PlayMemories Camera Apps  “Sync to Smartphone” video tutorial for iPhone/iPad
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PlayMemories Camera Apps “Sync to Smartphone” video tutorial for iPhone/iPad

The [SSID] and [Password] will appear on the camera. Open the Wi-Fi setup screen of your iPhone/iPad. Set your iPhone/iPad for Wi-Fi connection. Select the detected camera (DIRECT-xxxx:xxx-xxx). Enter the password displayed on the camera
in your iPhone/iPad. Your camera and iPhone/iPad will establish
a connection. Start PlayMemories Mobile™ on your iPhone/iPad. Register the camera for automatic transfer of
still images on PlayMemories Mobile™. The camera has been registered. Follow these procedures to return to
the shooting screen. Shoot a still image with your camera. Bring the iPhone/iPad you registered as the transfer
destination near the camera. Switch off your camera. From the Wi-Fi setup screen, select the SSID of
the camera and check the Wi-Fi connection. Return to the home screen and start PlayMemories Mobile™.
The camera will transfer the still image. When the transfer is completed, the camera will
automatically shut off. You can view the transferred still images
with applications.

37 thoughts on “PlayMemories Camera Apps “Sync to Smartphone” video tutorial for iPhone/iPad

  1. Updated the Playmemories program on my A6000 since then I could not connect with my LG G3 with Android 5.. It would connect then this would pop out "Unfortunately Playmemories mobile has stopped"?  I've uninstall the app on my phone and reset the camera to factory default.. Problem persist. Pls help.

  2. Please Sony: What I need (and probably many others) is an option to do wifi transfers in background while the camera is still on. When shooting events that would be like having a 2nd card slot (a feature the A7 series sorely lack…). A sort of real time backup in case of memory card failure.

  3. After I record it won't play it pack. This is a huge missing feature. I need to disconnect the app to play things back… or am I missing something? Thanks +sony @sony

  4. Why don't they answer any questions? I want to know if I can transfer videos from my camera to the app… please answer this question.

  5. how can i transfer all the photos taken with the camera to my iPhone?
    I mean the old photos that are in my camera before i connected it with my phone

  6. The most pathetic app, doesnt connect even after following the above process. I wasted my money in buying the WIFi model, this process by Sony is the most idiotic transfer method I have come across.

  7. +Sony If the camera has a viewfinder and the camera and mobile device are connected, can a person operating the camera still see through the view finder and use zoom while someone else monitors through the app ?

  8. These directions do not work. The camera does not initiate transfer when shut off. Also, any process that takes more than 3 steps to complete is not “automatic “

  9. Y como se puede sincronizar para que lo que estés viendo en la cámara para sacar la fotografía también la veas en el móvil.

  10. What a pain in the butt. It takes seconds for me to use my panasonic cell phone app. Sony you need to get it together.

  11. How do i transfer videos on my ipad. I was recording fortnite and my camera (SONY WX500) was on 60p 28m and after that I couldn't transfer videos to my ipad and I already have PlayMemories camera app. Should I need a cable to do that.

  12. I don't understand how Sony can make such a tech cameras and still using this crappy way of connection.
    Get all your engineers to work on this!! I wanna be able to transfer my photos and use remote control taping couple of times!!

  13. I have to log into sony account to download the app. How awful it is to type in on the camera. One reason I swear I'll ditch the Sony and buy another brand.
    Sony should let user download it to their camera. Where else can they use it? I hate Sony now. Let switch to Canon

  14. I followed the directions to download “sync to smartphone’ app. It doesn’t let me to log in with my current email and password…. this app is horrible as for 2019…

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