President Donald Trump Attacks Media In Post-Midterms Press Conference | Hardball | MSNBC
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President Donald Trump Attacks Media In Post-Midterms Press Conference | Hardball | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “President Donald Trump Attacks Media In Post-Midterms Press Conference | Hardball | MSNBC

  1. He (Trump) was destroyed by the Blue wave a night before, and all those questions just added to the frustration and I guess he felt helpless, a little conversation with his psychiatrist would help.

  2. Trump's right. Bad questions. questions are set up with easy premises to quibble with e.g. "some people say . . . " Question: "Do you think you're a

    moral leader?" These are high school questions. Reporters are making it easy for Trump to deflect, dodge, and equivocate.

  3. Did anyone besides me wish they remembered at least one of Trumpeters community commentary YouTubers? We need to study them more closely for the sake of the country.

  4. That absolutely was a racist question that black woman is a weight is a is a black racist absolutely that black woman reporter is as racist as it gets she should be disowned and fired

  5. Nasty mouth! She was right, he Does encourages White Nationalists. He is small minded, and not prepared to be a qualified president for all, nor he does he want too. He wants to power, to be ruler. He lies like he breathes, and without shame. She knows who she is and what her job requires and can hold her own . Flash for you: 3% it is 1 is all he gets from black support and he has done nothing of significance for us and very little for you… you're too___ to know it. Trump was performing for you, he running scared from decency and the fact that the world is now looking at this " great U.S" as it now falls apart. Granted, media has it oversteppings but we need people to know and get the news out, it is up to us to pray for discern ment and the survival of man kind. How about trying to work on your own hatred. ..the meanness….Black people more than likely have endure every horror that White people instituted to build them riches, our free labor::For generations and the present,, we have endured and survived for a number of reasons;, hatred and wishing to wipe you off the face of this earth has not been one of them. Not is not us . Its you. Whites have conjured up that belief because you know your guilt and refuse to own it. You will not be able to live nor endure, without doing right.

  6. Folks are so easy manipulated by mainstream media.

    Not even had Donald J. Trump a black girlfriend in the 90's for two years, he also received a reward from Jesse Jackson for contributing to the black communities. Better attack the media and not the D!

    You don't believe me? See for yourself!


    ALSO! he was in WWE:

  7. I’m not a trump supporter by any means, but if u watch the raw conference the reporters were being very disrespectful

  8. He's not even lashing out. These ignorant media people holding staged news which is actually a gossip smash fest alot like TMZ just like to stir the pot. They don't even care about this country nor that the people who blindly believe their intentions aren't nefarious. It's SO STUPID! JUST STUPID Wake up people. The NWO is loving the confusion these fake rioters insight while they carry out their agendas behind the smoke veil..they keep it all pointed at Trump as if one man is the cause of all the problems we got. Well, America is not great and as long as the left wing and the right wing keep the finger pointed at each other, nothing gets done! Trump isn't even attacking anyone. The media is a big joke and people who watch it are blind sheep. God help us all to WAKE up!!

  9. Typical Murican snowflakes . Trump has made record breaking achievement yet they still attack him…..Trump saved America from going downwards. Everyone outside Murica knows that..

  10. ❤🇺🇸❤ Trump IS FOR WE, THE PEOPLE

  11. Blacks for Trump. You guys are being deceived. Donald J Trump will go down as the GREATEST PRESIDENT EVER. GOD BLESS AMERICA GOD BLESS DJT AND GOD BLESS EACH OF YOU. AMERICANS FIRST IN AMERICAN. Trump 2020

  12. There are NO JOURNALISTS, You are all constantly attacking and berating tthe President. The constant amoral behavior and lack of proper decorum, he will win in 2020. You are all racist. The President should make all reporters hand in questions prior to the Press conference and if they go off point kick them out for good !!! The media has no soul. !!!!!!

  13. “If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.” —Malcolm X

  14. You listen real good MSNBC, you're scum and you can't handle reality.
    I will continue to hold you accountable for the 911 hoax and other frauds you think you've gotten away with.

  15. BLOAT BABIES- a huge, disgusting mass of late term pregnant masses all clumped together, relying on the winds of the EL NORTE to blow their blooming, and ballooning en utri-monstoros, to eject their young, extruding en mass, and landing on many a cactus older than the mexican tready. THE FUTURE OF WAR

  16. Trump is to liberal news outlets and comedy shows (and morality) as Obama was to the gun industry.

    Pure gold!

    Trump, we'll miss you when you're gone, ya big galoot! (But only in an ironic sense!)

  17. Chris Wallace,Shep Smith,Geraldo Rivera, Juan Williams…All these have openly commentated against Trump and his policies and maintained their positions on Fox News…1/2 the nation voted for and support Trump and his policies..Name one commentator on NBC,MSNBC,ABC,CBS,CNN, OR ANY MAINSTREAM Media outlet that has openly supported Trump and his policies and maintained their positions…Please…1/2 the nation but not one reporter is allowed to support him in MSM except at Fox News…Now tell me how MSM is fair and balanced but Fox News isnt?!?!

  18. Oh my god this woman asks a dumb question about nationalist and says she’s doing a good job, you msnbc supports are a Bunch of morons


  20. The news media are the same as most Hollywood celebrities, who promote anti-Trump propaganda, their not out here in streets where it's dangerous and full of drugs and violence. And we don't care about ratings and sponsorship. He's making them safer and that what we wanted. I'm with Trump!!!

  21. This is horrible, news sources are still trying to find a problem with anything he does next headline will be "Trump breathes too hard!"

  22. The longer this mutant pumpkin "president" ferments in the WH, the more the American democracy dies.
    Not funny anymore!

  23. You people need to take a hard look at yourself. The Democrats instigated a huge slur on Trump. They arranged a false lying dossier and CNN encouraged it and now you are employing these lying people. Have you no shame, or is it the ratings. We know Soros has millions invested with media outlets.

  24. Trump is a man of steel and that is how a president must be. He is doing perfect to corner all these malicious reporters

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