Practical Tips For Using Facebook In The Care Sector
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Practical Tips For Using Facebook In The Care Sector

use Facebook proactively to sort of make
people know like and trust your business hi I’m Cameron from smooth digital
and welcome to tea with Toby the show where I put your home care and
care home marketing questions to a very own strategy director Toby Ali husband
who you may have noticed has a brand new fancy tea set kindly gifted to him by
his very lovely mom so thanks mom thank you very much you always said if
you’re gonna do something do it properly great words great words okay so the
question for today we’re going to sort of follow on from the point we were
covering last week where we mentioned that Facebook’s features make it better
than Google for the branding side okay so the question today is simply someone
wants to know can you share some practical tips on how to use Facebook in
the care sector I’m sure you can Tobi of course that’s actually a big question
but it’s all about boiling it down to sort of three to four minutes so keeping it
simple so we don’t get to tunnel vision into let’s just use Facebook let’s take
a step back what are you hear oh okay about the care
sector in the media to be honest the only references I have right now are quite
negative normally in the news the British press being the British press
they look at negativity so for me I have images of the sort of hidden camera
exposures where they look at people being mistreated or attacked whatever
and they create like a storm around that honestly that’s probably what I see the most
of so the media absolutely love it and we need to use Facebook to combat that
okay what I mean by that is you need to get to a point where your business you
use Facebook so people know like trust your business does that make sense
it does yeah so let me relate it to you let’s say you’re looking for care for
your mum yeah you’re here in Shoreditch London but your mum is based in Scotland
yeah yeah I’m not from here I don’t know everyone can tell all right yeah yeah I
don’t know the culture okay okay I don’t have any references I don’t have family
or friends that can suggest the place that’s right well that’s right okay so
let’s say you go online you just do a search you don’t even know the company
and you’re really considering I need to place my loved one my mum who I care
dearly for in a home or in a home with a home care provider okay what people
naturally do is they go onto the website and then they actually find their way
through the social so they can start seeing who are these people
yeah you know and if it’s a home what’s the facility like in terms of where I’m
gonna be placing my my mother so you when you were looking for a bit
different but similar a nursery for your daughter recently yeah yeah is that the
process you followed as well but you go and have a look at the staff yes
crazy so when we did start looking for nurseries I thought I exact same thing I
thought who are these people who want the people gonna be who’s gonna be
spending you know six seven hours looking after my my loved one and even
though their bio is not online seeing pictures seeing some of the activities
seeing the nursery it actually make a huge difference to
make you feel a little more comfortable the ones that didn’t have a social I
kind of felt are they still open I’m on their website there I found my way to
the website but they’re not updating it the last post was in you know 2017 okay
so it really does make a difference okay so practical tips Tobi what should
they do what format what do they want to show this year it so if you’re a care
home business I would say make it easy for people like Cameron he’s not
over there so do video tours of the home okay take create a carousel of images of
what the homes like if for example you’ve got us two here
the off a state-of-the-art facilities or let’s just say you’ve just produce
really hearty nutritious meals give that information show pictures of it on
Facebook and if your home care business one of the biggest problems we all know
no home care sector is retention so if you do have really good retention you
know celebrate stories put images of care providers who were
celebrating their seventh eighth ninth anniversary with the company so use
Facebook proactively to sort of make people know like and trust your business
okay so to summarize you’re showing great features of your business and
you’re showing that emotional side of the people 100% and don’t forget
testimonials as well there’s so much you can do but add testimonials as well
that’s really important maybe we should do another one about social proof that’s
a big story okay so this time we don’t have any more time but we’ll see you
next week thank you very much for watching

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