People We All Hate On Instagram

– Perfect. Okay, on
vacation with the girls, hashtag catch flights not feelings hashtag all inclusive. Post. Ahh! (dramatic scary music) Hey guys, I just want to tell you about my favorite toothpaste, Crest Glamourous White. I use it every day. It’s a… – Fluoride. It’s a fluoride toothpaste. – It’s a fluoride toothpaste and it removes up to 90% of
surface stains in five days. I love it. – You already know I have
to tell my Instagram story that we be pop bottles all day. – You already know we got us some liqs. We got us some beautiful women. We do this everyday, dog! – You know, dog. We do this
all day long, every day now. (gasps) – Yo, did you hear that?
– What? I think your dad’s coming. – Quickly, man! – Go, go! – Okay. Put this here like that. And… (shutter clicks) Perfect. I’m not even hungry. – I get these fries and
put them right there. And then if I just place
these nuggets perfectly. Three, four. And… oh wait, wait,
wait, now, now, back up. Mm-hmm. Boom! Okay. Boo!
(girl screams) Haha! – Harjit! – Alright, can you do that again
but for my Instagram story? – No, I’m not doing that again. – Do it! I need this, Jas, please! – Why don’t you just
save your Snapchat story and put it on your Instagram? – Is that how people do it? – Yeah that’s hard, Jit. – Oh my God! – Hey, I’m not gonna clean this up myself! – Harjit! Harjit! Guess
what just happened? Oh my God, Stacy liked my photo. – No way!
– Yes! – You know what that means, right? – I think it’s time. – Jas, come in. Jas! – Roger, roger, I’m
here. What do you need? – We need as much intel as
you have on Stacy, stat. – Yeah, like her birthday! – Okay, from my calculations,
and from stalking her on Instagram for the past six hours, I believe that she is single. – Wait, what? What about that Robert guy she was dating? – His initials have been
removed from her bio, and pictures of him have been deleted. I think it’s time for you to follow. (both gasp) – No! No, no, no, no! – Listen, listen. I’ve watched you grow. You’re a younger brother to me. I think it’s time. – You know what man?
– What? – Let’s do it together. – Alright, let’s do it.
– Index fingers up! (heavy breathing) (all shrieking) – A’ight, welcome to another
edition of No Pains, No Gains. Today we’re going to
learn how to do push-ups. Push-ups are essential to your
body-building routine man. – Wait, wait. Harjit, Harjit, Harjit,
you’re taking way too long. Instagram videos are only a minute long. You haven’t even gotten
to the push-up part yet. – Jas, you’re killing my vibes. I just took P work out, okay? – Alright, let’s just do it
again. Let’s do it again. – Spray me with water. I need sweat on me. Spray me! I need a sweat.
Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! Legs, legs! Let’s go
on the legs! Let’s go! – I’m just so sick and tired
of your dishes all the time! – I clean everything else.
That is the only thing you do. – Sometimes you’re just so irresponsible. – I’m not irresponsible. – Did you post an Instagram picture today? – No, did you?
– Yeah, I did. – Can you take one with me, please? Just one picture, please, please, please. – Fine! Hurry up. – That’s one. Two. You’re so cute. And, three. Alright, get off me, man. – If I have to do your
dishes one more time, I’m going to be so pissed. – You’re doing every
dish from now on, Jas. I don’t care! (slow RnB music)

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