PLUGGED IN : The True Toxicity of Social Media Revealed  (Mental Health Documentary)
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PLUGGED IN : The True Toxicity of Social Media Revealed (Mental Health Documentary)

100 thoughts on “PLUGGED IN : The True Toxicity of Social Media Revealed (Mental Health Documentary)

  1. Something you do not talk about is how this is a sort of competition like high school football. All of the emotions you speak of happen in that scenario. Most parents encourage sports like the Olympics competition. In fact they celebrate it. Facebook is like being in Sim City. Different made up personalities that you live your life with. Remember that everyone is fake, look at the names on YT, most of them do not identify themselves except for you Richard, if that is your real name.

  2. Gosh, is it bad that I found myself distracted and simultaneously poking around on FB and email all throughout this TOTALLY EXCELLENT documentary about how messed up technology/social media is making everyone? God help us, for real!

  3. I see people walking with their heads in their smart phones not looking where they are going, not noticing people around them.. I find this very sad.. I miss the old days.. everything has changed.

  4. Globalists (communists, satanists) want to abolish gender identity and private property and they created social media to do it.

  5. I ditched social media a couple years ago. I have a instagram account but have not posted anything on it. This platform is as close as I now get to social media.

  6. What a brilliant documentary, hats off to you Richard.
    I gave up facebook over a year ago and I have never looked back. I had a very sucessful group on there and I put alot of work into it. The thing I found was that it was more trouble than it was worth. The level of toxic people joining to spoil it for genuine members was unreal.
    No matter how good your intentions on facebook toxic assholes seem to bore their way in and cause mayhem.
    These were people in their 30s, 40s and 50s, talk about infantile behaviour! It's like the bullies were back in the school yard.
    Facebook is a haven for narcissists, cluster bs who need attention and will get it at any cost. Social media is destroying society indeed.

  7. This is just stupid. Social media is the future, deal with it or stay in the stone age. It is 2019 people and you should have seen this coming 40 years ago as technology began to really speed up. From 1995-2019 alone the human dynamic has been stabbed to death. Wait until 5G. A.I. is Not a new thing. Robots fall down, for now, but do you remember old T.V.'s and cars and even glasses. The further we go the less human we become. Unless you stay away from the shit, at least a majority of the time.

  8. Im having a youtube addiction problem my self. Its has turned into a hurge for new stuff an instant gratification

  9. I walked away from Facebook .. and I feel myself coming back to life …I put away my Twitter & email aps .. only check once or twice a day.~ I do not participate in any other social media. ✨👋🏼 ~ The thing about the iPhone & social media is the constant interruptions from your real life.. Do you know the cumulative effects of being interrupted every few seconds ? Attention disorder …

  10. I've just watched through the part where the kids are challenged to stay smart phone-free for the month. As informative as this experiment might be, it will, I think, be much less than accurate simply because any participants will be doing it in isolation. Few, if any of their friends will be offline with them. Hence, these participants may feel less contented simply because of this isolation, when they might have felt more contented if at least some of their friends weren't glued to their own phones.

    Also, I really enjoyed Sam Vaknin.

    Overall, an interesting documentary. Looking forward to the finish.

  11. / I have close family & friends who were so deep into video gaming & social media. Let’s not forget there are actually jobs that require people to be entrenched in the computer all ~ day ~ long. ~ My first husband, actually both husbands, got swallowed up with the interactive screen.. it took the place of watching tv all day long .. That’s how I see it ..

  12. / I recall going to visit a friend in the psych ward, & I brought in an electronic hand held device. I was not allowed to bring it in. When I asked why? The doctors explained they wanted to observe how he interacts. If he had access to a game or tv, or headset, he could just tune out. And in clinic, they wanted him to “ tune in..” ie connect with the world around him. – At the time, o thought it was rubbish. But now I see ( I know ) the computer world pulls you in .. & your brain entrains with it …You merge with it …

  13. Our limbic system has been hijacked. The internet and social media is what our brain WANTS not what it needs. Detox and set yourself free!

  14. whoops! I spent a long time to write this before I watch the video but I. Imust have seen it already because I'im repeating much of what it says. hahaha oh dear

    but there are a few things of my own in there so I'll leave it.

    Social media is the fentanyl of the masses
    when the Mind goes back and forth from the real world to the artificial it creates a jyper turbulent distortion like a colossal Doomsday machine of cognitive dissonance fhat shatters reality and matter itself. Very destructive.

    No matter never mind.

    It distorts one's natural aspect to the real world developed over millions of years. Displaces the landscape with one that is artificial unnatural synthetic alien impairing balance and perspective .altering perception. It ransmits a haphazard one-dimensional culture that makes younger people not even want to have sex anymore they'd rather be online. an incentivized slot machine. devilishly generosi offrring as much of any kind oh content you prefer anytime of day and night and more . Its incentivized addiction just like cigarettes not stop highly addictive

    shortening …. What was i aying? Oh yeah, attention span,.

    the framework is more suited to the negative emotions which are expressed in short bursts whereass the positive ones prefer to wax eloquent. It incentivized encourages envy jealousy hate violence tragedy aggression tribalism bullying rremoved from any human consequences and tends toward isolation as much any connection. it will not save the world. It has its plus side but it is not the technology to save the world . Far from it

    it's a fucking mess. if you thoghtTV has a bad influence that's nothing. .that is so 19th century. archaic bland week low frequency low-tech almost mechanical. Jules Verne. a joke.

    If you're still wondering whether violence in movies and television have any effec.tten you're aan even bigger fool then I. of course it does big time i it's got a lot of nasty subtle Devil's in the details. With so much free speech on demand the market is glutted turning Free speech into worthless speech

    It's bad especially for kids

    Facebook sucks. It is the death of true intimacy anf connection it homogenize individuality and culture. It pasteurized trivializes toxicity violence suffering tragedy all things never intended for human consumption

    Good night

  15. However good this discussion is, the suicide and mental health issues are not only because of social media, but another problem that becomes worse with social media.
    When I was a kid, we used to be frowned upon or straight out ridiculed by doing certain things. That might have upset me and others a couple times, but that moment we had shame of doing something, was the moment a bigger and more dangerous problem was averted, because many behaviors that we avoided because of shame, later on would become addiction, violence, carelessness, stupidity, recklessness, and all that would have serious consequences, if not for a little shame when we were kids. Today many things are put in the category of freedom, and they arent actually, unless anyone defend the right to be free to ruin your life permanently at young ages. Kids need to establish their limits by testing them under adult supervision. If we lift the ability and responsibility of limiting kids behavior, we just making their lives miserable for the rest of it. This actually is worse than social media, because without this "libertinage", maybe social media would be the least of our problems.

  16. I just saw people eating piccadilly on the shores of Ireland on TV, didn't know what it was. People here are so stuck, we don't know about other countries yet other countries know about us. Two types of people: Those who are about themselves, those who are about others.

  17. 5G is causing suicides and mental heath problems. It's only going to get worse after the full rollout…

  18. The most successful people are those who spend less time on social media,and they just share sometimes contents,but they don't give a fuck of people approval,that s why they succeed

  19. I knew teens and adults with eating disorders before social media or even cell phones came out.Teens on bog Pharm. meds all diagnosed as depressed decades before social media.
    As for the Sam Vaknin or anyone who pushes climate change when the weather and climate is actually engineered and has been for decades, doesn't deserve any respect what's so ever.

  20. the problem is really that communication has been replaced by machines. We need to communicate with safe machines or develope telepathy which is what advanced civilizations do. research E.T.s we are not alone and the governments have known this for a long time. They used these connections in WW11 to swap humans for research for technologies to make war. check out Eisenhower and Cory Goode clip. We need a great communication network but not one which abuses the human being. It can be done I just know it. We need someone to come up with a healthy alternative to this military style communication network

  21. Well, it seems to me that social media, aside from those cases of bullying and addiction, can be used to cope, through additional symbolism, with a lack of significant interactions in the real world. Although, narcissistic tendencies will be heightened, but this started with the boom of global media as a whole. As for antisocial behaviors, they flourish with the lack of consequentiality…

  22. What drove me away from it was an ever present awareness that my public posts incite a person to mention some situation similar yet not identical to mine within that hour but in a mocking or sarcastic way were I could tell it was malicious if it were intentional. I would wonder what drove them to single me out so specifically in that they go out of their way, then I read what else they post and it's mostly angriness they share. I knew then that for all I know this is was a duplicated fake account and created on the notion I'd think it was them and feel sad. I now consider anyone prioritizing this above an IRL contact, as people infatuated with a more admiring fake version of someone they think they know when the reasons of being admired are so surface level and shallow, they wont appreciate anything less than the main plot in a Hollywood fairytale they never earned but believe they will get because the illusion of multiple fakes being nice to them. Witnessing in real time people evenly (and unevenly) distribute and praise others from a far for all the world to see, was intended as private matters for irl, phone calls, or direct messages. NOW, When it's a public exhibition and worse, a contest of how well known you can be, in a small community of gossipers, they are not ready to be trusted to not still behave like children regarding not doing things that are inconsiderate of others. I'm done and letting go of identifying who's wrong and who's right when dealing with online people, in the end your feeding your own echo chamber of emotional topics you'll see make it's way viciously right back to you if that's what you put out to the world as your message to it.

  23. Great job. We need to be brave to face our lives and not escape it. To embrace the difficulties and know that precisely those difficulties will actually make you a better person in the end. Not better than everyone else. Just a stronger and better person. No matter what difficulties you have to confront. That´s why I love real life stories of people who have managed through extremely tough circumstances and done the best they can with what they have. People that go through suffering are the heroes! People that escape suffering (we all try to) get weaker and weaker both in character, soul and body. They become so vulnerable! Instead, use difficulties to get stronger! Read about our Saints. They have suffered enormously and they are great examples for us to follow. Dare to do the same! God bless you Richard and all of those working with this film. Let us all be brave and take suffering like an exercise in the gym (for our soul) so we can get a strong soul and mind and not be easily manipulated by businesses, etc., trying to make money out of us (or having other kind of power over us)! Now, THAT´S FREEDOM! All young people out there, you are worth that freedom, and the world needs your wisdom!

  24. Last fall, I recognized that I was, if not already, becoming depressed. I couldn't figure out why though since there didn't seem to be anything wrong with my life. I started to notice how down I felt after getting off a SM platform. I'm a naturally shy person so I wouldn't make many posts or comments so I was used to not getting many notifications or "likes". Like many, I also noticed that I wasn't receiving the kind of interactions I wanted from people through SM and it made me feel unwanted and alone. On top of this, seeing everyone else I followed post envy-inspiring photos or announcements would automatically make me compare myself to them. I eventually saw the pattern and decided I'd had enough near the end of November. I deactivated my FB and IG accounts, leaving only Pinterest (for recipes and art/home projects) and Youtube (I'm seldom on here anyway). The whole month of December would be my cleanse. No SM until the new year.

    At first, I found myself checking my phone…a lot…and for no real reason. But the longer I stuck with it, the less frequent my habitual ticks to check my phone became. Once January rolled around, I didn't even want to be back on SM so I stayed off until mid-March. I got back on IG because I found myself wanting to connect only with those I had a genuine interest in following (which hadn't been my previous approach to SM). I pruned my list of those I followed down to certain artists and a few friends. I feel much better now about the time I spend on there since I actually care about the happiness and success of those I follow and don't find myself comparing my life to theirs. I'm still not on FB though; I think the drama and negativity that slinks around there is a huge motivator for me to continue keeping my distance from it. Overall, I'm happier and feel more motivated to strive for the things I want out of life. It's quite liberating. 🙂

    TL;DR: I decided to do a a SM cleanse for month; one month became 3.5 months; depression has subsided and I feel more positive and determined to tackle my future.

  25. The persona (social mask) is the smallest part of the personality according to Carl Jung. Social media basically is a platform to promote and amplify ones persona. Our generation who is addicted and reliant on social media for recognition and attention will inevitably get depressed and feel empty as we are not addressing emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives. Social media is not reality, it's useful as long as one sees it for what it is and doesn't invest ones identity with social media

  26. The economyc system is the cause of agression and anxiety, not the social media. In social media we can access a lot of people, thats why it seems that agression is too much. Actually, its the same ammount is in the so called reality. In reality I am not secure and I can be a victim of physical violence, but in social media I can block and ignore any agressor easily. Capitalism is the cause of evil, not the social media. We feel together in there, we find friends, smart people, people who share our opinions and interests. For some disabled people, social media is the only way to communicate with other people and to find support. Don't only blame, because you became as aggresive as the social media you talk about.

  27. Spot on. I abandoned Facebook in July 2016 when the election rhetoric began heating up and seemed to get pervasive. I had just grown weary of hearing so much political commentary, no matter from which side it came. I had only joined because old schoolmates had inquired about me and I was able to reconnect. I wasn't interested in showing off or seeking validation. That wasn't why I was there. This piece perfectly articulated the perception I've had of social media for years (and ironically prompted me to make an online comment). Thank you for making this documentary.
    — a "dinosaur" in the Rockies.

  28. I believe that Facebook destroyed the resistance against Erdogan in TR., it destroyed the Gezi protests. I witnessed it firsthand. FB took and turned that big movement into the sewers of that country.

  29. I've started to leave my phone home whenever I go to school, and when I'm on the train looking at people constantly on their phones…it looks like the Twilight Zone when you switch the perspective.

  30. This is also been a problem with Social Creators as well. I seen a lot of them snapping an causing drama all over Social Media. Its really gotten bad since 2017.

  31. Good stuff, but I always find there is too much focus on seeing people only as victims, totally ignoring the fact that everyone who is doing it is ultimately contributing to madnesses like these. The people that are suffering from depression due to SM are the same people that hold all this alive, because they participate in it. They're one of those people who post a lot of selfies and pictures of their perfect lives, trying to generate envy (even if unconscious) etc etc. Same with looks, make up etc. Those VERY SAME PEOPLE then go on and complain about how shallow and fake it all is and how it makes them feel bad! See what's wrong here?

    People should stop playing the victim and stop contributing to the madness, or shut up and realize they're part of the problem. We're in this because so many people just go with the flow. Everyone wants to be greater than the masses, so we are having and endless war of "better", "prettier", "more worth". No one wants to stop hiding their flaws underneath layers of makeup, but everyone wants everyone else to show their flaws so that they themselves can feel better. Sorry, depression is a bitch, but people need to realize they're creating the problem among themselves. They're not just the victims.

  32. Brilliant doco. We have lost the art of face to face communication, I know when my family get together and they’re on their devices and I feel like I’m on my pat malone. (Not be confused with Post.) don’t get me wrong, I love technology within reason. 👍✌️🇦🇺

  33. Well done documentary. I am lucky since I was spared the upbringing on social media. I spent very little time on FB but I have friends that do. I see how much time is wasted on utter trivia and nonsense. People have a hard time just being and enjoying the moment. Also it seems to be a way to avoid real emotions and substitute them with fake drama and other bullshit. I see the younger people unlearning face to face communication. They are uncomfortable with real eye contact and conflict situations. It almost seems like a technologically induced form of autism. Sad for the younger generations and a big harbinger for trans humanism. No doubt it is social engineering at its worst.

  34. Your perspective on reality in general and the mental health system in particular is biased, delusional and psychotic.

    Hypocrisy and violent defensiveness is endemic.

  35. This is what happens if we let cluster B's (narcissists, psychopaths, sociopaths) roam amongst us, unscreened, unregistered and allowed to do any type of job or have them produce toxic products. The main problem is TOXICITY. It has poisoned our language, behavior etc. If the environment poses severe problems, our mental environment is in far, far, far worse condition. Please just read this, you don't have to like it or push a like button. I'm not writing this down to get likes ! I'm writing this down to warn people. Learn about personality disorders, talk to victims and don't listen too much to mr. Vacnin. He's just another narcissist telling 90% truth and ads 10% toxic, warped view that easily casts a shadow over the 90% truth. We need empaths, or normal people to talk about this. Listening to toxic people will only make it worse. Sam is just another example of how extremely sick people can become a psychologist. Not that he has nothing interresting to say but the risks of getting bad or toxic information is not worth it.

  36. Evey body I know suffers from depression, somehow we are being trained to be depressed and angry young people should be excited and motivated not filled with anxiety …I myself stopped dating a couple years ago its almost impossible to have a 1 on 1 relationship nothing is sacred any longer

  37. Beyond these serious issues, smartphones have made people terribly impatient, arrogant, lonely, antisocial, zombie-like in public, and just a bit of the mystery of life is gone making life more boring, pedestrian, and banal.

  38. Yeah, this will never stop being a problem until we the wielders of our word do something positive to change it. Be it. I am good.

  39. did there documentary about result ppl a year free from social media compare to who not expose social media in life? did recover it 90% back..
    I left all 2016 and recover slowly since I cant escape from living in people who think this necessary.. now I can spent time to religious thing replaced…

  40. is commenting on you tube social media. it nay be a stupid question but I cant say i dont use social media if im foing this

  41. Wow!! This has to be the single most insightful video I have watched on You tube Ever before possibly ever again… I'm sending this to everyone I care about right now. Thank You for taking the time to do this!

  42. Wow!! Im so glad someone is talking about this!! Ive been seeing this so clearly since i stopped working about 3 months ago….it had been 15 yrs since i took part in social media because i was addicted to work due to undiagnosed cptsd. Now im 38 my daughter is 16 and i cant begin to describe the harm social media is doing to this generation before our eyes. I have to get my baby to know to this…its easier said than done

  43. This is a great video. It is so sad what social media is doing to us. I was getting insane plus I was struggling with ptsd and social media made it worse. I felt more sick and more different than all the people in the that seemed to have a “happy”. It is insane that I believed that it was reality. I deleted social media 1 month ago and I felt more anxiety because I felt I was quitting te world but I actually was coming back to it. Not I feel less depressed and there is life outside social media. We can still text and this is the limit for me. I hope you all guys see what reality is.

  44. The youth, utilizing social-media has shortened their attention-span, dramatically. It seems as if they cannot do something, with intense focus, for prolonged amounts of seconds, minutes, hours, days, and etc. Even a genuine conversation (like a pointless, but nice and simple conversation). They would do something, give up in a semi-temper tantrum like way, and go back on their smartphones to update their feelings (which is either full of happiness to pretend or depressed to gain attention, through sympathy) on Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

    Majority of these people want to delete their social accounts, deep down inside, but cannot because their program has locked them into a grip of indecisiveness, which reveals that it is too late for them, secretively. Their programming has set them to be a social-media user, forever, until they die. Just a few, which can be counted on one hand, will have a certain amount of strength to deactivate their social-media accounts. Good luck to the few, who will.

  45. This was great, it’s odd how it’s obviously bad for us but we are unconsciously addicted. I had to delete the app off my phone. Instead of checking Instagram I now read more books , take more actions towards my goals and enjoy nature, family, and simple things!

  46. Damn this was deep. I'm doing a social media addiction for my project in my Sociology course. I found this video to be both helpful and informative 👍🏼

  47. This is NOT just an issue teenagers are experiencing, it can be and is just as severe and destructive for the entire millennial generation as well.

  48. Ah, yes…the 'experts' are now aware of what has been blatantly obvious to the inquisitive. A decade +plus too late. Pathetic.

  49. Ignorance so much on social media & algorithms. Both are man made. Algorithms can be built & re-built. If you want time, age & other limits, these can be put into algorithms. So simple.
    Instead of being enemies of social media, become active & friendly allies. Social media is just a tool. We can create more useful & less harmful tools.
    Like any tool, it is possible for bad things to happen. We cannot prevent bad things. With suitable changes, we can minimise these bad things. Happiness is not total happiness for everyone. Near-enough happiness is OK.

  50. Timings & TOPICS
    3:04 Past 3 years, more than doubled, young people in psychiatric hospitals

    3:15 Teenagers with eating disorder doubled

    4:50 Social media usage against face to face contact

    5:30 Affects dopamine reward systems

    5:38 Affects reality itself

    5:49 Unbounded accessibility

    6:08 Social media is self hungry

    6:30 Quick rewarding

    7:08 Creates confrontation, resentment, hatred, anger, aggression,

    8:08 Reality cures depression, anxiety

    8:38 Firewalled from reality: positive feedback into toxicity

    9:22 Affects all ages, sexes, etc

    11:04 Social media is about mental health

    11:20 Rewarded for being controversial; punished if not controversial

    11:28 If neutral, ignored

    11:48 Social media is a conditioning tool

    12:00 Envy amplifiers, weaponizer

    13:30 Writing differently, compared with face to face

    13:38 Emotional, psychological violence

    14:08 Creates anxiety, aggression, anxiety hate speech fake-news cyber-bullying

    14:41 Twitter, aggression has shorter messages

    15:28 Teen suicide rates are high; mental health

    16:57 Exposes self to harassment, depression, imagery

    17:19 If drug had these effects, it would be banned by now

    17:50 No inbuilt clock

    19:40 Three generations of internet babies

    20:16 Replacement for telephone, mail

    21:08 22:10 22:40 Replacement for life purpose

    23:00 Symbols; further away from reality, depression, anxiety

    23:44 Shared delusions; mass psychosis

    24:01 No reality outside of the digital world

    24:13 Simulated people, inside a simulation; The Matrix; bits & bytes instead of atoms

    24:32 Families are their peers

    25:10 Post more self-obsessed things; appearances; narcissism

    25:52 Body weight; selfies=60% of all activity;
    27:00 cathexis; encourages baby-like behaviour

    27:40 Like or dislike; binary

    28:30 Pressure to not be private

    29:26 Become targets for bullying

    30:15 Internet feeling of invisibility, so hostility

    30:40 Dehumanised; bullying

    30:47 Narcissistic, psychopathic; want to eradicate weakness

    30:56 Weakness in self wanting to eradicate

    32:45 School bullying continue in cyberspace

    33:24 Bullying because of boredom?

    34:44 Bullying & its structure

    37:34 Attention span shortened, defence mechanisms activated, aggression & negative mechanisms,

    39:16 Smartphones needed for group projects

    41:00 Need to put pressure onto schools

    41:30 Parents teach validation comes via smartphones

    41:46 (Validation by audience proxy) = narcissism

    42:24 Smartphone validation dehumanises

    43:01 Social media intimacy is plastic (not "true")

    43:47 Remove the manipulation machine behind social media

    44:00 Learning social norms via social media

    45:38 Social media was built for addiction

    45:57 20,000 teens die every year (UK ?)

    46:18 It is exactly the same as tobacco addiction

    46:56 Craving for smartphone (addiction)

    47: 11 Smartphone craving is simulated interaction

  51. Social media is like eating fast food 3 times a day which is pure crap but in psychological way
    I’m one year free of it
    I feel more optimistic and I have more free times to do something creative for myself and community

  52. What people don't understand is
    The word never changed

    Is the human Rače had been changed so much that their
    Created this narcissist psychopaths borderline careless
    No awareness and only a place
    Where it is OK for this people
    To play drama King and Queens
    And people walking around blind
    Supporting this crap of shit behaviour

  53. We bein forced to use technology
    And cyber security hack is not see like u breaking the law because
    Internet is meant to be socialist

  54. Social media is a narcissist
    Manipulation play ground

    If internet was not made then narcissist and the other people disorder had never gone this far
    With this type of behaviour

  55. Narcissist around the world
    Had come together and created
    Creepy disturbing groups of cult
    And their have their own
    Code and language what only
    People with narcissist autistic
    Borderline psychopaths personality would understand
    This people or ok with breaking
    Laws and their help each other
    To get away with it and their don't
    Care about innocent people 🤨

  56. Facebook was previously named Lifelog which if you look up the founding it wasn't Mark Zuckerberg who implemented it.

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