POP CULTURE: What’s wrong with the media
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POP CULTURE: What’s wrong with the media

We’re likely to have grown up thinking that the mainstream Media was our friend The common sense natural judge of everything that matters and is important and a reliable guide to existence But we might also be realizing that isn’t quite true Let’s take a moment to remind ourselves of some of the things that might be slightly or even very wrong with Mainstream Media It’s pretty easy to do no one can pass such headlines without giving way to a click in order to gain money from advertisers or governments the media has to hook us in and it knows our minds are helpless in the face of such headlines We look to the media to tell us about what matters, but it cares predominantly about what will excite us Sometimes the two categories coincide what’s most important in the world [maybe] what’s most immediately exciting too? But usually that’s not the case We’re built to have an almost irresistible attraction to certain stories involving power fame disaster and sex and yet We’re tempted to yawn about schools developing world problems, and the money supply. We’re not evil It’s just the equivalent of our fatal weakness for processed sugar fat and salt and the media does everything it can to exploit this In theory the media has a deeply important function to play in a democracy It’s meant to direct a mass audience to engage with the greatest problems in Society so as to push politicians to make necessary changes But as it is the media is obsessed with scandals it focuses relentlessly on the rather thrilling Misdemeanors of a few people rather than the large systemic failings that are harder to see and far less sexy to describe It gives the population of feeling that it’s on the side of the little guy against the big guy Far from it the sacrifice [of] the odd bigwig [in] a scandal and nothing and reliably take our eyes of pushing for proper large-scale improvements Most problems in society take time to fix but by constantly changing the topic of National Conversation the Media ensures that nothing will remain a priority for long One always makes more money getting someone scared about bugs viruses Explosions than getting them to a sane correct assessment of the dangers facing them and a melancholy acceptance of death and compromise in General One makes more money getting people furious than patient before the challenges of writing or wrong or philosophical in the face of human evil It reports in impassive terms about adultery in Hollywood marriage Or the bad behavior of a model it pretends to care about so-called Transgressions while not admitting that it’s at the same time Titillating the audience most of whom deepen their unconscious would love a chance to do what’s being condemned on the surface the media therefore? Hypocritically satisfies both our fantasies and on need to think ourselves normal and respectable It’s called the news because of an obsession with the notion that the new and important go together But much that just happened is far less important that many things that occurred thousands of years ago There are things we need that lie further back the most significant bits of information could not always have happened in the last 24 hours as the news pretends When the media is in a serious mood, it will give us six thousand word essays on Global warming but [only] a handful of people read it seems the choice is either between a sexy and banal or the serious and Starchy in the [utopia] what we need is the most serious issues presented in the most engaging ways It’s not enough [for] serious journalists to plunk the important stories before us They need to work doubly hard to get the story and then also to make it exciting as exciting as the latest from Taylor Swift There’s nothing wrong with having famous people in a society the reason why celebrities Become a dirty word is that we’ve got the wrong celebs in front of us. We need the media to anoint people with fame But fame for doing noble and good things that really help a nation we don’t need to get rid of celebrities. We need better varieties We like to think we’ve got a good media because it’s free freedom is a wonderful privilege. No doubt but on its own. It’s nothing We need a media that isn’t just free but also good that is able to direct a mass audience towards What truly counts which is as it’s been since the days of plato Justice truth and wisdom

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  1. The question is then, what do we do to get a media note worthy news, that are based on "justice", "truth" and "wisedom"? (This is a serious question. Is someone already trying to do this and in what way?)

  2. I see all over the media them making hillary Clinton and Tim kain look like a fairy tale and put glitter all over each story. it's enough to make you puke. tim Kaines wife Anne Holton was asked about shrillary and she yawned and said there needs to be more women in public office. she didn't say she would make a good president.
    funny here is link..http://heavy.com/news/2016/07/tim-kaine-wife-anne-holton-married-age-father-dad-governor/amp/

  3. Donald trump is shit on. the liberals have it easy in the media. republican views are made to look racist bigot homophobic nazi shit.

  4. Your video is pretty good but you didn't hit on some key factors:
    1. Concentration of media ownership creates conflicts of interest and limits reporting adverse to parent company
    2. Journalists and reporters depend on access to official sources so they have a pro-institution bias
    3. The US military and intelligence services have extensively studied black/white/gray propaganda and are able to plant false or misleading stories that are picked up my major outlets as credible. There is also evidence that agents work inside editorial boards to influence stories which sounds like conspiracy nonsense until you start digging into the books.
    4. Chomsky/Herman's propaganda model explains in more detail why certain events (victims of state violence by American-supported governments, etc.) are un-newsworthy because they contradict the official ideology of American exceptionalism

  5. A free média is all about perspective. No we so not have the government telling the news what they can and cannot say; we have the money from corporations doing that for us.

  6. The funniest/saddest part about this is a video like this gets 200K views in a year while a video of some meaningless celebrity can get a billion views in just a few days. That's so meta bruh.

  7. Your thesis focuses on society as a whole, and as a group, how the media is not doing its proper job which is to inform everyone of global wide reaching issues that we face. But it comes down to not groups of people, but the individual, who needs a necessary distraction from their own sense of helplessness and anxiety over life in general. It offers a distraction, where one can focus on someone or something else for a bit. Media is just one example of distraction. Other examples include religion, drugs and alcohol.

  8. The most ruminating video I have seen in a while. The school of life describes it perfectly. Does anyone know what the background music is?

  9. The problem is that media is not actually free. The media is an institution which comes from and perpetuates the systematic failings of society. Ideas which counter those failings are rejected from media. That is why media persists the way that it is. The problem is the absence of freedom in media. In this absence, colonial objectives determine what media are disseminated.

  10. I find it really sad and embarrassing that you mentioned Malala the stupid clown as someone I should be looking up to.

  11. also the american media,has chosen the president:hillary,thats why you hear when trump does something, but not hillary's health or the fact it is 100% illegal for her to be running or not in jail

  12. And this is why the world is fucked up, the media is own by the wealthy 1% who control all information we get to hear and rely on the masses being ignorant and kept in the dark, and thus real progress doesn't gets achieved!

  13. "It" keeps being mentioned. There are people behind this who choose what goes in and out of the media. I hope the news stops being so doom and gloom. I can't even stand to watch things anymore. He's right about the contrast of its either super serious or the other way around. All of it is just money making.

  14. The problem is that people are trusting the 'mainstream' media for the wrong reasons, but worse are going to underground sources that put even more emphasis on making a profit and less about journalistic integrity. Find them on you facebook feed with sensational titles

  15. Hi School of Life,
    I came across this video after watching "Why Arts Graduates Are Under-Employed", and it made a lot of sense to me, as you said the humanities have so much to offer for our lives and studying things like history, philosophy, the arts, etc can have such an influence on the way we direct our personal lives. At first this idea felt so genius and out of my mental capabilities (and it still is, I am amazed!) but I realized how common-sensical this realy was: of course it makes sense to use these things for our modern societies. Just like how the maths and sciences develop throughout humanity (as people learn them, then they build on top of them inventing newer and more advanced concepts), it is strange how the same is not the case for the humanities. It is strange how our society can easily see the use of maths and sciences (furthering our technology, and the right-side of the brain) but unable to see the use of humanities (which would be strengthening the left-side of our brains i believe). Please correct me if I misinterpreted anything.

    Then I watch this video and I am in full agreement, and in awe of the questions it has brought that I have never thought of before. I agree that we cannot fully seek to save global problems if the main focus of our lives are things that we, quite hypocritically, criticize yet are interested in (ex: scandals, Hollywood drama, etc). Therefore, the media should be representative of these important issues, and issues of the past that are just as important. And as you said, the problem is that the media does a horrible job of making those topics engaging. I read some of the comments on this video and people seem to be complaining that its not the medias fault, its just that people are not interested in philosophy or some of the deeper things in our world! And thus, comes into play your other video: "Why Arts Graduates Are Under-Employed". You said the arts play a huge, unrecognized, but huge role in our lives because it can be so useful to our lives. Is this not the answer to everything? Could we not make Justice, Truth, and Wisdom, engaging to the general public by presenting it in such a way that it applies to people's personal lives thus they have an incentive to become interested?

    Your youtube channel is very powerful and has influenced me, and many others to think about life differently. You have such a big impact, you are literally the school of life. So my question is, while making all these videos, and if all of these ideas are thought up of, why are they not being enacted? Because you have such a diverse set of thoughts covered on your channel (and they all relate to life) don't you have most of the answers to everything? is anyone doing anything about it? do you do anything other than making youtube videos, do you go out and talk to the people in charge about these answers and ideas of yours? You have hundreds of comments but I would really apreciate a response, if possible.

  16. the last video i watched made me think this channel is extremely democratic-biased, but jesus this is hella republican.

  17. The job of the media is to make money.
    That's it.

    The core of it is rotten, what did you expect?
    How ells can they sustain such vast networks, without focusing on profit alone?

    The result of what we see is from what is known to grab the most views.
    The sad truth is- They display exactly what humanity wants.

    Because let's admit- Humans LOVE this.
    That is why it's being made the way it does…
    The leadership is what represents the people… Blaming the media won't do anything.
    After all…
    They appeal to their major audience.
    And it's less manipulation, more simply using the primal desires of the majority.

    There is no supply with no demand…

  18. You know how you get more people to watch these…. Use pictures of naked women, fast cars, cute kittens, funny dogs etc… The thumbnail is only going to attract the truly inquisitive and knowledge seekers, the people that really need this won't click it doesn't look or sound entertaining enough. lol maybe the uneducated and stupid will just kill one another off leaving the rest…

  19. Unfortunately, we only have freedom of press nowadays, but not a free press.
    A wise professor of the University of Vienna said this when asked for a definition for corruption: To be corrupt is to work in exchange for money.

    That is what the media are doing, as are all of us.

    In having a collective monetary system (capitalism) we force upon ourselves a system of scarcity, a system in which everyone is dependent on a constant influx of money to survive. This money in and of itself doesn't have any rules though, except for how it is created.

    Put concisely: Money rules the world, so who rules money?

    That is what we have to ask ourselves if we want to get behind the most fundamental schism in today's society.

  20. UK Government under Theresa May's Tory Government

    US Government under Trump's Administration

    Australian Government under Malcolm Turnbull's ALP Government

    Canadian Government under Justin Trudeau's Liberal Government

    NZ Government under Bill English's National Government but very Neoliberal

  21. Very nicely done; I mostly agree, but not all the media are obsessed with scandals; however, quality information requires much more work, it should be paid for and people habitually consume cheap or free information, hence of bad quality. Scandals are covered and sold cheaply. Some of us became journalists because we wanted to change the world.You say that "the media are sanctimonious and prurient", and on the other hand that the media should be good. Isn't highlighting wrongdoing good? Even though I would prefer good role models. You also say that it is hypocritical because "most of the audience deep in the unconscious would love a chance to do what is being condemned on the surface". Where does one get the statistics from? How can you assume that most people are immoral? If that is the message people receive, that is where they may end up. Everybody manipulates in some way to lead the audience and convince them of the importance of their field, whether it is fashion or a deterministic philosophy.Thank you.

  22. I think the free ad-based model that most news companies have taken now, especially online, has really exacerbated all these problems. I really think moving news networks back to a subscription based model, which doesn't need attention or ads to survive. I read two news papers, one is free (Sydney Morning Herald) and one is pay only (The Australia) and the Australian is so much better in terms of content and quality of writing.

  23. But the official newspaper of Pakistan "Dawn" gives me everything I need (I suppose.) from humour to serious stuff…everything is made interesting for 19 year old–me.

  24. so profit motivates the media to compete for marginal increases in viewership? sounds like the problem is capitalism.

  25. Celebrities do deserve fame because they worked to achieve im sure Malalas goal wasnt fame but something else im i right?

    of course i am :d, u only ''deserve'' something if u worked for it specifically

  26. All you described is not relative to the "meanstream" media but to every media from person to person rumors to big channels. what are we most excited to discuss at a personnal level ? gossips, who did what with who, scandals … And not much of it is usually true. "Mainstream" media get a lot of bad press (the irony) as they appear as a classical villain that can be overthrown, but smaller media may not be better if gossip is an human nature and political owned ones will be worse withouth a doubt.

  27. It is very strange we idolize / (put huge huge value on)
    celebrities for their
    – quite superficially, good looks
    – ability to act like someone else

  28. notice the strong liberal metropolitan elitist bias of this video!! notice it was the Sun and Daily Mail being exposed and not the Guardian or Independent!! I really detest the idea that Murdochs prejudice right wing propaganda has brain washed the people, and rendered them "unthinking", especially when the BBC threatens you with jail or a fine if you don't buy their bullshit!! so which is more sinister guys?? because you don't go too jail if you refuse to buy the Sun!!

  29. And the snoberry behind ridiculing the public for being scared!! "their stupid ignorance allows the newspapers too control their minds, by keeping them scared" of say Islamist terror etc"!! but my problem is see how terrified the BBC became of right wing populism?? see all the ominous music and shaddowy mis- en -scene, bits on Wilders, Le Pen and co, complete with bourgeoise commentators, terrified of the rise of Nazism in our midst?? in essence you have to be scared, but you have to be scared of bullshit at the expense of reality!!

  30. Are you a sheep or a lemming? You buy it, they sell it. They shovel it, you eat it. Twitter is not a news outlet by the way…neither is FB or Yahoo. They are money makers and you all contribute. Fox, CNN, and the others who have large red "BREAKING NEWS ALERT" banners on their screen 24 hours a day renders them meaningless. Please don't be the sucker born every minute.

  31. Pop culture is affecting my life and i want to say fuck pop culture unless you're promoting good values rather than making people become dumber each day!

  32. Taylor swift is not the only one dating you know? but is genious when Ed sheran do it of course

  33. Aaron says look into the Koi pond and see a reflection of you, ladies drop bi http://www.thinkingwhiledrinking.org taking a break during Pride for the thinkers can go into the closet and embrace self hate, rage, and fear http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0FnxZAjoOQ For it is a struggle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5-yKhDd64s …

  34. please launch a hindi (indian language) channel i want my parents to watch each and every video of this channel. i know you'd say that even i can explain these things to my parents, but you may know it better that people with less developed mentality often trusts words from media more than from people from there own family. please do something 🙏

  35. Your words are now more poignant than ever. It takes time to see the truth as we’re all so plugged in to the mass media feed from such an early age. Thank you for your insights once again @Alaindebotton 👏

  36. Thank goodness for the internet, and to a large extent google and youtube. Unlike network or even cable TV, people can choose their inputs — at least in the FREE world. For now.

  37. "in times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act"….George Orwell who was anti-Fascist, PRO-DEMOCRACY , a journalist for the BBC and author of the best selling dystopian novel, "1984" as we become an increasingly Orwellian society! The answer to "1984" is….1776 just 243 years ago! In the time frame of 1000 years really NOT that long ago when you LOOK at those numbers! This Republican party has been pathologically lying and "PERVERTING TRUTH and FACT" ever since the 1930s and 40s, per the late great FDR's brilliant visionary VP HENRY A. WALLACE , champion of the 99 percent, who predicted and FOREWARNED us about their assassinations at our embassies, their assassinations in the 60s and their 9/11…both inside jobs! "They would be made RUTHLESS in their use of DECEIT or VIOLENCE TO ATTAIN THEIR ENDS"….VP Wallace, they use BOTH, history has borne this out, including PERVERTING Christianity AND American history! And "They lie like Fascist Hitler"…to paraphrase the late great JFK! They're for "money and power AHEAD of human beings" per VP Wallace who also predicted and FOREWARNED us about the merger of state and corporations/FASCISM/corporate oligarchical rule/TREASON i.e. Citizen's United, a HUGE misnomer! The Patriot Act, another HUGE misnomer and anything but patriotic, created BECAUSE of their 9/11 is FASCISM….obsession with national security! Hitler was also obsessed with national security! A violation of our right to privacy, including social media, long gone! BIG BRO is watching you, shades of Orwell's "1984"! "President" is a euphemism/"double-speak" for Despot dictator! Orwell also used euphemisms/"double-speak" in "1984'!! This is all being swept under the rug by this corrupted by money media and by this Democratic party just like the late great writer/historian Howard Zinn said we do all the time with American history i.e. the Native American Holocaust etc. much to our detriment, imho! Not like we weren't FOREWARNED, but we were! Mass media control is another sign of VERY dangerous AMERICAN FASCISM/TREASON here since the 1930s and 40s and if one political party owns and controls the media like this very dangerous Sinclair organization wants to do , that is not freedom of the press…that's TREASON!! A slanted, biased, suppressed press is not a free press and they suppress a lot, namely the TRUTH because of all the above reasons! ""knowledge is power"!

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