Portal from Facebook Unboxing and Review!
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Portal from Facebook Unboxing and Review!

– Hey guys, it’s Justine and today we are checking out
the new Portal by Facebook and I am so excited about this because I absolutely love
connected technology. Anything that can keep me
connected to my friends, to my family, and mostly to my sister because that’s probably
the person that I talk to the absolute most. Speaking of my sister, we’re kind of doing this video together but she’s doing a video
as well on her channel. I’m unboxing the Portal+. This is a 15.6 inch screen and she is unboxing the
other version of Portal which is a 10.1 inch screen. So, join us both for this fun unboxing and testing this out. A huge thank you to Facebook
for sponsoring this video. I am so excited to try this
out so I’m going to unbox this. My sister is going to unbox hers and then we’re gonna
try these out together. So I guess I don’t
really need a knife do I? Well, what fun is that? Oh, oh wow, look at this. Here it is. Wow, this is actually
way bigger than I thought but what I like about
that is the screen size, no matter where I am in the room I’m gonna actually be able to see this and it also has a framing option so it will keep you in the
frame as I move about my room. Hi, it says hi. They’ve actually labeled
the plastic stickies. One, two, three. Whoa, that’s so great! So this camera is a 12 megapixel camera and it also has 140 degree field of view so that’s a pretty wide
angle, which is great, especially if you have it placed in a room and you wanna be able
to capture everything. So let’s try this out. I keep talking about
features and not showing you. Whoa, it’s already starting
up, this is incredible. Yes, okay it’s checking for updates. Log in with Facebook, alright. See how smart camera keeps you in frame. Whoa! Hello, no way. Look at you keeping me in the frame. You guys can’t even tell, well
like you obviously can tell because I, what! This is nuts, hello I’m over here. You guys can see that this is crazy. Wow, I’m so far away. Well what if I go over here, will it, okay it kept me in frame pretty quickly. That’s pretty awesome. It also works with Amazon Alexa, which is super exciting. I’m gonna call my sister. Hello, (dings) What! I love the fact that Jenna’s
actually downstairs right now while I’m unboxing this. – Hello. – Hello. – It’s really funny ’cause
I’m editing a video about– – Oh my gosh, she was not joking. This is incredible. This is actually, I swear to you this was
not planned at all, cool. – I’m glad that you’re experiencing it ’cause I’ve already been
playing with it for two weeks. – This is my first time,
I’m unboxing right now. What happens if I turn it? Dude, this is super cool. I’m so excited. Well, I’m gonna carry on with my unboxing and then I’ll see you in a little bit to finish the rest of this video. – Is that the 15.6 inch display? – It is, and you’re doing
the 10.1 inch Portal? This is the Portal+. – Well we have both of
them, but yeah I did unbox, I unboxed that one. – Another thing that’s really cool it features smart sounds so
it does a really great job of balancing out voices and
removing background sounds. And because privacy is such a huge concern with a lot of people and as it should be, because that’s something
that’s extremely important, Facebook also includes one
of these little camera covers just like so and there’s
a little button at the top that will automatically
turn the camera off and on. So as you can see here
this little red light means that the microphone and the video is off. The camera doesn’t use facial recognition so everything that’s happening is all happening locally
here on the Portal. You can also go into
your Facebook activity and delete any voice commands at any time. I also love that in here in the settings you can add a passcode and you can make that passcode
up to four to 12 digits. So especially if you
have this in your house and you don’t want other
people to have access to it, that is an easy solution. Well, now that I’ve unboxed it I’m going to take this downstairs, set it up in my kitchen
where it will now be living and I’ll give you guys
a demo of how it works. The Portal by Facebook is all set up. You guys just saw the unboxing and now I’m gonna give Jenna a call and we’re gonna test this out. Hey Portal, (beep) call Jenna Ezarik. – [Portal] Calling Jenna Ezarik. (giggles) (ding) Hi! – I was just watching
some Facebook videos. – [Justine] What were you,
what were you watchin’? – Well I was watching animals and then I was about
to watch a science one and then you called me, so here I am. – So, okay, so there’s Tyler back there, he’s helping us film, so you wanna say hi. Do you see him? Do you see him in your screen? – Hi Tyler. – [Justine] Do you see him? – I’ll spotlight him. I spotlighted Tyler, now
we’re focused only on Tyler. (laughs) Hi Tyler. – [Justine] So you can, ’cause I can see what
you see up here, look. So there you are. – I gotta unspotlight Tyler. – Oh, spotlight me, spotlight me. This is so cool. – I have you in my room. – [Justine] It’s crazy how the framing just keeps me in the frame. Look at you. – Yeah, and you’re still in frame. – So this is really cool. So Jenna’s gonna play a song on Spotify and if you guys both have Spotify Premium I can listen to the same
song that she’s listening to. – It also works with Pandora as well. I know we were talking about Spotify but I got a little side tracked. – [Justine] What are you doing? – Watching the weather. – [Justine] What are you doing right now? (laughs) – Look, today is gonna
be a beautiful sunny day, not a cloud in the sky. Story time is over now. That was actually pretty cool. – [Justine] What if I turn you. – You look, I just turned you, you look better on here than real life. – Play some Spotify. – Okay I’m gonna switch you back this way. – Okay, I’ll switch you that way too. The trash can keeps opening because it keeps thinking that I’m saying things. Open can! (giggles) I don’t know. Oh a member of this call trying
to share Spotify, accept. – You can share Spotify with me. This is fun, we’d never
have to be in the same room. – Playing one of my favorites. (music playing) How do we, hey portal,
turn the music down. So what else can we do? – ♪ In the eyes, tell me what you see. ♪ (giggles) Spotlight this baby. Maddy how come I can’t see you? – [Justine] Oh Maddy, oh shoot,
what did I do with the dog. – Hi dog, you want, – He doesn’t understand. – He looks like a meatloaf. – He looks like a loaf of bread. – [Jenna] Maddy What if we’re over here? – Yes you’re still in the frame. You want your french fry toy? Is mommy gonna give you a treat? Do you want a treat? – [Justine] Stop saying his trigger words. – I was just talking to mom and dad on the other portal in the kitchen. – It’s cool because like
you don’t have to have a portal either that you
can just use messenger. – Yeah I was talking through
messenger there on the phone. I got to see Beau, he was so cute. – Aww that’s cute, well
I’m gonna make some eggs because I’m hungry. – [Jenna] Alright, well
I’m gonna go because, – No you have to stay on the
call while I make my eggs. – Well I gotta go. – No, you absolutely can not. – [Jenna] I’m getting closer to the door. – Oh shoot, this isn’t working very well. – [Jenna] I’m close to the door. No you can’t leave. – I’m almost at the door. – [Justine] No, I need help. Can you see me making my eggs? – This just isn’t fair
because you can’t make me any. – [Justine] Did you see that? – I saw it. – Do you think I should juggle these eggs? – I gotta wait to see what happens now, before I hang up on you. – I know, wait it’s framing me? – Oh yeah. – Okay so here’s the thing, once I start doing this I can’t stop. – Throw it in the pan,
throw it in the pan. – [Justine] Ta-dah. Uh okay so, the plan,
we’re gonna go to dinner. (screeching) what was that sound? – I shut the door. – The one thing that I do like is, how does it sound over there because I’m being pretty loud over here. – Oh you sound great. – You sound great as well. – You’re making one egg? – Well yeah, Oh sorry,
Tyler did you want an egg? – [Tyler] No I’m good. – He said he’s good. (laughter) – I didn’t even ask my
guest if he wanted an egg. – Yeah how freaking rude of you. – I gotta get a plate, I need a plate, I need a plate. Can you still see me? – Yeah. – The trash can keeps opening
because it keeps thinking that I’m saying open can,
and that’s a problem. – Open can! – This egg is ready for a flip. Hmm, did you see my flip? You missed my flip you weren’t even paying attention to me. – Do it again. – I can’t. (giggles) – I’m gonna finish making breakfast, you go on your hike,
and I’ll see you later. – Hey portal end call. – I had so much fun chatting with Jenna. And this is going to be
a really nice integration I feel like, to my home. But there’s one last thing
that I want to show you guys. It has A-L-E-X-A built in, so, what’s the weather like today? – [Portal] Right now in
Santa Monica it’s 65 degrees fahrenheit with clear skies and sun. Today’s forecast has lots of clouds. – It also has the volume up
buttons too here, and down. I just wanna call Jenna back again. Hey portal call Jenna Ezarik. – [Portal] Calling Jenna Ezarik. – [Justine] She might
actually be on her hike, but if she has her phone with her she can answer it on messenger. I was like I wonder if Jenna
– Hello I was like I wonder if
she’s on the hike yet. – Let me show you what
I’ve done with the place. – [Justine] Oh now you’re in the kitchen, are you on the other portal? – I am. – [Justine] Whoa! Well guys thank you so much for watching, and a huge thank you
to Jenna, there she is. – And thank you. – [Justine] No thank you. Jenna also did an unboxing on her channel so I’ll put a link in the
description to check that out. And also there’s a link if
you guys want to check out the portal by Facebook as well. Thanks again for watching, thank to Jenna. Thanks to Facebook, I’ll see
you guys in my next video. – Bye, Hey portal, hang up. – Awww, my friend went away. (music)

100 thoughts on “Portal from Facebook Unboxing and Review!

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  3. I hate Facebook but there are some hypocrites around here saying no to Facebook but I’m sure are eager Instagram users which is even worse

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    it was traumatizing

  7. All the negative comments. It's simple people if you are afraid of the unit and you are so scared to use it, just unplug it. It's not rocket science. I think this is a fabulous unit. You don't seem to be bothered with having a cell phone in your house or with you at all day and all night… A cell phone is just as easy to get your information, in fact, even more so because they can track your every move with your cell phone, they can record every single phone call, who you talk to, who you text and who you take pictures of and you are just as willing to make purchases on your phone along with doing your banking and you are worried about this?! Seriously? Even your car can send information on where you are and what you are doing, you don't go and throw your car GPS out, do you? Sheez… you people even post every single thing online in what you say and do and even more private stuff is posted of people posting in a shower or bathroom and you are worried over this??? … I am cracking up laughing at how you people are reacting here.

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