56 thoughts on “Peter Thiel defends Facebook’s non-censored political ad policy

  1. Haven’t used Facebook in 5 years, deactivated account, but still get notifications about people and birthdays. Looked into it and bam, it’s still active. Unbelievable

  2. FB will cozy up to any politician who will give them what they want. Just like any other company wanting to maintain domination in their field.

  3. Of course a Republican wants that. They're the main benefactors from political ads. If you still have your Facebook get rid of it it's nothing but nonsense.

  4. This is what you get when you have too many people as sells out America Facebook has done nothing but been a nightmare for American people

  5. Why can’t both parties display political ads? Determining what is or is not fake news should be up to the individual. This policy sets a dangerous precedent. We are already seeing some non-left leaning personalities be banished from social media platforms. If this continues, I think they’ll start banning conservatives from social media altogether. This is getting too extreme.

  6. There one way political ads are brainwashing people just like Fox News. People can't make wise decisions with false information which is let us hear today

  7. Zuck, this isnt hard. FB is a distributor of information. You can't put just anything on tv or in movies, we have organized bodies that regulate that. Apply that thinking to FB and you're golden ponyboy. Also get a better haircut, you creep.

  8. of course he does because he doesn't understand how the internet works or how FB lies wonder how much money he is getting out of this deal

  9. I deactivated my Fakebook completely and permanently. I started a new one months later, and Facebook remembered my political views, and continued to show me in Facebook watch every page I had liked that was political. It was all right leaning. I highly doubt Facebook algorithms would show me anything right wing. Let alone the specific pages I liked in the past.

  10. Anybody should be able to post anything they want on Facebook because it’s just a stupid social media tool
    it’s no place that anybody should be going for the truth about anything

  11. YouTube the plot to overthrow FDR,the American oligarchy and their political henchmen destroying democracy and the rule of law, to establish a new ruling oligarchy government and an ecclesiastical principality

  12. Anti intellectualism, domestic terrorism, child pornography, hate speech, conspiracy theories, fake news, and pseudoscience have all prospered because of social media and that's just a few of the things. What's worse is that it's creating a nanny state that is already being abused! Try zuck and the social media giants for crimes against humanity!

  13. All these politicians are just puppets, not the puppeteers. The politicians are just there to give the people the illusion of free choice.

  14. its impossible to decipher what ads are 100% true and whats not. The media cant even do that and they have serious resources to do it with. Its impossible.

  15. Is so funny now that we're watching the fall of America as we know it normal free elections and democracy and its the Republicans that are doing it not the Democrats I knew this day would come so everyone kiss the way you live now goodbye and its all Republican Senators and house members for standing behind a tyrant and even more to blame other people that supports Trump and the Republicans

  16. The RNC is using a Facebook to place false or "FAKE" advertisements. They are placing them with the knowledge that Trump's base will believe anything on FB. During the 2016 election the hate that was on display by Trump's base made me reevaluate our use of FB. I shutdown my personal and business FB pages. If I place a false ad, my business can be sued. I don't understand why FB thinks it's ok to run FAKE advertisements, that are lies. It's no longer a problem for me. I use Twitter for my business and it has worked out really well.

  17. Theil face like a smacked a-s! Can't do what is morally responsible because it will cost him money? Theil deserves a Brown "Carlin" cause ribbon it means ' eat sh-t and die MF!'

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