Premiere Pro Instagram Video Editing Tutorial
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Premiere Pro Instagram Video Editing Tutorial

– [Roberto] Hey everybody
this is Roberto Blake at helping you create something awesome today. Welcome to another Adobe
Premiere tutorial today. I’m gonna show you how to do video editing for Instagram using Adobe Premiere Pro. This is actually really
simple and it’s gonna help you make top notch Instagram videos. So the first thing we’re
gonna do is we’re actually gonna start a new sequence,
we’re gonna go to file, you could also do it in the bin. We’re gonna go to file and
we’re gonna do a new sequence so that you can make the
proper video frame size for Instagram. Now I’ve already made an Instagram preset called Instagram post,
but let’s just say that I hadn’t done that. I could go up here to
custom and I would make this 1000 pixels by 1000 pixels so
it’s a one to one aspect ratio and then I don’t really
need to do anything else, and then I can save this
preset which I’ve already done. So that’s how we would go about this. So I can just go ahead and
use my Instagram post preset. And we’ll just call this
Instagram video, it’s row two. All right so I have my
new Instagram video, you can see that it is a square here. And that’s pretty much
exactly what we need it to be. Now the next thing I’m gonna do is, I can go ahead and open up
a video in my source window. In this case, I’m already doing that, I’m using video footage from
a speaking engagement I did in Jacksonville, and the ideal
length for an Instagram video right now according to the
research that I’ve done is between 20 and 50 seconds. In 2017 we have the ability
to upload up to 60 seconds of Instagram video but between
20 and 50 seconds is good. And so you’ll want to do that. So what I can do is, I can
just pick out any section of my video here. I’ve already set a section up and we have the input and output selected, so we got about 45 seconds of video here. So I can grab this, I can
put it on my timeline, and it’s gonna ask me if I want
to keep my existing settings or change my sequence
settings to match this clip. I’m gonna keep my existing
settings because I need to bring this full-size vertical
video into my frame here. So I’m gonna double-click
and I’m gonna scale this down until it matches my frame here. And so you see I have this top and bottom, so I have this widescreen video. Now you could make this a
square, which Instagram prefers, if you shot your video,
you’ve set it up that way. I’m here on a stage, so
it’s actually better for me to go wide than to try to
get a section of the video and to shift it around and
do all of those things. But you can go either way with that. The beauty of this is we
get the opportunity to put text above and below this. Now in the event that, let’s
say, you wanted to actually set this up to where you have,
maybe you want a different background color here. You can go ahead and do that
and then on the video side, we can go to our bin and
we can create a new object. We can go ahead and
just make a color matte. And let’s just go ahead, and
because this is Instagram, let’s do something clever,
let’s go ahead and make a purple color matte and
we’ll just call this purple. We’ll drag that onto the
video track one below that, and you can see we get
our purple matte there. And again, we can change
this in settings to anything we want, and then,
we can go ahead and we can use the new text tool here and we can go ahead and we can set up text. We can call this Instagram
video editing sample, just because we’re being literal here. And if I go over to my effect controls, I can edit things with this text. I can make this whole
thing center if I want to. Then I can go ahead and I just do another text frame down here. Making videos is pretty simple. And let’s just make this center also. And you can see that we have
our Instagram video here. Now in terms of this text,
I’m just gonna drag that out on video layer three to make
it consistent with our video. And I’m going to mute this
so that we don’t have to deal with it while we’re
editing, but you can see as I scrubbed through that
all of that is consistent. So from here, you can
do any basic editing, if you wanted to do multiple
clips, you would do it the same way you do
anything in Premiere Pro, but the easiest thing is to just take a couple of seconds of
footage of something you want and to edit it. Now the last thing we
have to do is export. I’m going to go ahead and use control M, and go to the export here. So now, you need your export settings for your Instagram video. In this case, I usually just use 10 and 10 and VBR pass one, and
if we want to make this a consistent thing, no problem, we can make this a preset as well. So this is gonna be a preset
called Instagram video, and just remind us that it’s 1000 by 1000. And now we have a preset
so that any time we wanna make an Instagram video,
we absolutely can do that and it’s really simple. So we’ll just export that,
and then the last thing you need to do is you need to get this over to your mobile device for Instagram. If you’re in an Apple workflow, then you can use Apple air
drop to do this really simple. If you’re not in an Apple work flow, then what I typically
do is use Google Drive and then download that to my mobile device and upload to Instagram, and
then you’re off to the races. So that’s it. Now you have a very simple way
to edit professional looking Instagram videos using Adobe Premiere Pro. Hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial. I really actually got
back into doing more of the software tutorials,
so definitely make sure you’re subscribed and
staying tuned for that. Also, what tutorials
would you like me to make in the future, do you
want more things doing video editing here in Premiere Pro, do you want Photoshop stuff, do you want me to look
at some other software? Let me know in the comments section. Like this video if you like it. Don’t forget to subscribe. Check out the other awesome
stuff on the channel. As always, you guys, thanks
so very much for watching, and don’t forget, create
something awesome today. Take care. (upbeat music)

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    Edit: There is a MUCH easier way of doing this when exporting. Premier Pro has a "twitter 720p" preset that you can apply when exporting. From there you can copy it to your google Drive then download it onto your iPhone. EZ!

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