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Playboy || Pakkinti Kurradu || Tamada Media

India is my country
and all Indians are my brothers.. Why didn’t you finish the line?
– All Indians maybe my brothers but not sisters. ‘Wonder what this kid
will grow up to become.’ You’re getting so dressed up. Where to?
– I texted a girl last night. She says she wants to meet. Is it? Turn around for a moment, please.
How do girls fall for someone who looks like you? I’m not wrong. I’m tall like Prabhas, well built like Rana
and dimple cheeked like Manoj. Still I’m single. Girls don’t just fall for good looks.
Because if that’s true, all ugly men would be beating it. What?
– I mean, beat their heads against the wall. Girls like naughty guys. First, you should get
into the girl’s head, then into her heart. In short, you should first mentally disturb a girl.
But yeah, girls just don’t fall for good looks. Hey, I’ve reached. Can you make it fast too?
I’m not too patient enough to wait. Hey, bro!
– Hey! How come you’re here?
– I’m waiting for a girl. – Courting girls is all that you do. Is there anything more exciting than that?
– You’ll never change. – Yeah, whatever. Shall we leave? – Bro, she is my friend.
– Hi, I’m Chandoo. – I’m Chandrika. Chandoo and Chandrika.
Similar names, right? You know what makes you look so beautiful?
Those two eye brows of yours. Wow! Look at you blush! You’re now looking even better.
– Bro, I’m courting her. Atleast, let this girl be. I’m sorry, bro.
I kind of got carried away.. Having said that, I can not not compliment
a beautiful girl. So, yeah, you’re looking so beautiful! Do you have the ambulance number on you?
– No. Why? – Because my heart skipped many beats and that’s because you’re that beautiful. Do you got your granny at your place? – Yes. Why?
– Ask her to ward off the evil eye from your cute face. What’s wrong?
Why have you gone so quite? People ditch me soon. I’m scared you’ll ditch me too.
– Hey, Chandoo, you can trust me. Are you sure?
– Yeah. – Then can I hold your hand? I’m sure you too would’ve tried the same line on girls.
Anyways, let’s check what that girl is upto. Bro, I have a doubt. The girl only mimed
her number, and you still got the number? If you sincerely set your eyes on flirting with a girl,
then all your focus, your concentration and all your senses will be at full work.
In this state of mind, anything is possible. You heard him. You aren’t ready yet? We’re late already.
– Give me two minutes. I’ll be ready in a jiffy. Bro, who is she?
– She is my sister’s friend. Where to?
– Why do you care? When I ring the bell again, come answer it. Why did you get him here?
– Why do you care? Get out of my way. Mr Puri was right. People should be
less like humans and more like dogs. Isn’t having a dog a great stress buster? That is why I love you a lot! Are you pet lover?
– Yes, I love pets. And you? – I love pets too! Is it? I love pets even more. Bro, did Chandoo stop by? Bro, why are you always occupied?
Now move it! We’re late. Yeah, we’re starting. We’ll be there in 20.
– Bye, Divya! I’ll ping you right away. ‘Divya – 7’? What does that mean?
– It means there 6 other Divyas I know. She is the 7th. Why did you take the dog with you?
– There is some connection between girls and dogs. I don’t know if girls actually like dogs
but they all pretend like they love dogs to death. They hug and cuddle them so hard
that at times, I feel the dog will get strangled. That is why I brought that dog.
– Atleast to court girls, get yourself a dog. It is even better
if you get yourself a street dog. Aren’t you flirting with anyone today?
– My folks want me to get married. Get married then. Idiots like us usually get good wives.
– Get married already? What nonsense? I still feel I’m a young boy.
Also, would one woman do for your entire life? Just one? Sorry. That is beyond me.
– By now, you’d have broken the record of Johnny Sins. If you didn’t yet, you’ll soon.
You should be bored by now. Trust me and get married.
Who knows? Maybe being married is even sweeter. Dad, buy me an ice cream.
– I will, but after school. Now which way is your class? Excuse me.
– Yes? Hi, Harshita!
Who are you, by the way? Well, this girl’s parents are my neighbours.
They requested me to drop her at school today. Why? Did you think I’m married? Hell no. I’m single.
– See you in the evening, dad. Well, when she was younger,
I doted on her like her dad. So, she calls me dad at times. You’re reminding me of a Malayalee teacher of mine.
– And why is that? She too was drop dead gorgeous like you. Stop flirting and ask them subscribe. This video is dedicated
to all the playboys out there like me. Incase, you liked this video,
do like, share, subscribe and hit that little bell hard. This is Chandoo Sai, AKA,
Pakkinti Kurradu.

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