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Player.Me Win BETA Invites to The Gamers Social Network – Androidizen

Hi everyone. So today we’re taking a look at a
social network for gamers. and it’s called Player.Me and it’s starting to
really tear up the web a lot of interest buzzing around about this particular social network. Now essentially what does is it kind of combines the best elements of Facebook, Twitter
Google+, but really focused in on gaming and part of that is to connect all of your social profiles where you might be posting about the gaming that you’re doing and kind of bring all that together in one place with one feed and then you can follow gamers people playing games, people talking about games and you can get involved in their communities. And because this is much more highly focused
than, you know, any of those other boring old social networks there’s actually a community going on here of
people communicating, talking about games sharing their loves and you know, saying I’m broadcasting now for instance but it’s all done in nice automated fashion because these elements are tied
directly into Player.Me, and your account. So for instance you can
hook up Twitter, YouTube, your Twitch account as well as obviously your Player.Me filter as well and from the main screen you can kind of filter out all of this various types of information so if I just want to see those people broadcasting on Twitch this morning those are all the people right now
broadcasting. So it very very easily allows you to tie together all of these
different elements of your, you know, gaming across the web and bring it together in one place. Now this particular service is currently
in early Alpha I believe so getting an invite is a little bit more tricky. You’ll have to join the beta list and wait and they are releasing new invites every single day or, if you leave a comment on this video I’ve got 10 invites to give away. All you need
to do leave a comment. I’ll be picking 10 winners at
random on Monday the 3rd of March I believe and you can then get involved in Player.Me. So
let’s just quickly take a look around shall we? So this is my feed and so this is where all of my current followers will appear and, like I say, you can use these filters up at the top to just pull up information and gaming related stuff coming just from you know, the various networks like YouTube, Twitter and so on. But also you can go
through and you can kind of mark-up the games that you yourself really enjoy,
so again helping people to understand what games you like playing and so whether
they should follow you. And so you can go through, as I’ve done, just pick all of the games that you’ve really enjoyed, you know? I didn’t enjoy Battlefield 3, I did enjoy Assassins Creed Black Flag. So you can go through and there are literally
thousands of games in here. If a game isn’t available you can actually suggest it to the Player.Me guys and they’ll add the game in for you, which is really cool. You can also go through and take a look at
all of the various players who are currently registered on Player.Me as well. So for
instance there’s Sean, he’s actually the creator of Player.Me Pugh Guy Pie, Syndica Project, Blue Xenos, and the the guys at PlayStation and you know, you can go through and you can follow anyone who interests you. You know, maybe you already know the
particular game series they like playing maybe you already follow them out on the
web on things like Twitch or perhaps you’re just looking at discovering whole new people to enjoy their gameplaying with. It’s all here and it’s all available. There you can see us there as well. So the great thing with this network really is that it’s built for gamers by gamers, you know. These guys really understand gaming and what we’re kind of looking for, which
ultimately is about consuming each other’s great gaming moments, you know? Engaging
around those memories of great games getting involved in live streams etcetera but more importantly having a network that was built for us. Not where gaming is kind of having to fight against the other masses going on
out there. This is purely for the gamers and for that I applaud. OK, so let’s have a look at my actual profile so if we come up to the top here we can go into my profile and what you get is a really slick looking profile. So you’ve
got a nice cover image that you can place behind your kind of avatar as well as being able to change
your image. A lot of this is very similar to social networks that you may know and
love. Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etcetera. But you can also then see all of the types of accounts that this particular gamer uses so you’ve got your Google+, your Steam account can be hooked up on to there as well, links to your website or YouTube channel,
all of that’s available. If you hook up your YouTube channel it will pull all your latest videos directly in and sits them really nicely in this kind of
breakout box. It just looks so slick. You can then pop in
your bio as well as displaying your favourite games so people can get a flavour for kind of the things you like playing. I’m fairly diverse as you can see. Everything from shooters to strategy games to RPG’s. So that’s Player.Me and like I say, if you want an invite to
Player.Me, if you want access to the Alpha now do leave a comment and we’ll be handing
out 10 invites on Monday March 3rd. Best of luck there is no restriction on
anywhere in the world so do please everyone get involved, leave me those comments and we’ll pick 10 winners at random. Thanks for watching. We hope you enjoyed this video do please remember to LIKE and comment and if you’d like to, please
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26 thoughts on “Player.Me Win BETA Invites to The Gamers Social Network – Androidizen

  1. Wow!  This is something I wish existed for quite a while!  I really wish I, in addition to my friends, could become a part of this site! 

  2. Shared this with my friends!  This site would be perfect for my group of friends and I!  Unfortunately, we are all spread between Xbox One, PS4, and PC, and some either don't have or hardly use Facebook.  Being able to upload all our gaming content and preferences in one site would really change the dynamics of our interactions! 

  3. Signed up for it today. Dont know when ill get picked thu ;^; Would like a invite lol 😀

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