Phở 13: Mạng Xã Hội – The Social Network [Eng/Viet Sub] [Clip Hài Hước]
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Phở 13: Mạng Xã Hội – The Social Network [Eng/Viet Sub] [Clip Hài Hước]

Look like Brian Hyga hahaha. Lack of creativity hahaha. Vietnam, check in here!!! The most handsome YouTuber in Vietnam is ME. PHO 13: THE SOCIAL NETWORK. Who??? Notification: HuyMe has invited you to play ‘Dolly game’. This guy is crazy, isn’t he? Unfriend!!! A LOT OF NOTIFICATIONS WRITE ON WALL Why do you write on my wall??? Nice day, bro :). I’m talking to you lah. Ehhh, could you just stop??! Ok, I don’t talk to you anymore. ‘FISHING’ LIKE #1 Vietnamese poem ‘FISHING’ LIKE #2 Cover famous Vietnamese song – Singer: Dan Truong – Song: ‘Tinh Khuc Vang’ ‘FISHING’ LIKE #3 Hey ma’s, do you guys know there is a whitening cream which makes your skin white just in 0.000001 second. We’re checking it now! See it?? How presumptious! Damn, wrong with the painting jar. Hey ma’s, do you know there is a whitening cream which helps women skin face look like 20s? Please see more detail on To Buu Phat’s Facebook page. Price is only 1,8 mil VND. ‘Nice, but I only have 900K’ So what? Then your face is look like just my face, hah :)). ‘GET MORE LIKE’ NO MATTER WHAT! Pls, gimme ‘Like’. ‘If you don’t Like and Share this status to help this poor guy, you’re heartless.’ HOT GIRL ‘FISHING’ LIKE ‘If this post got 100,000 Likes, I’ll show my nude pic hehehe.’ Who gets most likes is…dog !!! like for him to be a dog FLIRTING ON THE NET Recruiting boyfriend: Must have SHi motorbike, iPhone6 Plus 128Gb, 2 million VND to spend on Halloween night. i’m here… hehehehe!! Song: Minh Yeu Nhau Di – Singer: Bich Phuong 1 MILLION LIKE TO RESTORE TO LIFE LIVING FAKE #1 Feeling sick in this important moment. Anyone loves me??? LIVING FAKE #2 Mom, do you need any help??? It’s ok, babe. No one helps me here :(((. LIVING FAKE #3, ALWAYS BEING MOODY Song: Anh Muon Em Song Sao – Singer: Bao Anh Happiness isn’t to find. Am I staying here, who go find it? Awesome! Awwwwwsomeeeee!!!! Status: “Happiness isn’t to find. Am I staying here, who go find it?” FIRST COMMENT I’m first!!!! First!!! 20 years later FIRST!!! LIVING FAKE, FLASHING CAR Song: Em Khong Quay Ve – Singer: Hoang Ton, YanBi, Mr.T Hey, hey… What are you doing?? Song: ‘Tha Mot Lan Dau’ – Singer: Ung Hoang Phuc SPAM COMMENT Fans check in here. Top comment!!! I have an uncle working in Viettellll…ouch!!! Chibi drawing!!! F.A Fans :((((( LIKE TO ‘TAGS’ KEYBOARD WARRIORS!!! Stop!!! I’ll call my bro from ‘Vnese America’ to come back Special Force: ‘Be Bright’!!! The truth about ‘hot boi’ Pho Dac Biet [email protected]#[email protected]#%^&$# You are the failure of The Youth. Get out, Get out of my life, argggggggg! Argggggggggggg The social network doesn’t make who you are. Stop living fake. Turn off the computer. Go out. And making money like I do hahahah English Subs by Hoang Nguyen

29 thoughts on “Phở 13: Mạng Xã Hội – The Social Network [Eng/Viet Sub] [Clip Hài Hước]

  1. thấy càng ngày càng hời hời sao ấy, mong rằng sẽ có cái jì đó cho clip đỡ nhạt hơn

  2. Cái cúi cùng là đứng hết sao mà em bé mặc áo màu cam vẫn nhúc nhích là sao(ai giải giúp mik với).

  3. Khúc cuối đáng lẽ phở phải bị sml rùi chứ.Bn nghĩ xem ,đang chơi thằng lol nào đó vào giật máy bn,tức ko

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