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Going to college is fine, but why exams?
– Why else do you go to college if not for exams? The less you speak of the devil, the better.
Don’t keep talking about exams. Shall I ask you a riddle?
– Hell with your riddles and proverbs. I feel sad for the guy who’d marry you.
– I’ll only marry that guy who’ll ask me an unanswerable riddle. I need to confess
my love to her at any cost. Meeting here every day is giving me jitters.
– I’m not even from this town. How scared should I be? Every weather needs a different umbrella
and everyone has different fears. Anyways, tell me what you said you wanted to tell.
– I want to tell it too, but.. But what?
– Repeat the riddle you asked me yesterday? What is it that always keeps moving forward,
takes everyone with it, yet, has no brakes? A watch!
– Right, you guess it! I didn’t think you would. Speaking of watch,
I’m reminded it is the time I went home. W-Wait..
Ask me another riddle for tomorrow. At the end of the play,
guys like you yell, ‘This is just the start’. You know it blossoms, but you don’t know
it blossoms. What is it? Answer me tomorrow. Sis, I like your pen. Can I have it?
– No, you can’t. You can have it after it runs out of ink. Please..
– Don’t irritate me! Sis, while on my way home, I saw you chatting
with a guy. Shall I tell dad about it? Walls may or may not have ears,
but kid brothers have eyes. God, couldn’t you have given me
a sister instead? You wanted this pen, right? Have it.
– Had you given it right away, I’d have settled for this pen. What else do you want then?
– Rs. 10. You like placing bets, right? Will you place one for Rs. 10?
– A bet? Sure! What is that which is as big as this house,
yet, you can hide it in your palm? I don’t know the answer to this!
– I don’t care. Give back my Rs. 10. You can have Rs. 2 if you want. Give back my pen too.
– ‘Let dad be home.’ Even the scientist who knows
all life secrets, died a silent death. Hurry up. We’re getting late.
– Let’s go. Why are you hanging out with that guy a lot lately?
– Don’t spoil any movie nor spoil my mood. Whatever! You aren’t going anywhere today.
– I’m too old go anywhere. You’re young, so you should. I know, that’s why I’m going to the town.
Tell me any new riddle. I can’t recollect any.
– Shall I ask you one? – Like I’ve a choice. What is it that can bent only using a bike?
– If you don’t stop pissing me, I’ll bend your spine. So boring you are. Yes? What may I get you?
– Show us the latest Chudidhaars. Isn’t this pink one nice?
– No, it is not. How about this one?
– That is pink too and disgusting too. How is this? Yeah, it is fine.
– Let’s go ask her the price. How much does this cost?
– Rs. 1000. – Rs. 1000! I’m sure people like you
would sell sand in the desert at premium. Let’s go to some other store. Can we look at these?
Those too. How much for this one?
– This one is even better. – And this? This would match my dress. Let’s go somewhere else. Let me buy something in the town.
– No wonder you find grass greener on the other side. We’ll buy in our village. Hey, bro!
– Hey, bro! Long time! – I’ve a riddle to ask you. You know it blossoms, but you don’t know
it blossoms. What is it? Insanity?
– Forget it, you moron. I heard you fell for some crazy girl?
Stop blushing and hear me out. It’s better if a guy roams the world
and the girl stays put at home. Yeah? And who are you? Socrates?
– You’ll know that I’m right sooner or later. What could be the answer to her riddle? Ranga would know the answer.
Hey, Ranga. Ask me a riddle.
– A riddle? What is it that you can neither cut
nor hit to break it? Get out of my face.
If not, I’ll cut yours. Bro, playing games?
First, ask me some riddle. What is that which we both have
but we both can’t see? Through this hair,
neither can I see you nor can you see me. Why don’t we up the ante and go watch a movie?
– In the town? I’m sorry, I can’t risk it. Please, it is no big deal!
– Did you find the answer to the riddle? Forget the riddle. Let’s go watch a movie.
– I’ll think about it only if you answer the riddle. I didn’t understand the riddle.
– You can’t use coal, yet, you want gold? If you can’t understand my riddles,
it means you can’t understand me. Not that I didn’t understand, but I was too busy
to find an answer. Ask me another riddle, I’ll answer both tomorrow. Are you sure?
– Yeah! I took beatings with you and turned pale.
I walked on the fire and turned to ash. Who am I? Answer me tomorrow. Bye now.
– Bye! Hey, bro? You look pensive.
– It’s nothing, bro. I told you she was really crazy in the head.
– Don’t blame her. I’d rather blame myself. How did that girl fall for you anyway? Excuse me! I’ve a riddle for you.
– A riddle! I finally mustered the courage to talk to you today.
I know you like riddles. So, I wrote a few in this sheet. If you find these impressive,
answer them and ask me a few tomorrow. ‘I feel happy whenever I see you.
I’ve a lot to say, yet I’m unable to. I guess this is love.’ ‘The moment I saw you,
my 30 year young heart started beating quick.’ ‘This letter may stink, but I smell alright.
I even wrote you a poem.’ ‘Divya, you’re the most beautiful.
For you, I can sing praises all my life.’ ‘I hope I never piss you off.
Even if I do, I hope you don’t curse me.’ ‘If you give me your nod,
I’ll make you my queen.’ ‘You can give this letter a thought
or you can shred it to pieces. It is your call.’ I see. What do you plan to do now?
– I’m planning on coming up with my own riddle. I’ll tell her I’ll answer her riddles only if she answers mine.
– Cool idea, bro. Go for it. This girl is dead today.
– This guy looks serious today. What?
– I’ll be the guy asking you questions now. – Go for it. It kept turning, it doesn’t know where.
It turned towards me, but no one saw it. What is it? My head is turning just hearing that.
– I’ll asnwer your riddles only if you answer this one. Shall I give the answer tomorrow?
– Yeah, alright. You won’t find answer to this riddle anywhere
because this isn’t even a riddle. Is this even a riddle? Hey, guys! I hope you liked this.
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