People Outside A Trump Rally Told Us Why They Hate The Media (HBO)
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People Outside A Trump Rally Told Us Why They Hate The Media (HBO)

President Trump was in Cedar Rapids last night
for a “Make America Great Again” rally. And just like any veteran touring act,
he played his greatest hits: — We will never be intimidated by the dishonest media corporations who will say anything and do anything to get people to watch their screens or to get people to buy their failing papers. — Trump supporters hate the media. A PEW poll from May found that in the Trump era, the partisan divide over the role of the press is the largest it’s been since
they began asking this question. Evan McMorris-Santoro went
to Cedar Rapids to find out why. — The fake news. They tell you—it’s fake news, it’s fake. — So what do you think? — I don’t hate the media, to be quite honest. They think that we’re more biased, or we’re haters or something to that effect, because, I guess, we only have
one way of looking at things, even though I have multiple ways
of looking at things. I’m not a sexist, racist pig that most media outlets call
Trump supporters most of the time. — You know, that’s another thing I have
a problem with the media on. I thought Trump was talking about groupies. All they said is he grabbed ‘em by the pussy. If you pull your panties down, and wave ‘em in a guy’s face who’s famous— like, if you go backstage to KISS concert, there’s a lot of grabbin’ ‘em by the pussy. You go to a Bruce Springsteen concert, and a chick gets back there, drops her panties— she may want to get grabbed by the pussy. But is that a job environment? Do you want that at the post office
where you’re working? — So how should the media
have covered that story, then? The media should have said, “Women
sometimes like to get their pussies grabbed”? — A lot of voters understood
he was talking about groupies. It’s like saying, “I gave her five bucks and
she dropped her panties at a strip joint.” She was working at a strip joint. That’s what you do in sniffer’s row, right? — Okay. — Well, I’m not saying that they say
anything about him that’s not true, they just blow it out of proportion
and make it bigger than it needs to be. I want media to focus more on
what’s happening in America, and not give a shit about what
happens in other countries. — Got it. Are you a Trump guy? — I didn’t vote, I can’t vote. I’m a felon, so. I guess I don’t really have
an opinion on our President, ‘cause I can’t voice my vote. As far as the media goes, I just don’t think they cover
enough of the stuff that matters, they cover more… it’s nonstop politic, politic, politic, politic. — It’s all about Russia, Russia, Russia. There is not one shred of evidence
that Russia hacked our election. Okay? There’s speculation. — Well, there’s a federal investigation into it. — Right. — So shouldn’t we be covering that? — A federal investigation into… who hacked the DNC? — Well, no, a federal investigation into
Russian involvement in the Trump campaign. That’s the federal investigation
that’s ongoing right now. — No. — How’s it going? — How’re you doing, what’s your name? — My name is Bill. — Nice to see you, Bill. It seems like you’re a person who
doesn’t really believe the media that much. — Uh, no I don’t. I will never believe the media until they
get off the climate change kick. I would like to know where some of these… celebrities went to school, and what was their major in college. Mine happens to be environmental science. Science has to be provable and repeatable. Okay? I would like to know where the ice went
that was right here 10,000 years ago. Did primitive man drive cars? — Got it. Thanks, sir. Nice to talk to you. Thank you very much. What should the media do differently? Like, if you had a chance to tell them what
you want to see them do, what would it be? — Well, what what you’re doing. Listening to people like me. I think you guys live in a bubble, you know? And you see things from only your worldview. And you don’t think that, yeah, there are people out here, you know, in Minnesota and Iowa that aren’t idiots. We’re not rednecks, we’re not racists, you know, we’re not homophobes, xenophobes, and all the other crap that we’re called. You know? And you should respect our opinions and come out and see
what people want to see covered. From our point of view.

100 thoughts on “People Outside A Trump Rally Told Us Why They Hate The Media (HBO)

  1. Intresting.. Why did this guy not get hurt when he is obviously liberal but trump suporters get always hurt at democrat events. Arent democrats tolerant?

  2. The media played into Trump's hand. He is a shameless man and the grab em by the pu**y thing just meant that the media focused on that and Trump focused on the issues. That's how he won.

  3. @03:26 .. Did primitive man drive cars? … lol. If they did then they wouldn't be considered primitive … lol.

  4. I would like a poll on Trump supporters IQ's. He's a very stable, racist genius. 😂 All of the crazy ladies who love him just want to be his mail-order bride and only remember him from the 80's. When he was rich bc his Dad kept bailing him out. He's such a petulant child even in his old age. His face makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

  5. Always the same shit picking and choosing the dumbest fat ugly looking people they find, its the same with the BBC and bexit people, fake news in your face.

  6. Wow!!! Uneducated Americans are the new French!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Here are some fake news on TRUMP.
    Trumps accomplishments
    1. Trumps steaks, bankrupt
    2. Trump wines, bankrupt
    3. Trump the game, bankrupt
    4. Trump university, bankrupt
    5. Trump construction company, bankrupt
    6. Trump CASINOS, bankrupt
    7. Trump USFL United states football league, bankrupt.
    8. the apprentice, no Emmy off the air.

    Wow this Trump guy is a big failure. He is no winner, his actually a really big loser.

  8. Yeah, trumptards admire a guy that went bankrupt 6X. Not once, twice, three, four or five times. But SIX..SIX..SIX TIMES. Between '85 and '94 he lost 1.17 BILLION DOLLARS. He's conned banks, investors, contractors, builders, cities and the IRS. Lying stealing and cheating are his greatest skills. Three wives and cheated on all three. Yeah, right, we need a POTUS like that. DUHHH. You got to be some sort of special stupid to admire the orange menace. Worst POTUS in history

  9. Before any debate begins a question should be ask BY THE PEOPLE AND TAX PAYERS OF AMERICA, that question was put into LAW by our founding fathers to protect America, That question is this "HOW MANY HERE ARE NATURAL BORN CITIZENS,IF YOU ARE NOT PLEASE LEAVE " A natural born citizen must have his DAD born in America and raised here and they must have been born in America as well…..This protects our Nation against those outsiders wishing our nation harm. Founding Fathers made this in law many years ago but our Government turns their head and allows anyone to run for president. NO PERSON CAN HOLD THE OFFICE OF PRESIDENT UNLESS THEY BE A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN…How many of these communist are Natural born?

  10. To be fair about what the people are saying, I’ve witnessed over fifty years how the media networks have actually jumped onto the left…especially after the takeovers since 2000. VICE should do a story about that.


  12. If you hate the media check out Yang2020, his message is on point for the future and the media is not covering him.

  13. Wow! Vice changed! Wow! And, they want to learn. I’m amazed. They actually want to do a good job! God bless you! I prayed for you, to stop lying and care abut accuracy and balance. Let people make their own minds up. God bless you!

  14. I wasn't outside any Trump rally and I hate the media because they slant everything according to their globalist owners directional view. Don't think so, then why did 6 major corporation buy up just about all global new media stations? So they could allow other view point to thrive? hahahahaha

  15. Watch the videos from Steven crowder, Prager U (any non left media source ,good luck finding one 😉) and you will see that most trump supporters are respectful and smart, they know how to argue their cause and have general common sense. What you will see in those videos are liberals freaking out over people’s opinions and free speech. Trump supporters aren’t fascist or racist we want a good stable economy that isn’t run down by illegal immigrants.

  16. Life goes on no matter who is wrong or right. We all have friends neighbors and coworkers with different political opinions that we desperately need to find common ground with and stop worrying about politics so much.

  17. Don't fool yourself (R)'s hate the truth! I grew up in a family in the 60's that is never happy unless they can blame someone poor who is in need. These demagogues are white (R) evangelicals who worship money, who have no moral compass, who think they follow Jesus footsteps. I pray the living God rebukes them as I would rather be dead forever than be a white (R) bigot like Trump and his admirers.

  18. We don't need to argue that Trumptards are idiots. We just need to let them talk and they will do the job for us.

  19. Trump made the most unamerican comment, '' the media is the enemy of the people ''. Of course — all tyrants, demagogues do.

  20. Liberals forget they LOST the first Civil War, and they will LOSE the second Civil War. And that day could not come soon enough. Liberal media and Hollywood would not stand a chance.

  21. As Trump can into office under investigation, Trump was setting the seeds for his ignorant mob / Cult to not trust the media that was sure to report lots of ugly truths about Trump. Cult 45 could never see such simplicity. Trumpsters got the scumbag that they saw on the campaign trial, trump is their guy through and though no matter what.

  22. 01. 「Anti」⇒「Anti-Emperor」⇒「Left Wing」⇒「Liberal / Democratics」⇒「Obama」

    02. 「Left / Liberal」⇒「Dark CIA」⇒「Attack」⇒「 USA+Black」⇒「Russia /Japan 」

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    11. 「Left / Liberal」⇒「Dark CIA」⇒「PC= IBM / Mac /」 ⇒「 IBM PC」⇒「Agent」0f Dark CIA ?

  23. ok, that one guy is so dumb, I mean, the earth USED to go through hot and cold snaps of the extreme variety, but once homo sapiens, our species,( which he evidently doesn't posses the brain power to be a part of started farming, it produced green house gases thus starting global warming

  24. Trump said, "THEY LET YOU grab em by the p*ssy"
    That means he's talking about something consentual.
    THAT'S how the media should have covered it.

  25. Why do you even need to do a documentary on this, it's obvious why Trump supporters hate the media, it's because it totally distorts everything, never gives the full picture not objective. Actually most people hate the mainstream media for these very reasons but Trump supporters hate it more because they feel that Trump never gets any justice. Lots of positive things done in Trumps presidency yet the mainstream media give him no credit for any of it

  26. Trump lost control of his own Image, once he ran for office.
    The press now has control of his Image.
    Thus, Trump demonizes the Free Press.
    It really bothers Trump when optics/opinions of him are bad.
    Of course, he blames the media. But they simply cover the True Ugliness
    of Trump, and he has a different delusional Image of himself, of course.

  27. The media needs to stop dividing the country. Calling people names is not there job is reporting facts not opinions.

  28. Any Democrat who thinks Bernie lost to Hillary fair and square is a total CUCK!


  29. The so called journalists in the media are not actual journalist they're activists. Instead of them reporting the news or story they make themselves apart of it by giving us their irrelevant opinion. Just report the news and report it fairly how they did with 44. Then let the audience decide not you decide for them if they like Trump or not. The left wing media brainwashes ppl.

  30. Vice reveals it’s Leftist bias regularly although I wish they’d spend just a little of their time examining Democrat crimes.


  32. Environmental science??? What is with the education system in America??? This guys a moron! How is it that some people can be more woke in America and some people can be like this? He's obviously been educated but chooses not to listen to what he's been taught!

  33. In other words, what the media should do differently, according to the non voter guy, is stop covering politics and cover more….icecream, I guess? And the others want the media to stop talking about facts or reality and cover opinions and fiction. Got it.

  34. Perfect example of media bias
    1. on the first day of Bill Clinton's presidency all three major news outlets praise him keeping a campaign promise for overturning something to do with abortions.
    2. on the first day of George Bush's presidency all three major news outlets said he started his presidency this controversy by overturning something to do with abortion.
    See the bias????????

  35. Funny VICE, you are sounding a LOT like the Fake News Media (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, etc.).
    Federal Investigation, Muller Report, NO COLLUSION. Yet you are still pushing that narrative…

  36. That "federal investigation into Russian collusion" really worked out, huh? All it really did was get a whole bunch of democrats into trouble. There's going to be a bunch of them sitting in prison soon. Can't go around breaking laws because you wanted Crooked Hillary to win so bad.

  37. It's sad that 2 years later the hate for the media has only gotten worse. Nothing was learned from this video, nothing was changed, and nothing will change until they all go out of business.

  38. Thanks for doing that. This is how media gains their credibility back. Exactly what you’re doing. Good job. See, we trump supporters are nice if you just talk to us. That lady said it perfectly. Just come talk to us.

  39. Just going to drop this here:
    We live in a time where opinion transcends facts. We're treading on very dangerous waters. Aside from the presidency, media, everything; I'm talking about the people. Fact check, fact check, fact check, people need to stop spouting their opinions and denying facts. People have closed off their way of rationalizing incoming information and allowing it to continually influence their ideals. The world is more complex than we'll ever understand and it does not revolve around a single person, project yourself looking onto the world and see how you can rationalize without opinion, just start with blunt facts and start looking on with a widened more open point of you.

  40. media is in the business of making money as is the Congress and the beloved Potzus. Why can Trump lie, do favors and pay-off his benefactors but the rest of the country should "behave themselves"?? It's Benjamins, baby – and, I truly do not understand why the MAGA crowd got so worked up about this poor black girl shouting: "The emperor has no clothes!" Don't scream & yell – Prove her wrong! … <silence>

  41. CNN sharing debate questions with Hillary…. CNN staging a ditch rescue during Harvey (reporter took time to change his clothes)… Anderson Cooper on his knees in a puddle to make the water look deeper…

    Before everyone had a camera phone and instant internet access, they could get away with this crap.

    When they "edit" audio and distribute those shortened clips as the whole thing without including a disclaimer that there was more, it is deliberately misleading. Trump didn't call Mexicans criminals and animals, he was specifically talking about MS13. He specifically condemned white nationalists, yet the media continues to lie to their viewers and claim he supports them.

    And then the media has the gall to get mad when people don't trust them any longer? Grow the [email protected]$ up!

    Objective Journalism has gone the way of the Dodo.


  42. Wow…thank you for doing this and very well done. Nice guy at the booth, just allowing people to vent. Makes the point better than any debate or argument ever could. No need to say a thing. This is eye opening and also frightening…those who have eyes to see and ears to hear will get it. If not, there is nothing one CAN say……Yikes.

  43. 3:35 I actually respect him for asking this question and not cutting her off. Her reply was pretty much spot on. If the media wants to be relevant and respected, they need to hire people in editorial positions (that is, people who decide what news stories will be covered) with different political viewpoints. If all your editors vote for the same party, you are biased and you need to admit it. They can't claim the role of objective news reporter and speaking truth to power if they are all in the camp of one party.

  44. Liberals are so bias they can't even admit that 99% of the media is on their side. That's how crazy they are and that's why we call out the fake news

  45. I don't get why they even brought up Russia lol do u not fact check Clinton is getting investigated about that now trump had nothing to do with that maybe look up more about the Russian scandal and see who is really behind it dont be sheep THINK FOR YOURSELF

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