Planning for a Mobile Workforce
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Planning for a Mobile Workforce

>>PRESTON HARRIS: By 2016, nearly 70% of
employees will be using smartphones for some or part of their work. How can the IT team keep up? And not just
with smartphones, but with all matter of mobile devices. Well, that’s why I’m talking to you today. I’m Preston Harris, manager of the mobility
team at CDW. We’re going to dive into the planning that’s
required when your organization takes on enterprise mobility. [music]>>CHARLIE BRICE: We’ve been looking at mobility
for many, many years now and trying to determine the best way to deploy at our company.>>MATTHEW BYRTUS: In 2010, the first iPad
was released, and the chief operating officer and I sat down and we said, This is a transformative
device for our industry. And we started building the infrastructure
and working on the plans for what we were going to need to be able to deploy these in
the field.>>GARY CAPPA: We keep buildings safe, so
it’s really our job to make sure that when architects and engineers design structures,
that when they build it, that all those little lines on the piece of paper end up being pieces
of structure in a building. 80% of our revenue comes from people out in
the field looking at things and writing their observations and recording those observations.>>JOE WOODS: Because of the diversity of
platforms, the need for security, the need for applications, there is a lot of question
about, how do I start? How do I proceed? What should I do?>>MICHELLE NICHOLS: I think it’s important
to bring the key stakeholders from the organization together. Obviously, IT needs to be involved, but you
also want to think about maybe, you know, the sales organization or operations. Think about those folks within your company
that are all about mobile. They get it, they understand it. And then find out what it is
that they think they need to be successful with mobile devices.>>CHARLIE BRICE: Planning and vision is important
to make sure that you don’t work at cross purposes of all the different areas of the
company.>>MICHELLE NICHOLS: Planning is critical,
regardless of whether you’re allowing people to bring their own devices to work or you’re
still buying those devices through the organization.>>JACK ZINKIEWICZ: There’s three key fundamental
planning components. The first one really centers around data,
what type of data they would like to access on the devices. At the same time, think about mobile device
policy, which could be things like GPS, and how to integrate those factors, allowing some
of those other smartphone features to either be enabled or disabled. But also roadmaps. So figuring out exactly
how you’d want to roll this out into your current environment. If you were to release all of the devices
at the same time, it could wreak havoc on your current infrastructure.>>MATTHEW BYRTUS: When we decided to tackle
mobility, we approached CDW and asked, “So what are the things we need to be aware of?
How can we better utilize those services, being a small IT department? What can we use
from CDW’s services to be able to help us through this?”>>GARY CAPPA: It’s hard to say where this
road is going to lead us because technology is continuing to evolve. Having partners like CDW has allowed us to
make this a breakthrough in our organization.>>PRESTON HARRIS: Ready to jump into planning?
Learn more at We’re ready when you are. [music]

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