Playback or stream any media on Smart TV from your Mac wirelessly
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Playback or stream any media on Smart TV from your Mac wirelessly

hey guys I just wanted to do a quick
review of Arkmc this is a program that I found that is really helpful because it
allows me to play media off of the NAS my network attached storage and I don’t
have to have a cable or any special device or anything hooked up to my TV so
behind me what you see is my Samsung 50-inch TV it’s about three years old
nothing special to it but what this system allows me to do is to use my WD
my cloud which is behind the camera and stream videos directly off that onto my
Samsung TV from anywhere in my house and I can do it without any cables so it’s
great if you’re looking to clear up some space on your computer or if you just
want to be able to play things from multiple rooms this is really helpful so
I’m just gonna walk you through and just show you how quick and easy it is so
first thing I’m gonna do here is actually open up Arkmc
itself and what you’ll see here is that when you first open it up you are going
to have the folder for where the media is and so this allows you to choose
media that’s local to your Mac or if you’re like me and you have the media on
a device like a na s then you’re able to do that and then select it so all I’m
gonna do is just open this up and then all of my video files show up and what
I’m gonna do here is just add this to the playlist really simple easy what’s
nice about this is you can create a sequence of videos that you want to play
I see this as being really valuable in business as I was going through it I was
just thinking about all the different uses because it’s really helpful so I’m
just going to add it to playlist there and then when it’s on the playlist all I
have to do is just hit Send a player and so by hitting send a player now what
happens is that I can actually play it directly on my Mac or I can play it on
the TV here boom it just pops right up all you have
do is just click it again and it’ll just show right up really quick and simple to
use and again really helpful because you no longer have to have the device or the
media on your laptop now you can actually have it on an NAS and you can
play it from anywhere in your house or in your business and you can add a
playlist so great little program here and I highly recommend that you try it
out especially because of the free trial it’s a great value and I think that
you’re going to end up buying the activation code so check it out

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