrible thing, and
he actually brought it up to me. And he said we have
never gone this far. I don’t think they’ve ever
had the confidence, frankly, in a President that they have right now
for getting things done and having the ability
to get things done. And he was very firm in the fact
that he wants to do this. I think he might want to do this
as much or even more than me because they see a very
bright future for North Korea. So, you never know, right?
We never know. But I’ll tell you what, we signed a very
comprehensive document today, and I think most of you
have been given that document. But we signed a very,
very comprehensive document, and I believe he’s going to
live up to that document. In fact, when he lands —
which is going to be shortly — I think that he will start
that process right away. The Press: Do you trust him,
Mr. President? The President: I do, I do,
I can only say that I know him for — really well, it’s been
very rhetorical, as you know. I think, without the rhetoric,
it wouldn’t have happened. I think without other
things going along — I think the establishment of
a new team was very important. We have a great team. But I do, I think
he wants to get it done. I really feel
that very strongly. Oh, there’s John,I think — you
know, you two guys look alike when the light
is right on the — the hair is very similar,
let me see, who has better hair? He’s got pretty good hair,
John, I hate to — The Press: It’s the angelic
glow of the backlighting, Mr. President,
that makes us look so similar. Of course, the denuclearization
— nuclear weapons and biological weapons
and whatnot — is one problem in North Korea. Another huge problem
is the horrible record that they have on human rights. Was that discussed at all? The President: Yes. The Press: Is that something
that you will tackle in the future? The President: Yes,
it was discussed. It will be discussed more
in the future — human rights. What was also discussed
in great detail, John, was that fact that,
you know, we have — and I must have had
just countless calls and letters and tweets, anything you can do — they want the remains
of their sons back. They want the remains
of their fathers, and mothers, and all of the people that got caught into
that really brutal war, which took place, to a large
extent, in North Korea. And I asked for it today,
and we got it. That was a very last minute.
The remains will be coming back. They’re going to start
that process immediately. But so many people, even during
the campaign, they’d say, Is there any way you can work
with North Korea to get the remains of my son
back or my father back? So many people asked me
this question. And, you know, I said, “Look,
we don’t get along too well with that particular group
of people,” but now we do. And he agreed to that
so quickly and so nice — it was really a very nice thing, and he understands it,
he understands it. So, for the thousands
and thousands — I guess way over 6,000
that we know of, in terms of the remains,
they’ll be brought back. The Press: The POW-MIA issue clearly is a very important
one for thousands of Americans. The President: Especially
to a lot of people that are — The Press: But what do you,
President Trump, expect Kim Jong Un to do
about the human rights record regarding the North
Korean people? The President: Right.
It was discussed. It was discussed
relatively briefly compared to denuclearization. Well, obviously, that’s where
we started and where we ended. But they will be doing things, and I think he wants
to do things. I think he wants to —
you’d be very surprised. Very smart,
very good negotiator. Wants to do the right thing. You know, he brought up
the fact that, in the past, they took dialogue far — they never went —
they never were like we are. There’s never been anything
like what’s taken place now. But they went down the line. Billions of dollars were given, and you know, the following day
the nuclear program continued. But this is
a much different time, and this is a much different
President, in all fairness. This is very important to me. This is one of the — perhaps,
one of the reasons that I — one, I campaigned on this issue,
as you know very well, John. Okay, whoever those people are. I cannot see you
with all the lights, but you don’t look like
either of the two. Yeah, go ahead,
sure, go ahead. The Press: Thank you,
Mr. President. And first of all,
congratulations. The President: Thank you
very much, appreciate it. The Press: Can you touch
on the issue of a peace treaty? And also, will you travel
to Pyongyang anytime soon? The President: Well,
at a certain time, I will. I said that will be a day that I look very much forward
to, at the appropriate time. And I also will be inviting
Chairman Kim, at the appropriate time,
to the White House. I think it’s really
going to be something that will be very important. And he has accepted,
I said, at the appropriate time. We want to go a little bit
further down the road. But what we signed today
was a lot of things included. And then you have things
that weren’t included that we got after
the deal was signed. I’ve done that before
in my life. We didn’t put it
in the agreement because we didn’t have time. And I think most of you have
been handed out the agreement or soon will,
but I — The Press: (Inaudible.) The President: Oh, you
have not? Okay, well, if you could have
those agreements passed out. We just finished them,
just a little while ago. But if you could have the
agreements passed out, we’ll — you’ll see what
we’re talking about. Yes, sir, go ahead. The Press: I will second
the congratulations, President. The President: Thank you. The Press: What part
did Japan play? And did the abduction
issue come up? The President: Yes. The Press: And also,
the fate of the Christians? The President: Yes. The Press: And the follow-up
question is when will you be doing an interview
with Japanese TV? Fifty-thousand American troops
are in Japan. Congratulations, again. The President: That’s true.
Fifty-thousand great troops. That’s true. Yeah, it did —
abduction, absolutely. This is Prime Minister Abe’s —
one of his, certainly — other than the whole
denuking subject — certainly his, I would say,
his main point. And I brought it up, absolutely. And they’re going to be
working on that. It will be — we didn’t
put it down in the document, but it will be worked on. The Press: (Inaudible.) The President: Christians, yes.
We are — brought it up very strongly. You know,
Franklin Graham spent — spent and spends a tremendous
amount of time in North Korea. He’s got it very close
to his heart. It did come up, and things
will be happening, okay? Thank you. Great question,
yes, Jon, go ahead. The Press: Thank you,
Mr. President. The President: Thank you, Jon. The Press: Returning to the
question of human rights, you spoke very powerfully
on the issue during your State
of the Union Address. You showed that — you had the
defector in the First Lady’s box with the crutches, who escaped. And you, at that point,
said that North Korea has more brutally oppressed its people
than any other regime on Earth. Do you still believe that is
the case having sat down with Kim Jong Un,
and does he need to change that? The President: Right. Jon, I believe it’s
a rough situation over there. There’s no question about it. And we did discuss it today
pretty strongly. I mean, knowing what the main
purpose of what we were doing is: denuking, but discussed it
at pretty good length. We’ll be doing something on it. It’s rough, it’s rough
in a lot of places, by the way. Not just there. But it’s rough,
and we will continue that. And I think, ultimately,
we’ll agree to something. But it was discussed at length
outside of the nuclear situation,
one of the primary topics. The Press: But do you think
that needs to change to bring on this glorious new era you’ve talked about,
are they going to have to — The President: I think
it will change. Yeah, I think it probably
has to, but I think it will. Yeah, thank you,
thank you very much. Steve — that’s you, Steve,
right there. The Press: Yes, sir, thank you,
what timetable do you envision for their denuclearization,
and in the meantime, are you thinking about
easing any sanctions? The President: Well, you know,
scientifically, I’ve been watching
and reading a lot about this, and it does take a long time
to pull off complete denuclearization,
it takes a long time. Scientifically, you have to wait
certain periods of time, and a lot of things happen,
but — despite that,
once you start the process, it means it’s pretty much over; you can’t use them,
that’s the good news. And that’s going to start
very — very soon. I believe that’s going
to start very soon. We will do it as fast
as it can mechanically and physically be done, Steve. The Press: And the sanctions? The President: The sanctions
will come off when we are sure that the nukes
are no longer a factor. Sanctions played a big role, but
they’ll come off at that point. I hope it’s going to be soon,
but they’ll come off. As you know, and as I’ve said,
the sanctions right now remain. But at a certain point, I actually look forward
to taking them off. And they’ll come off when
we know we’re down the road — where it’s not going to happen, nothing is going
to happen, okay? Yes, go ahead. Please. The Press: Thank you,
Mr. President. The President: Thank you. The Press: Congratulations
on this historic summit. The President: Thank you
very much. Congratulations to everybody,
by the way. Congratulations to everybody. Go ahead. The Press: You signed
a document with Kim Jong Un. It’s essentially
a piece of paper. Yesterday, we had a briefing from the Secretary
of State Mike Pompeo. He said the following: Many Presidents previously have
signed off on pieces of paper only to find that
the North Koreans either didn’t promise
what we thought they had, or actually reneged
on those promises. What makes this time
different, Mr. President? The President: Well, you have
a different administration. You have a different President. You have a different
Secretary of State. You have people that are — you know,
it’s very important to them. And we get it done. The other groups,
maybe it wasn’t a priority. I don’t think
they could have done it if it was a priority, frankly. I don’t think they honestly
could have done it even if it was a priority. And it would have been easier
back then, it would have been — for me, it would have
been much easier if this were 10 years ago
or 5 years ago. And I’m not just blaming
President Obama. I mean, this goes back —
for 25 years, this should have happened. I was given a very tough hand. I was given this,
I was given the Iran deal, and plenty of other problems. But we are —
we’re doing really well. And the Iran deal,
I have to be honest, I did it because nuclear
is always number one to me. Nuclear is number one. But on the Iran deal, I think
Iran is a different country now than it was three
or four months ago. I don’t think they’re looking
so much to the Mediterranean. I don’t think they’re
looking so much at Syria, like they were,
with total confidence. I don’t think they’re
so confident right now. But I hope —
with that being said, I hope that,
at the appropriate time, after these sanctions kick in — and they are brutal,
what we’ve put on Iran — I hope that they’re
going to come back and negotiate a real deal, because I’d love
to be able to do that. But right now,
it’s too soon for that. Yes, please. The Press: Mr. President,
you also didn’t talk about establishing
diplomatic relations, exchanging ambassadors. How long before that happens? The President: Good question.
Hopefully soon. But we’ll have to
get things moving first. Very — a little bit
early for that. We have to get things moving. Yes, go ahead, hi. The Press: Can you clarify,
when you said you were stopping war games, so you are stopping the military
exercises with South Korea? The President: Yeah,
we’ve done exercises for a long period of time, working with South Korea. And we call them war games,
and I call them war games. And they’re
tremendously expensive. The amount of money that we
spend on that is incredible. And South Korea contributes,
but not 100 percent, which is certainly a subject that we have to talk
to them about also. And that has to do
with the military expense and also the trade. So, we’re doing that. We actually have a new deal
with South Korea, in terms of the trade deal,
but we have to talk to them. We have to talk
to many countries about treating us fairly. But the war games
are very expensive. We pay for a big
majority of them. We fly in bombers from Guam. I said —
when I first started, I said, “Where do the bombers
come from?” “Guam, nearby.” I said, “Oh,
great, nearby. Where’s nearby?” “Six and a half hours,”
six and a half hours — that’s a long time
for these big massive planes to be flying to
South Korea to practice and then drop bombs
all over the place, and then go back to Guam. I know a lot about airplanes;
it’s very expensive. And I didn’t like it. And what I did say is — and
I think it’s very provocative, I have to tell you, Jennifer, it’s a very provocative
situation when I see that, and you have a country
right next door. So, under the circumstances
that we are negotiating a very comprehensive,
complete deal, I think it’s inappropriate
to be having war games. So, number one,
we save money — a lot. And number two,
it really is something that I think they
very much appreciate it. The Press: Does North Korea give you something
in return, though? The President: Well,
we’ve gotten — you know, I’ve heard that. I mean,
some of the people that — I don’t know,
maybe they really mean it. I don’t always want
to go against the press because I just don’t — especially not today,
this is too important. But I noticed that some of
the people were saying that the President
has agreed to meet, he has given up so much,
I gave up nothing, I’m here. I haven’t slept in 25 hours, but I thought
it was appropriate to do — because we have been negotiating for literally around
the clock with them, and with us, and with John,
and with Mike, and a whole team
of very talented people. But we haven’t given up
anything, other than — you’re right, I agreed to meet. And I think the meeting
was every bit as good for the United States
as it was for North Korea. But I just wrote down
some of the things we got. And they — you know, they —
sure, they got a meeting. But only a person that dislikes
Donald Trump would say that I’ve agreed
to make a big commitment. Sure, I’ve agreed to take
a period of time and come here and meet,
and that’s good. But I think it’s great
for us, as a country, and I think it’s good for them. But what did they do
to justify this meeting? Secured commitment for
complete denuclearization; that’s the big thing. They secured the release
of three American hostages. They already gave them
to us two months ago. These people are now living
happily back in their homes, with their families. And it was pretty rough
for them, to put it mildly. Secure the commitment to recover
the remains, including — these are of fallen heroes. And they’re giving a commitment,
they’re starting it immediately, to recover their remains. And I just went through how many
people asked me about it. I was amazed, actually. So many people would ask me, “Is
it possible? Is it possible?” At that time, we had no
relationship to Chairman Kim or to anybody else
in North Korea. You know, it was
a very closed society. So, we’re getting
the remains back. Secured the halt of all missile
and nuclear tests for — how long has it been —
seven months? You haven’t had a missile go up. For seven months,
you haven’t had a nuclear test; you haven’t had
a nuclear explosion. I remember a nuclear event
took place — 8.8 in the Richter scale. And they announced —
I heard it on the radio — they announced that a massive —
you know, an earthquake took place
somewhere in Asia. And then they said
it was in North Korea. And then they found out
it was a nuclear test. I said, “I never heard of a
Richter scale in the high 8s.” And if you look, there has
been no missile launches. They’ve blown up
their missile area. That’s going to take place. That has not been written
into the contract. We’re going to give you
the exact details on that. But they secured a halt
of all missiles and of all nuclear tests. They secured the closure of their single primary nuclear test site. All three of them —
they’re in an area that’s common
around each other — they secured the closure. They secured the commitment
to destroy the missile engine testing site. That was not in your agreement. I got that after
we signed the agreement. I said, “Do me a favor. You’ve got this
missile engine testing site. We know where it is
because of the heat.” It’s incredible the equipment
we have, to be honest with you. I said, “Can you close it up?”
He’s going to close it up. We maintained the ability
to continue to apply sanctions. So, we’re applying sanctions. Now I had 300 sanctions that I was getting ready
to put on last week. And I said, you know,
I can’t really put on sanctions when I’m meeting with — I thought it would be
very disrespectful. Three hundred very big ones,
powerful ones. And I said it would
be disrespectful. So, Jennifer, when you look
at all of those things that we got — and when we got
our hostages back, I didn’t pay $1.8 billion in cash like the hostages
that came back from Iran, which was a disgraceful
situation, what took place. So, we’ve gotten a lot. So, when I hear
somebody in the media say that President Trump
has agreed to meet — like, it’s not
a big deal to meet. I think we should meet on
a lot of different topics, not just this one. And I really believe a lot
of great things can happen. Yes, go ahead, please. The Press: Sir,
you just listed off a lot of things that you say
you got in this meeting. It wasn’t too long ago, though, that you said you defined the success of this meeting
by North Korea giving up its nuclear weapons. The President: Well,
that’s what they’re doing. The Press: Well,
can you talk about how — The President: Sure,
that’s what they’re doing. I mean, I don’t think the — The Press: — how you pressed
Kim Jong Un for complete, verifiable,
irreversible denuclearization? The President: Yeah, I did,
honestly — The Press: And can you
why you didn’t secure those details in this agreement? The President: Because there
was no time, I’m here one day. We’re together for
many hours intensively, but the process is now
going to take place. And I would be surprised, Mike, if they haven’t
even started already. They have started;
they blew up their sites. They blew up their testing site. But I will say, he knew,
prior to coming — you know, this wasn’t
like a surprise. It wasn’t like we’ve
never discussed it. We discussed it. Mike discussed it very strongly with his counterpart
in North Korea. They knew that this was —
let’s say they didn’t agree to that I couldn’t
sign any agreement. There was no agreement
that could have been signed. So, they understood that. And it wasn’t a big point today
because, really, this had been taken care of, more than any other thing. Because it was all about this. This has been taken care of
before we got here. So, when we brought that up
today, you see the language. It’s very strong,
it’s in the document. Yes, ma’am. The Press: Thank you,
Mr. President. Could you talk about
the military consequences for North Korea if they don’t follow
through on the commitments that you’re talking about?
Could there be military action? The President: Well, I don’t
want to talk, yeah, I know. That’s a tough thing
to talk about because I don’t want
to be threatening. I don’t want to be threatening;
they understood that. And you’ve seen what was,
perhaps, going to happen. And you know,
Seoul has 28 million people. We think we have big cities. You look at New York,
where it has 8 million people. We think it’s a big city,
Seoul has 28 million people. Think of that. And it’s right next
to the border. It’s right next to the DMZ.
It’s right there. I mean, if this would
have happened, I think — you know, I’ve heard, oh,
a hundred-thousand people. I think you could have
lost 20 million people, 30 million people. This is really an honor
for me to be doing this because I think,
you know, potentially, you could have lost, you know, 30-, 40-,
50 million people. The city of Seoul, one of
the biggest cities in the world, is right next to the border. The Press: You once spoke
about fire and fury. Is that no longer the case? The President: Well,
at that time we needed, perhaps, fire and fury. Because we could not have
allowed that kind of capability from the standpoint
of the United States. And certainly, Japan wasn’t
going to allow it either. Japan is right next door. The Press: One more thing,
Mr. President, could you tell us about the video that you showed before this? The President: Yeah. The Press: When did you show
that to Kim? What was the goal there? The President: Today, yeah,
we had it made up by some — I hope you liked it.
I thought it was good. I thought it was
interesting enough to show. One in English
and one in Korean. And we had it made up.
I showed it to him today. Actually, during the meeting —
toward the end of the meeting. And I think he loved it. They were giving —
we didn’t have a big screen like you have
the luxury of having. We didn’t need it because we had
it on a cassette and — an iPad. And they played it. And about eight of
their representatives were watching it, and I thought
they were fascinated. But I thought it was well done. I showed it to you
because that’s the future. I mean, that could
very well be the future. And the other alternative is just not
a very good alternative. It’s just not good. But I showed it because I really
want him to do something. Now, I don’t think
I had to show it because I really believe
he wants to — I think he wants to get it done. Yes, go ahead — how’s Staten
Island Ferry doing, okay? He wrote the best story about me
with the Staten Island Ferry. And after that, he’s never
written a good story. The Press: That’s
a long time ago, sir. The President: I don’t know
what happened. It’s a long time ago. The Press: Mr. President,
it’s been a busy week for you on the international stage. You’re leaving this
summit here in Singapore having determined that Kim
Jong Un is a talented man. You left the G7 Summit
a few days ago in Canada having determined that
Prime Minister Trudeau is weak and dishonest. What do you say
to America’s allies who worry that you might
be jeopardizing our long-term alliances and who worry that you might be
treating our historic friends as enemies and our
historic enemies as friends? The President: Well,
first of all, I think it’s
a very fair question. I had a very good
meeting with the G7. And I left the meeting. And, I’ll be honest,
we are being taken advantage of by virtually every one
of those countries. Very, very seriously.
Now, the United States, because of bad
management at the top, because of Presidents
that didn’t care about trade or didn’t understand it
or whatever reason. For many years,
with China being, obviously, the most successful at it, but the European Union
is second — $151 billion we lost. They were represented
at the meeting. And we’re being taken
advantage of on trade. Canada does have very big
advantages over us in terms of trade deficits. We have a big trade
deficit with Canada, I was reading, where, oh,
it’s actually a surplus. Not a surplus, it’s either 17,
but it could actually be 100. You know, they put
out a document. I don’t know if you saw it. They didn’t want me
to see it, but we found it. Perhaps they were trying
to show the power they have. It’s close to $100 billion
a year loss with Canada. They don’t take our farm
products — many of them. They charge what
was 270 percent, but somebody told me the other
day that a few months ago they raised it to 295 percent
for dairy products. And it’s very unfair
to our farmers, and it’s very unfair
to the people of our country — the workers, the farmers,
the companies. And we are not able to trade. They have tremendous
barriers up. They have tremendous tariffs. So, when I put in
a countervailing tariff just to get us up a little bit, so the balance isn’t so much — it’s like this — they said,
“Oh, that’s so terrible.” I said, “What’s terrible?” We have to catch you
a little bit. We have to have
a little balance. Even if it’s not complete, we
have to have a little balance. I say this with many countries. Anyway, we came —
we finished the meeting. Really, everybody was happy. And I agreed to sign something. I asked for changes;
I demanded changes. And those changes were made. In fact, the picture
with Angela Merkel, who I get along with very well, where I’m sitting there
like this, that picture was we’re
waiting for the document because I wanted to see
the final document as changed by the changes that I requested. That was a very friendly —
I know it didn’t look friendly, and I know it was reported
like sort of nasty both ways. I was angry at her
or she — actually, we were just talking,
the whole group, about something unrelated
to everything, very friendly, waiting for the document
to come back so I could read it
before I leave. Anyway, I left,
and it was very friendly. When I got onto the plane, I think that Justin
probably didn’t know that Air Force One
has about 20 televisions, and I see the television. And he’s giving
a news conference about how he will not be pushed around
by the United States. And I say, push him around,
we just shook hands. It was very friendly. Look, countries cannot continue
to take advantage of us on trade. The number are out.
Over the last couple of years, and over the last many years — but over the last couple
of years, this country has lost
$800 billion on trade with other countries,
the biggest one being China. 800 billion dollars. 151 billion with
the European Union. They don’t take our
agricultural products, barely. They don’t take a lot
of what we have, and yet they send
Mercedes into us, they send BMWs into us
by the millions. It’s very unfair, and it’s
very unfair to our workers. And I’m going to
straighten it out. And it won’t even
be tough, okay? Thank you. Go ahead, go ahead. The Press: (Inaudible.) The President: I would like
to involve Congress, yes. And no, I have
a good relationship with Justin Trudeau,
I really did. Other than he had a news
conference that he had because he assumed
I was in an airplane and I wasn’t watching.
He learned. That’s going to cost a lot of
money for the people of Canada. He learned, you can’t do that,
you can’t do that. We laughed. We had
a very good relationship. I’ve had a good
relationship with Justin. I have a good
relationship with all. I have a very good relationship
with Angela Merkel. But on NATO,
we’re paying 4.2 percent; she’s paying 1 percent of
a much smaller GDP than we have. We’re paying 4.2 percent
on a much larger — we’re paying for —
I mean, anyone can say — from 60 to 90 percent of NATO. And we’re protecting
countries of Europe. And then on top of it,
they kill us on trade. So, we just can’t
have it that way. It’s unfair to our taxpayers
and to our people. But no, I have a good
relationship with Justin. And I have a, I think,
a very good relationship with Chairman Kim right now. I really do.
I think — I hope it’s good
because if it is, we’re going to solve
a very big problem. I think we’ve gone a long way
to solving it today. Should we keep going
for a little while, Sarah? I don’t know.
It’s up to the legendary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Should we keep going, Sarah? Okay, we’ll go,
well, I don’t care. Hey, you know, it just means we get home a little later
in the evening, right? Yeah, go ahead,
sure, go ahead, go ahead. The Press: Hi, Mr. President. The President: How are you? The Press: I’m good. The President: Nice to see you. The Press: From The
Straits Times of Singapore. Welcome to the country. The President: Thank you
very much. The Press: I hope
you enjoyed our food. The President:
Beautiful country — I did. The Press: I just wanted
to find out. You described this as a process. What is the immediate next step? Is there some
ongoing dialogue — The President: Yes,
we’re getting together next week to go into the details. The Press: And that’s
(inaudible)? The President: Secretary
Pompeo, yeah. Next week, with John Bolton
and our entire team, to go over the details
and to get this stuff done. We want to get it done;
he wants to get it done. We’re also working very much
with South Korea. We’re working with Japan. We’re working with China,
to a lesser extent, but we’re working with China. The Press: And you are
coming back to Singapore? The President: I would
come back gladly. Your Prime Minister
was fantastic. We were with him yesterday,
he’s done a great job. It was very welcoming.
It really, probably had — it probably made
a difference, actually. It’s a great place,
thank you very much. The Press: Thank you,
Mr. President. The President: Yes, ma’am. The Press: Thank you,
Mr. President. What was it about that first
interaction with Chairman Kim this morning that that made you
decide not to walk away after you said
that you would know within the first minute
if he was sincere or not? The President: Yeah, I’ve said
that about relationships. I’ve said that about people,
you know in the first second. Now, I was generous,
I said five seconds. But you know in the first
second, in some cases. Sometimes that doesn’t work out.
But sometimes it does. From the beginning,
we got along. But there’s been
a lot of groundwork. This wasn’t like we went, and we started talking about —
as you know, right? We didn’t just come in
and start talking about these very complex subjects that have been going
on for 70 years. We’ve been discussing
this for months. And, you know,
once the rhetoric stopped, once they did a great thing
— you know, North Korea did a great thing
by going to the Olympics. Because the Olympics — and President Moon
will tell you this — the Olympics was not
exactly doing great. People didn’t feel
like being bombed out of the Opening Ceremonies. You know, they weren’t
exactly selling tickets. And as soon as the Chairman —
Chairman Kim — said, Let’s participate
in the Olympics, it sold like wildfire and was
a great success as an Olympics. It was a great success;
he did a great thing. But since that time, pretty much
since that time — because, as you know, a
delegation came from South Korea who had just met
with North Korea. They came to the White House.
They told me lots of things, including the fact that
they’d be willing to denuke. We have one of their
great people here today. That they were
willing to denuke. And once that started, we have
been really talking about that from the end of the Olympics when the whole delegation
came to say various things, including denuking. The Press: If I may,
a second question. In the document that
you signed earlier today, North Korea agreed to commit
to denuclearization. To borrow a phrase
that you have used to criticize your predecessors and political opponents, how do you ensure that
North Korea is not all talk, no action going forward? The President: Well, I think
can you ensure anything? Can I ensure that you’re going
to be able to sit down properly when you sit down? I mean,
you can’t ensure anything. All I can say is
they want to make a deal. That’s what I do.
My whole life has been deals. I’ve done great at it,
and that’s what I do. And I know when somebody
wants to deal, and I know
when somebody doesn’t. A lot of politicians don’t. That’s not their thing,
but it is my thing. I mean, again, this really
could have been done, I think, easier a long time ago. But I know for a —
I just feel very strongly — my instinct,
my ability, or talent — they want to make a deal. And making a deal
is a great thing for the world. It’s also a great
thing for China because I can’t imagine
that China has, you know, is happy with somebody
having nuclear weapons so close. So, you know, that’s —
China was very helpful. So, I think he wants to make
a deal, can anybody be certain? But we’re going
to be certain soon because the negotiations
continue, okay? Thank you very much. Go ahead. The Press: You mentioned that
you have raised extensively the issue of human rights
with Chairman Kim. The President: Yes. The Press: I wonder what you
would say to the group of people who have no ability
whatsoever to hear or to see this press
conference — the 100,000 North Koreans
kept in a network of gulags. Have you betrayed them by legitimizing the regime
in Pyongyang? The President: No, I think
I’ve helped them because I think
things will change. I think I’ve helped them;
there’s nothing I can say. All I can do
is do what I can do. We have to stop
the nuclearization. We have to do other things, and
that’s a very important thing. So, at a certain point,
hopefully, you’ll be able to ask me a much more positive question
or make a statement. But not much I can do right now.
At a certain point, I really believe he’s going
to do things about it. I think they are one of
the great winners today, that large group of people
that you’re talking about. I think, ultimately,
they’re going to be one of the great winners
as a group. Yes, sir, go ahead,
go ahead, yeah. The Press: Would you ever
consider removing the sanctions without significant improvement
in the human rights situation? The President: No, I want
significant improvement. I want to know that
it won’t be happening. And again, once you start
that process, there will be a point at which, even though you won’t
be finished for a while because it can’t happen
scientifically or mechanically, but you’re not going
to be able to go back. You know,
once we reach that point, I’ll start to give
that very serious thought. Yes, go ahead, go ahead,
go ahead, you first. The Press: Mr. President,
did you also discuss the cost of denuclearization and how North Korea
is about to foot the bill while the crippling sanctions
remain in place? I’m from (inaudible)
News Agency Singapore. The President: Well,
I think that South Korea and I think that Japan
will help them very greatly. I think they’re prepared
to help them. They know they’re going
to have to help them. I think they’re going to
help them very greatly. We won’t have to help them. The United States has
been paying a big price in a lot of different places. But South Korea, which obviously
is right next door, and Japan, which essentially
is next door, they’re going to be
helping them. And I think they’re going to be
doing a very generous job and a terrific job.
So, they will be helping them. Yes, ma’am, go ahead,
behind, yes. The Press: Thank you,
Mr. President. The President: Thank you. The Press: I’d like to follow
up on Steve’s question. He asked you how long
it would take to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula. You said a long time.
What does that mean? The President: Well, I don’t
know, when you say a long time. I think we will do it as fast as
it can be done scientifically, as fast as it can
be done mechanically. I don’t think — I mean,
I’ve read horror stories. It’s a 15-year process, okay? Assuming you wanted to do it
quickly, I don’t believe that. I think whoever wrote
that is wrong. But there will be
a point at which, when you’re 20 percent through,
you can’t go back. I had an uncle who was
a great professor for, I believe, 40 years at MIT. And I used to discuss nuclear
with him all the time. He was a great expert. He was a great,
brilliant genius. Dr. John Trump at MIT. I think he was there
40 years, I was told. In fact, the head of MIT
sent me a book on my uncle. But we used to talk
about nuclear. You’re talking about
a very complex subject. It’s not just like, “Oh, gee,
let’s get rid of the nukes.” It takes a period of time. But the main period of time that I’m talking
is that first period, when you hit a certain point
you can’t go back. It’s very hard to go back. The Press: And how long
will that take? The President: We don’t know,
but it will go pretty quickly. Go ahead, sure. The Press: Thanks,
Mr. President. I wanted to ask again
on the sanctions campaign. The President: Yeah. The Press: You alluded
at the very beginning that the Chinese are not
doing as great a job securing the border
as they were before. You expressed some doubts when
Kim went to see President Xi. The Russian foreign minister
was in Pyongyang and said there shouldn’t
be any sanctions while these negotiations
are under way. And the South Koreans
are now talking about restoring
some form of trade. So, with all of those players appearing to be moving
toward eroding sanctions, how can you keep
the sanctions regime in place? What leverage do you have
on these countries? The President: Well, I think
we have a lot of leverage. I think we have
tremendous leverage. I do believe that China, despite my relationship
with President Xi — a man who I told you I have
great respect for and like, also, a lot. You know, we’re having
very tough talks on trade. And I think that probably
affects China somewhat. But I have to do
what I have to do. And I think,
over the last two months, the border is more open than
it was when we first started. But that is what it is.
We have to do it. We have a tremendous
deficit in trade, commonly known
as a trade deficit. We have a tremendous deficit
in trade with China, and we have to do
something about it. We can’t continue
to let that happen. And I think that has had
an impact on my relationship, in terms of the border. I don’t think it has
the relationship — you know, I don’t think
it affects my feeling or my relationship
to President Xi. But when we first started, we
weren’t ready to go that route. And as we started preparing
and getting ready to do that, I think that’s had an impact
on, frankly, the border. Which is a shame,
but I have to do it. I have no choice. For our country,
I have to do it. South Korea will do whatever
is necessary to get a deal done. And if that means
we can’t trade, then I’m not going to trade. They’re definitely
not going to trade. If they think — and they would
do this with our concurrence — if they think that
they can do some work because we’re very far down the
line — we’re actually very far. You know, that document,
when you read it today, that’s far down the line. That’s not something that just
happened to be put together. This was done over months. And again, the rhetoric
was important, and the sanctions
were important. I don’t even know which
one was more important. They were both important. Yeah, go ahead. The Press: Mr. President, David
Sanger for The New York Times. I was wondering
if you could give us some sense of whether the Chairman Kim told you how many nuclear
weapons he believes he’s made, whether he’s willing
to turn those over first, and then whether, in your mind, you need to do more
than was done in the Iran deal for actually dismantling the — both the uranium
and the plutonium processes. And whether or not
you had a sense that Chairman Kim really
understood what that involves and had a timetable in his
own mind of shutting that. The President: Well, David,
I can tell you he understands. He understands it so well. He understands it better
than the people that are doing the work for him. That is an easy one. As far as what he has,
it’s substantial. Very substantial,
the timing will go quickly. I believe you’ll see
some good action. I mean, as an example, one of the things
with the missile site, I think you’re probably
surprised to hear that — that was a throw-in
at the end, the missile site. But I really believe, David, that it’s going
to go very quickly. I really believe that
it’s going to go fast. And it is a very
substantial arsenal. There’s no question about it. You know, I used to say maybe
it’s all talk and no action. But we have pretty good
intelligence into that. Although, probably less there
than any other country. You understand that maybe better
than anybody in the room. Probably less there
than any other country. But we have enough
intelligence to know that what they have
is very substantial. This is why, David, I always say that this shouldn’t
have taken place so late into the process. Wouldn’t this have been better
if it was 5 years ago or 20 years ago or 15 years ago and we didn’t have to worry about not having a successful meeting like today? So — and I still love my first
interview with you, David. I still have that
interview, actually. Yeah, go ahead. The Press: Thank you,
Mr. President. The President: Thank you. The Press: (Inaudible)
the second summit — if there is a second summit
with Chairman Kim Jong Un, would it be in Pyongyang
or Washington? The President: We haven’t
set that up. We’ll probably need
another summit. We’ll probably need —
or meeting. We can use a different term. But we’ll probably
need another one. We’ll probably —
I will say this, we’re much further along
than I would have thought. I did not think we’d be here. I thought —
and I’ve told people — I didn’t want to build up
people’s hopes too much. I told people I thought that this would be
a successful meeting if we got along,
we developed a relationship, and we could have maybe
gotten to this point in three or four
months from now. But it really happened
very quickly. A lot of that was because
of the foundation that was, you know, put down
before we met. A lot of things
happened very fast. We didn’t have — as an example,
bringing back the remains. That was not one of the things
that was on our agenda today. I brought that up
at the very end because so many people
have talked to me about it. And I brought it up
at the very end. And he was really very gracious. Instead of saying, “Well, let’s
talk about it the next time.” He said, “It makes sense,
we will do it.” And he knew — you know,
they know where many of those
incredible people are. Where they’re buried
along roads, along highways, along paths, usually, because our soldiers
were moving back and forth, and they had to move rapidly.
It’s very sad. But he knew. And that was brought up
at the very end. And you know, it was really
great that he was able to do it. A lot of people are going
to be very happy about that. Yes, go ahead, please. The Press: Thank you,
Mr. President. The President: Thank you. The Press: Emerald Robinson,
One America News, congratulations. The President: Thank you. Thank you for the nice way
you treat us. We appreciate it,
really, it’s very good. It’s really beautiful
what you do, go ahead. The Press: So, you — The President: And now I’ll probably get
this killer question. The Press: (Laughs.) Well, I do want to talk about
the future of North Korea. The President: Yeah,
it’s all right. The Press: Specifically,
the people are — Kim Jong Un is saying he’s wanting
a brighter future with prosperity for his people, yet we know they’ve lived
under oppression. You showed him this video
of what the future can be like. But do you have an idea specifically of the model that you would
like to go towards? Economically, is he open
to more economic freedom? The President: Yeah,
it’s a good question. So, you saw a tape today, and that, I think,
was done really well. But that was done at the highest
level of future development. I told him,
you may not want this. You may want to do a much
smaller version of this. I mean, you’re going
to do something. But you may want to do
a smaller version. You may not want that with
the trains and the everything. You know, it’s super —
everything the top. And maybe you won’t want that. It’s going to be up to them,
it’s going to be up to them. It’s going to be up
to the people what they want. They may not want that.
I can understand that too. But that was a version
of what could happen, what could take place. As an example,
they have great beaches. You see that whenever they’re
exploding their cannons into the ocean, right? I said, “Boy, look at the view. Wouldn’t that make
a great condo behind?’ And I explained, I said, “You
know, instead of doing that, you could have the best hotels
in the world right there.” Think of it from
a real estate perspective. You have South Korea,
you have China, and they own the land
in the middle. How bad is that, right,
it’s great. But I told him, I said, you may
not want to do what’s there. You may want to do a smaller
version of it or — you know. And that could be. Although, I tell you what —
he looked at that tape, he looked at that iPad, and I’m telling you they really
enjoyed it, I believe, okay? Yeah, go ahead, a couple
more, okay, we’ll do three more. Yeah, go ahead, go. The Press: Brian Bennett
from Time Magazine. The President: Yes, hi, Brian. Am I on the cover again
this week? Boy, have I — so many covers. The Press: It’s
entirely possible. The President: Huh, I know,
that’s okay. The Press: Do you now see
Kim Jong Un as an equal? The President: In what way? The Press: You just showed
a video that showed you and Kim Jong Un on equal footing
in discussing the future of — The President: No, I think that
— I don’t view it that way. See, I don’t view it that way. I’ll do whatever it takes
to make the world a safer place. If I have to say
I’m sitting on a stage — I mean, I understand
what you’re getting at. If I have to say I’m sitting
on a stage with Chairman Kim and that’s going to get us
to save 30 million lives — could be more than that — I’m willing to sit on the stage. I’m willing to travel
to Singapore very proudly, very gladly. Again, I — you know,
other than the fact that it is taking my time, they have given up
a tremendous amount. They’ve given it up even before.
And even add the Olympics to it. You know, you could add
the Olympics to the question. They went to the Olympics.
They took an Olympics that was going to be
a massive failure that maybe wouldn’t
have even opened, and they made it
a tremendous success by agreeing to participate. Add that to the list of things
that they’ve done. So, Brian, if I can save
millions of lives by coming here, sitting down, and establishing
a relationship with someone who’s
a very powerful man, who’s got firm
control of a country, and that country has very
powerful nuclear weapons, it’s my honor to do it. The Press: Are you concerned
that the video you just showed could be used by Kim
as propaganda to show him as an equal — The President: No, I’m not
concerned at all. We can use that video
for other countries. Go ahead. The Press: Mr. President,
in the year 2000, President Clinton got
a request by Kim Jong Il. The President: Got impressed? The Press: Got a request — The President: Oh. The Press: From Kim Jong Il
to travel to Pyongyang and meet him.
And Clinton refused. He sent Secretary
of State Albright. The President: Yeah,
he did a great deal. And he spent $3 billion
and got nothing. And he started making
nuclear weapons a day later. The Press: Mr. President, you,
on the other hand, got the request and right away
went here to meet him. And do you understand
those people who say that you gave him
the ultimate present — the legitimacy to a regime
who oppress its people without an ongoing
process before you, as the U.S. President,
as the leader of the free world, meet and shake hands with
this leader of North Korea who is perceived
to be oppressing brutally his own people? The President: Okay, good. I think we just
answered the question. The Press: But do you
understand those people? The President: Oh, I understand
them much better than you do. Okay, yeah, go ahead, go ahead,
thank you very much, yes. The Press: Mr. President,
Eliana Johnson with Politico. The President: Sure, hi. The Press: Hi, you mentioned a couple specific concessions
that you got from Kim: the return of remains and the
destruction of the nuclear site. And I know you said
that was an add-on — The President: And much more.
And much more than that. The Press: Yeah. I know you said
the last thing was an add-on and it wasn’t in the agreement,
but that he gave you his word. If he doesn’t follow through
on these things, what are you prepared
to do in response? And will you lose faith
in this process? The President: No,
I think he’ll do it. I really believe that. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be
doing this. I really believe it. And it was really
the engine testing site, in addition to all of
the other things that they’ve agreed to do. It was the — they have
a very powerful engine testing site that, again, we’re able to see because
of the heat that it emits. And, yeah, I’m able to —
I’m very happy. I’ll tell you what —
I’m very happy with those two points —
the two points you mentioned. But I think you might be
referring to the thing that’s not in, which is the engine
testing site. I think he’s —
I think — honestly, I think he’s going to do
these things. I may be wrong. I mean, I may stand
before you in six months and say, “Hey, I was wrong.” I don’t know that
I’ll ever admit that, but I’ll find some kind
of an excuse. (Laughter.) Okay, one or two — one more,
come on, yeah, go ahead, sure. The Press: Thank you,
Mr. President. The President: Thank you,
thank you. The Press: (Inaudible)
with Xinhua Media Group China. I just would like to know,
will you call Chinese President Xi when you come back to D.C. to discuss about achievements
you made today with Chairman Kim? The President: Yes. I will. The Press: And what’s your
expectation about China’s role to accelerate the process to establish
a long-term peace mechanism? The President: Well, my
expectation about China is that China is a great country
with a great leader, and a friend of mine. And I really believe
that he’s happy that we’ve made
this kind of progress. And I’ve heard from him. But I will be calling him
very shortly. Maybe even before I land, okay? And I have to say, you know — and the United States
is a great country. And we have set records
economically — over $7 trillion in net
worth addition to what we have. And we are almost twice
the size, the economy
of the United States. Nobody talks about this,
because you do hear a lot about China, rightfully so. But the United States, now, is almost twice the size
of the economy of China. We have a great country
and we’re on a correct path. Okay, one more, that will be it. The Press: Mr. President,
from South Korea. The President: Oh, South Korea,
where’s South Korea? I think you deserve —
go ahead, go. You deserve one, yes,
you deserve one. The Press: I’ve got
two questions for you, Mr. President. First, you mentioned earlier
that you’re going to talk with South Korean President
Moon Jae-in over the phone. The President: Yes. The Press: What do you plan
to discuss with him? The President: I just want to
tell him about the meeting. Very successful. And he’ll be very much involved
in the final negotiation. He’s a very,
very fine gentleman. Also a friend of mine. And I look forward to speaking. He’ll be very happy
when he hears about — I’ve already sent word to him
about what happened. I sent the document
to him, actually, and all of the details
behind the document. So, I’ll be talking
to him very shortly. The Press: If I may ask
another question. In signing the peace treaty,
do you hope to — do you plan to work this out
with North Korea’s Chairman Kim only, or what do you think about the involvement
of South Korea and China as the signatories? The President: I’d like to have
them involved also. There’s a question as to whether
or not we’re supposed to or whether or not
we legally have to. I don’t care. I think it would
be great to have China involved and also, of course,
South Korea, okay? The Press: Is there
a transcript of (inaudible)? The President: What? The Press: Is there
a transcript of (inaudible)? The President: Mike,
do they have a transcript? They probably have
a rough transcript, which you can give us,
if you have one. The Press: So,
that was recorded? The President: No,
they didn’t record it. I don’t think they recorded it. Are there any recordings of it?
I wish there were. Because it is interesting stuff. The Press: (Inaudible.) The President: Say it? The Press: (Inaudible.) The President: I don’t. We probably have
some notes or something. But they have, actually,
detailed notes, I would imagine. But we had a great conversation. It was
a very heart-felt conversation. The Press: How do you believe
(inaudible) verify — The President: Well,
I don’t have to verify because I have one of the great
memories of all time. So, I don’t have to, okay? The Press: What about
the previous phone calls you had with Kim Jong Un? You had phone calls (inaudible). The President: Yeah,
but I don’t want to discuss it. But we did is we’ve had
numerous discussions. We’ve had very important
relationships established at Mike’s level
and other levels. In fact, a couple of people
are here from, as you know, from North Korea.
They’re in the room. We have a few people
in the back also, in the room. So, when we went into this final
agreement, very importantly, we really didn’t go in cold. We went in with
tremendous relationship and tremendous knowledge. And I think that’s why
we got it done. So, I’m going to head back,
I don’t know about you folks, but it’s been a long time
since I’ve taken it easy. So now we can take it
a little bit easy, and then the work begins again. And I appreciate
everybody being here. I hope we’ve answered
your questions. And thank you very much. And sort of congratulations
to everybody, because this is, really — to me it’s a very important
event in world history. And to be really true to myself, I have to add,
I want to get it completed. So, Mike, our whole team
has to get to work and get it completed. Because otherwise,
we’ve done a good job. But if you don’t the ball
over the goal line, it doesn’t mean enough, okay? So, thank you, and
sort of congratulations to everybody in the room.
Thank you very much. Appreciate it. Thank you. (Applause.)

100 thoughts on “President Trump Participates in a Media Availability

  1. POTUS Trump amazes me on a daily basis. No sleep for 25 hours and he stands there and answers media questions for over an hour, prior to departing Singapore.


  3. MUST READ! "WHO OR WHAT IS THE WHORE OF BABYLON" The Millennium Report…..why pedophilia is so rampant..secret societies and Vatican worship satan and rape, torture, human sacrifice and cannibalism are all apart of it! We need to wipe these psychopathes off earth!

  4. You have TWO Weeks to arrest the US NWO satanic pigs, the 33rd degree freemasons and the Vatican and all priests for espionage on world govs, for OWNING all trafficking, for rape and torture and the murder of kids for satan. You either arrest these mother fuckers or we drag them to the streets to hang. Oh yeah we have all their names. Get to it or WE DO IT! Espionage and tyranny by the NWO are afoot in the US and we ain't taking it anymore NWO fucking whores! List: Clintons, Bush's, Obama, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell, Graham, Patraeus, Flynn, North, McCain, Biden, MSM, it goes on and on! The office of NET Assessment is first to go good guys. They are the seat of the Deep State.

  5. for the first time in a long time I can really say I LOVE OUR PRESIDENT. He is a man who loves America, does the RIGHT thing against all of the pushback anyone could take. "When the righteous prosper, the city rejoices", Proverbs 11:10. America is now lead by a Pres and VP that are reaching back into our history of Christian leadership. God Wins, Satan loses, again. Keep fighting. Amen

  6. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🌏🌎🌍🌏🌎🌍


  8. I'm going to leave a public comment the greatest depopulation Zone in America is in Anaheim California our government is up doing some sort of mysterious or suspicious activity in our Sky by spraying white toxic lines of poison overlarge populated areas and over Sky scraping Towers and structures in the vicinity

  9. I seriously connected the dots And that link I posted it says they use the cell phone Towers that are everywhere here in Anaheim to wear down your immune system and then spray Chemtrails from above and these things will attach to our immune system and will take us out more faster and quickly as possible

  10. You gave our country the best birthday present ever HOPE and some even though we are dealing with very serious things. May you have a wonderful birthday..put your feet up and relax a minute you deserve it. #MAGA, #WWG1WGA

  11. THE WHITE HOUSE YouTube channel is showing a 404 or 400 ERROR when trying to set a reminder for a briefing coming up!

  12. I don't know if Disneyland is purposely spraying with white lines over Disneyland or if it's the government doing it but it's pretty stupid so waste of time and money

  13. My friend Tayyip showed the Kremlin what could happen with bombs for Syria.

  14. I support my friend Tayyip in the upcoming elections.
    Tayyip, a real fighter against the clever and expensive organized propaganda of homosexuality

  15. Happy Birthday Mr. President and congratulations on North Korea!!! So much great accomplishments to come! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  16. The Trump Foundation- like ALL Trump businesses was nothing more than a MAFIA MONEY LAUNDRY.

    Trump Tower began selling luxury condos to ANONYMOUS CASH BUYERS from Russia in 1985.

    This is the sort of reprobate SLEAZY CRIMINAL that is occupying OUR White House.

    Time to CLEAN HOUSE.

  17. I talked to a gentleman working with the government he has told me that the guy that actually found a cure for cancer the government killed him because they do not want a cure for cancer that is why the government is spraying toxic chemtrails all over this country that causes cancer

  18. MSM didn't cross-exam Barack Hussain Obama or John Vietnam Kerry after the "Ridiculous" Iran Nuclear Deal. I hope Billions of $'s in CASH isn't or will be in-route to North Korea? Let's see!

  19. I proved my theory right today what I did today was something to find out if these radioactive cell phone towers that look like pine trees are really dangerous as in putting out lots of radiation so what I did was I went to the certain area or I found a cell phone tower that was down the street from a highway patrol station then I went near the police station that has this weird looking huge antenna on top of the roof that is a cell phone blocker from the people inside the station from getting radiation poisoning from The Cellular Tower as I left their property at a distance as I got closer to the cell phone Tower I got at a distance as I got closer to the cell phone Tower as I started to get my cell phone signal back but as I went back to the station I lost the signal that is proof right there that every police station or Fire Department or City Hall has these protective cell phone blockers on top of the roof that protects the people inside of that building because they know the radiation is absorbing into people's body that go near cell phone Towers that gives them cancer but it's odd they make it looks like it's harmless by making it look like a Christmas tree but if you think about it they are using them as weapons because we don't know if we are being attacked by silent poison weapons

  20. and then I'm going on and talking about the spray they're spraying in the sky those hideous white chemicals that is spreading out like a bad disease and it looks like it's falling out of the sky of these dust particles that are landing on people's cars that looks like it does when a volcano erupts or a firestorm Ash particles or particles that are suffocating Us by taking out are important oxygen out of the air that makes us stay alive

    Live Stream 6-14-18 “China Is Getting Ready To Announce To The United States What It Plans To Do!”
    This Prophetic Word Was Given To Me By The Holy Spirit. A PROPHETIC SERVANT IS CALLED TO WARN THE PEOPLE OF WHAT IS COMING! Read: Ezekiel 3:16-19-Ezekiel Is a Watchman. Amos 3:7-8-When the Lord GOD decides to do something, he will first tell his servants, the prophets. 8 When a lion roars, people are frightened. When the Lord GOD speaks, a prophet must prophesy.On Thursday June 14, 2018 at 4:54 am I heard the Holy Spirit say to me while lying in bed, “China is getting ready to announce to the United States what it plans to do.”I did not plan to get up yet so I went to grab a piece of paper and jot down what I heard. Then the Holy Spirit kept speaking so I finally got up and kept writing.China is going to cut tax-tariffs with the United States. TRADING WILL HALT! They will begin trading with foreign countries. Our economy is going to go on a down spin cycle. You will see our markets fluctuate. This will begin to take place quickly, says the Lord.The Meaning of the Word “Fluctuate”-To rise and fall irregularly in number or amount.Tariffs in United States history- KNOW NOTHING ABOUT TARIFFS OR THE ECONOMY! PRAY ABOUT ALL OF THIS BECAUSE THIS IS WHAT I HEARD.Remember on 6-12-18 at 6:23 a.m. I am hearing something about China breaking away from the United States this will in turn cause the inflation and prices to rise. They no longer are going to TRADE WITH THE U.S. They are going to stop trading with the United States and trade with other smaller countries I am sensing. “LAYOFFS” ARE COMING! I HAVE SAID THIS BEFORE! GET READY!! INFLATION, PRICES ARE GOING TO RISE!I had some type of dream where I was in a church on 6-10-17 just before 7 am. Everyone was excited, singing and dancing around. Then I heard the Holy Spirit speak to me and say NOW IS THE TIME! THE SHAKING IS ABOUT TO BEGIN!  Read James 4:9-10Dreams/Visions: June 1, 2018 Dream of Chaos and Riots in America. Detainment Facilities! The End is Near Repent! 9:32 a.m. on 5-30-18  Something in my spirit is telling me people are going to start rioting and protesting against their GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS! That includes senators, congressman, governors, mayors and YES EVEN PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP!Live Stream 2-7-18 “I Am Getting Ready To Cleanse The United States of America!” Trump Warns Investors To Prepare For "Pain" In The Market! 1, 2018 MY Winnowing Fork is in MY Hand and I’M Getting Ready to Clear MY Threshing Floor! 31, 2017-Hard Days are ahead of you MY Children in 2018 Stream 12-27-17 “Tell MY People I Am About To WAKE THEM UP!”
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    P.O. Box 161273
    Altamonte Springs, FL 32716www.dawnsheartfeltcorner.org

  22. The left was very disappointed that Trump didn't confront Kim from their opening seconds on the red carpet, "You little moon-face, Rocket Jockey with the Moe haircut, you tin pot dictator and murderer of our dear departed Warmbier, you exploiter of your own impoverished population and kitten kicker……now, friend, let's make a historic deal, shall we?"

  23. Thank
    you President Donald J Trump. I believe you are saving this country. I started
    Voting with President Eisenhower I have voted for both parties always trying to
    pick the best man? I am sure this time I picked the best. Thank you God Bless

  24. and I witness or a person of interest that works for the government has told me that the government had killed Bernie Mac because he took the chip and he started telling too many people about what was going on in the government and took it what happened they use that chip and killed him never get the chip because once it's in your body attaches to your nervous system and all they have to do is flip a switch and you are dead

  25. all the millions of Americans from California are heading to the White House tomorrow the ones that breathing all the toxicity from those geoengineering going on you are going to give every American in California you spray free healthcare they don't have to pay a set from their paychecks because you are harming them by getting them sick from toxic chemical trails

  26. I’m now a Trump supporter. The meeting w/ Kim Jong Un was very impressive. We must stand back & rethink all these negative accusations about Trump. I’m beginning to like what he is doing. Actions speak louder than words.

  27. Kait + ! We work.

  28. I hope you enjoyed and watch the video or link I posted taking account for waking up your friends and family loved ones and share this on Facebook Twitter or on YouTube or anywhere you could share with tell the people that the government are evil people

  29. so disappointed about the IG report knowing that no one will ever pay for the injustices ….remember Bengazi…..Obama and Clinton watched it all go down via live drone and ordered their only hope to stand down ….not once but 3 times…..made them change clothes twice….what about our seal team members that all lost their lives when they could have been saved….where is their justice ? We love you President Trump ,but we want justice …..God bless….

  30. Please watch this. Please bring this into the light. This video is in regards to the white helmets

  31. since you love to give Society cancer by chemical trails geoengineering s a i program I hope one of your loved ones gets cancer and passes away because you are doing it to society you practice what you preach so if you know about Karma it's coming your way because when you f*** with Society or Mother Nature it is sure to give you a name

  32. why are you so supportive to make billions sick from toxic geo engineering because you want to free ride on your grandchildren

  33. I admire and agree with President Trump's positive attitude regarding N.K. "The Power of Positive Thinking".

  34. ladies and gentlemen the government is using massive radiation from cell phone Towers that from cell phone towers that are draining every Battery Source that you have in your home and car

  35. let's hope they give Trump a aluminum hat to wear for all the aluminum of barium and strontium and lithium and sulfuric acid and all the chemicals they're spraying in geoengineering let's hope he has a gas mask let's hope we all have a gas mask and our luminum Hat to wear to protect our body and our lead to protect eyeballs help save our balls testicles from being fried we need our body to be saved we need nothing but a protector shield around us I'm all the harm that they are coming against us we all need it and some night goggles vision night vision

  36. did you know Russia is going to attack us worse than anything in the world because our government killed 500 Russians in Syria

  37. the consequences are people in the United States are going to die at mystery natural causes but they are not caused by natural causes they are caused by cancer and other illnesses due to toxic poisoning of chemical trails if you people do not listen to me you will be the next person they put in a body bag because you are being stupid and obnoxious wake up now before it's too late our government is out to murder us like we are cattle

  38. I am truly amazed at how poised President Trump is after all that preceded this meeting and considering how much disgusting criticism he endures from what I now consider the very immature party of Democrats (and some Republicans) that are so ugly when they don't agree with something.

  39. DEMOKRAT Jokowidodo-susilo bambang yudhoyono ada apa dengan Jusuf kalla dan Kabinet menteri nya ( sambungan PSSI GES gatot nurmantyo edi rahmayadi surya paloh ) => Bobby nasution sumatera utara Agus harrimurti yudhoyono pamulang pondok benda kota tangerang selatan provinsi banten toto sudarto residential kode pos domisili area wahidin halim dan residential digital sri widowati rudiantara ? jawab paguyuban samudera mpr dpr ri parlementer

    PKS => Fahri hamzah jawa barat bandung Sandiaga salahudin uno dki jakarta ( ada apa dengan prabowo subianto terhadap uang dan fasilitas siapa saya yang menulis ini ? Jawab agus dw martowardjojo agun gunandjar sudarsa agus rahardjo )

    NASDEM => Pranada paloh Saragih dki jakarta – Deny Ridwan kamil jawa barat bandung

    Donald j.trump dalam bahasa inggris yaitu bus Barack obama memberikan jawaban negoisasi kode alam dengan ( warna merah PDIP ) BIS Basuki tjahja purnama I made Sri bintang pamungkas dan isyarat barack obama dengan menjauh dari ( GOLKAR atas warna kuning ) yang berarti yaitu BAS bambang soesatyo airlangga hartarto setya novanto

  40. this orange imbecile,will not pass grade 5 and thats being complimentary.never thought america had so much idiots.30 % of america supports this BUM.

  41. The Trump Crime Family will be indicted for racketeering, money laundry and several other corruption related crimes.

    And theres not a damn thing you Trump Cult Zombies can do about it.

  42. Catch Your Miracle with Heidi Baker! | Extended Interview with Sid Roth
    How does Heidi Baker face challenges when she ministers to the people of Mozambique? She immerses herself in the Presence of God. Heidi wants you to learn how to release the atmosphere of Heaven — and prevail.

    I read somewhere here on YT that in ALL this nuclear hubba, that Kim Jung Un would be willing to make a deal with the U.S. because we, the people of the U.S have the best of food and products. I think Kim was shooting off rockets/missils to get a deal with us the U.S. – that it was ALL show for attention and he got it – got what he wanted. If people could see the starving side of N.K. you would have a different view. Now he can use his country's fund for food for his dominated people. I think a lot of Liberals should go to N.K.and see, first hand, how Communism really works. Maybe we can just ship them there.

  44. Go figure – one question from THAT guy asks the same fvcking question about a subject President Trump has already mentioned 40 times. You get selected by President and you ask a stupid question that Trump has already talked and talked about it- selective hearing.

  45. I'm just an old lady in a small town on her phone and I know more than the so called "Reporters and other people who hold themselves smart, in high society. "


  47. BEST President EVER!!! A REAL LEADER!!! A REAL MAN!!!!!!!!!THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!All
    have been blessed!!!!–from ALABAMA!!!! MAGA!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!

  48. We have an excellent Commander n Chief in office. Thank God!!! MAGA!!! And no my comment being on 666 is not about the flippin man of lawlessness. Trump is not him, although he's on his way back, but not yet his time is not yet, but soon so we all need to keep up the good work along with our President. President Donald Trump has many rewards waiting for him in Heaven and many more before he gets there.

  49. Don't forget our AMERICAN BABIES left from our great armies, navy, etc………………….and let the VETS pay for them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Hey Trump and his supporters, The stock market is crashing, Down over 1900 since Jan 26, 2018 and down today an added 280 points. USA companies are moving jobs out of the USA at a faster rate then any other President. Trump Tweeted " too many jobs lost in China", Trump is charging Taxpayers for "The use of Trump properties and Trump branded items" (GAO report) and Trump is on track to make $1 Billion from these taxpayer charges.
    Trump signed a Bill to allow Coal/Oil companies to dump raw toxic waste into river and streams, after they gave Trump money, Trumps pick for EPA, charged Taxpayers $3 Million for "travel" illegal charged $43,000 for a phone booth, used staff overtime to find his wife a job, his favorite hand lotion, buy $3000 pens, used his office staff to get his daughter into law school, get her a job in the White house, buy tickets to sporting events, all paid for by Taxpayers and Pruitt told staff that he "expected a certain standard of living akin to wealthier Trump Cabinet members" all paid for by taxpayers.
    Trumps daughter admitted she told Chinese investors, she could get them "preferred Visa's" if they invested in Jared Kushner businesses and remember Trump lied about secret meetings with Russians, stating the meetings were about "adoptions" and lied for over a year about a porn star payoff.
    Trumps pick for Commerce Sec Wilbur Ross lied about investments in companies owned /controlled by Putin, when asked about his lies, Ross stated" Mr. Trump told me to lie, he said it wouldn't look good if that got out". Trump and DC Republican took healthcare from Elderly and children and reduced V.A . Benefits. Trump and his entire administration is Corrupt. Deal with FACTS!

  51. From the 1950-6-25 Korean war (Japanese) made money. and From the Vietnamese war ( South Korea) made money. War-Cra(fftter)s and (pl)otters know where will be their play ground and profit sharing and Expand their territories. Riches are followed by lazy- gangs- evil ancient Arabian thieves-Pirates- rubbing Arabian "lantern not intern" to who know where are money.
    They do not realize their fighters are recording their crimes : Dng-Zhan-Mit-Chi-Uh-Dup-Da/ the very below of the most burning Brightest flame is the darkest spot of the lantern: The brightest people have darkest Dumb genes/ The trusted own circle has own enemies…… according to the ancient Korean proverbs. Dng= Your back and the Lantern…. turn their back to carry heavy freights around ports. Dng-De=light house / Back-Millitary=Spies of different duties.

  52. The most expanded clan and richest people, lazy gang thieves erupts wars. Imagine war flames and dying young soldiers under their foot, they were/are/will be counting valuable body parts to switching of theirs to continue criminal genes recorded in Genome Sequences. Gen means mixed paste form to add on themselves (Prefix). Gen-O(destroyed)-Me(eagles/ Mountains). Ghy-Uk=Me-Moryi(Eagle chasers) who were originated from the South West of NEWS/Stars/trouble makers/ Four 's Orphanes/ Lions' children/Sa-Zha/ envoys.

  53. President Trump, thank you for working so hard, working so much for the citizens of the USA❤🇺🇸❤ I am 62 and have never witnessed a President that is as effective as you. Your background as a businessman and negotiator are such a blessing to us. Again, thank you.

  54. Habe verstanden!!!
    Ich ziehe das Ding durch. Der amerikanische Präsident ist der Gärtner mehr nicht.
    Für einen Gärtner meine Hochachtung

  55. Ich bin in der Lage zu
    sehen und hören, seh klar wie alles zusammen hängt.
    Putin ist der einzige der irgendetwas bewegen kann. In absehbarer Zeit wird
    Deutschland + Österreich Ungarn +
    Russland zusammen
    Amerika hat die Wahl.
    Die Firma BRD wird abgeschaft.
    Es gibt nichts zu verhandeln. Wir wollen eine NWO-0k
    Das deutsche Volk ist
    der Zoodirektor und nicht die Schimpansen .

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