Powerful Free Facebook Appointment Booking – ManyChat tutorial 2019

How would you like to
have a completely free way of scheduling appointments,
scheduling phone calls with potential clients
or current clients right inside of Facebook, natively? It’s amazing. And you can use your bot. Plus it includes reminders. And you’re able to
approve or disapprove. Or you can cancel,
or they can cancel. Or you can send
reminders on re-upping for more appointments. Ah, so many great use cases. What up, bot stars? Kelly Noble Mirabella
here with Baby Got Bot. And in today’s video, I’m
going to be breaking down Facebook’s brand new
appointment-setting feature within business pages. And how you can implement
this awesome free tool inside of your messenger bot. It’s banana! So without further ado,
I want you to sit back, get rid of all the
distraction, because we’re going to hop right in. And I’m going to show
you how it’s done. Now, if you don’t already have
the appointments option that will show up up
here, then you’re going to have to turn it on. And one of the easiest
ways to do that is go to your Facebook
page and go to your Call to Action button. Click on that. And where it says
here, Book with you, click on Book Now and
appointments on Facebook. So now, we’re going to walk
through the steps here. The first thing you want to
do is select your time zone. You can click on here if
your time zone is not correct and type in your city. If it’s correct, no worries. Go in here and pick out the days
that you want to be available and the times. You can also click on the plus
sign and add additional time. So if you have gaps in your
day where you can’t take calls, you can always move
to a different gap. OK, once you’re ready,
go ahead and click Next. Now, you can make it
to that, you, manually, will approve appointments
before you’re confirmed. You could turn that off if
you want it to be automatic. For advance booking,
I would do this. Open that up and say, when’s the
soonest that people can book? Now, I like to make sure
people give me a day’s notice. So that’s what I’m going to do. But you have the option
of hours, days, or weeks. And then you want to sync
it to your Google Calendar. I use my Google
Calendar for everything. So I’m going to
want to sync that. So you just select your
account, give your permissions. And that’s in pulling all
of your calendars here. And you’re going to select
the calendar that you want to use for these events. Now, down here, Appointment
Start Time Display. How long do you want
these appointments to be? I’m just doing 15 minute calls. So there you go and next. Now, we’re going to
list our services. So basically, this is how
people are scheduling for us. Now, you could do these for
calls, for appointment setting, for meetings, what have you. I’m just going to do a free
call for about 15 minutes, like a discovery call. And this is going to be free. So I’m not going
to put anything. But you can certainly
price this out. All right. You put your description
and your equipment duration. I’m going to do 15 minutes. How much time after? Now, this won’t be people
booking for you after. But this is going
to block people from booking back to back. So a person A
books at 1 o’clock. And person B wants
to book at 1:15, then that could be kind
of troublesome. What if the call goes over? So I like to give myself 15
minutes in between times. And then do we want
to show the service? Yes, if not. Maybe you don’t want to show
up for this particular thing. You turn it off. You can add an
image if you want. I’m going to skip
that for now and see. So there you go– 15-minute discovery call done. So here’s my calendar. So you could see all of
my appointments here. So I’m the only one who
can see this information. Then I’m going to go over
to my settings again. And I can grab the link. So we’re going to
copy this link. And then we’re going to
head over into ManyChat. And I’m going to the bot here. And we’re going to
create a new flow. And I’m going to call this
flow, Schedule a Call. And then whatever you want
to say here at the beginning. Then you have a button
and open the website. We’re going to paste our
scheduling link in there– Native view and done. And this is what it’s
going to look like. So I’m going to go in here. I’m going to click
on Schedule Call. It’s going to pop open
the Scheduling Service. So this is what it looks
like for the end user. It’s going to give all the
times that I have available. I can select that time. I could put in my phone
number and any appointment notes that I want to put in. And then I can request
an appointment. Now, the requested appointment
would actually say, schedule an appointment if
you didn’t have it set up that they have to request. Now, as an admin,
you can go in here. And you’ll see where
your appointments are. And it says, so Kelly,
went ahead and requested. And I can approve. I can edit. I can approve with some notes– what have you. So I’ll go ahead
and approve that. And there you go. So now I can see right there
that it’s on my calendar. Another thing that you could
do under your appointment settings, you can
actually go down here. And we could set
up our reminder. So we have here, send a
customer an automatic reminder via messenger or text the
day before their appointment. I went ahead and
said to turn that on. So it’s already taken care of. So in your messenger
bot, you do not have to even set
anything else up. It’s already done. And it was a seamless
experience because it all stays on Facebook. Boom, there you
have it, my friends. Now, if you can schedule
appointments, and everything is easy peasy for your end user. I mean, what’s not to love
about free appointment setting software? Am I right? Yes, yes. Any who, I wanted to thank you
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