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People Fired Because of Social Media

Watch what you tweet!
Because your boss is. Let’s talk about that! ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Gooooooood Mythical Morning!
– Thankfully, I’ve never posted something really, really embarrassing on social
media. The worst it has gotten for me is the typical you’re/your
or they’re/their mixup. – Ooooh, that’s so bad!
– And then, of course, when you do that, it’s immediately pointed
out by a hundred people. – Yeah.
– And then you’re like, “Ohh okay! Sorry!” – Grammar police!
– “I could have just deleted it and retweeted it, but no, I’m trying to be
honest and vulnerable here.” You gotta own that apostrophe whenever
you do that. I mean, that’s why I– I’m in constant fear of tweeting anything,
that’s why I tweet so little, because my boss might know the truth
about me and fire me. That’s right. I look at all
your tweets, son. (laughs) – I ain’t got no boss! (laughs)
– But today we’re gonna be talking, not about people who just slightly
embarrassed themselves, but people who have done something that was so
significant that it led to them losing their job because– that’s right!–
their bosses found out about it. Cautionary tales of social media.
Example number one: Recent college graduate Kevin Colvin was– tsk–
an intern for Anglo Irish Bank. – Oh.
– The American branch. – That’s a very exclusive bank, huh?
– (laughs) Sounds a little discriminatory. – Yeah, I don’t know about that.
– On October 31st, 2007, at 3:55 PM, Kevin sent an email to his boss, and I
quote, (bro voice) “Something came up at home and I had to go to New York
this morning for the next couple of days.” – Oh, next couple of days, huh?
– “I apologize for the delayed notice.” – Oh yeah, sorry about that.
– (normally) Um, as it turns out, the thing that was that “something that came
up,” wasn’t a family emergency, it was (bro voice) a really great
Halloween costume and party. – (laughs)
– (normally) The next day, his boss goes to Kevin’s Facebook page and this is
what K-daddy put on his FB. – (laughs) Oh ho, nice!
– Oh, come on, Kevin! He’s not even making eye contact with the camera!
Don’t wanna look his boss in the face. ‘Cause you know he’s looking at your
Facebook the next day, man! Come on, – be smart, Tinkerbell!
– Yeah, I’ve never seen Tinkerbell with – a Busch Light before.
– (laughs) – That’s a new level. Tinkerbellnisch.
– So his boss sends this email in response, and I quote: (smoothly)
“Thanks for letting us know. Hope everything is okay in New York.
Parentheses: (cool wand).” – (laughs) Can you imagine the feeling–
– Yeah, it’s just like, ooh, I’m gettin’ away with it! I’m gettin’ away
with it! (high-pitched gasp) – (laughs)
– I didn’t get away with it. Cool wand! What is he– Ohhhh, wand in
one hand, Busch Light in the other hand. – I remember that.
– Must’ve been that spritely photo I posted. Here’s the other thing his boss
did. He had the foresight to copy the entire company on that
email that he sent back to him. – Oooh. That’s deep.
– Maximum embarrassment. – And he was fired.
– Yeah. I’m assuming. – Did I say that? He was fired.
– Yeah, he was fired. Tinkerbell was fired. Okay, back in March
of 2013, Taco Bell had a photo contest. They said, “We want you to submit pictures
online of you enjoying our Doritos Cool – Ranch tacos.
– Okay. So, this is a photo that was submitted
by Jj O’Brien Nolan on Taco Bell’s – Facebook feed.
– Now, he is enjoying those tacos. Well, and as you can see, he looks like he
might be at a Taco Bell and also might be a Taco Bell employee, and that is because
he IS a Taco Bell employee. Who else gets that many taco shells
to begin with, right? True. Now, this guy’s stupid for a couple
of reasons. First of all, before you enter a contest, you gotta read the fine print,
and you know you can’t be an employee – at Taco Bell!
– You’re not eligible, Jj O’Brien Nolan! You’re not eligible to win! And secondly,
(laughs) you’re just stupid. I mean, – that’s just stupid!
– But hold on. I’m gonna defend him a little bit, because it said you needed to
enjoy it, and I gotta tell ya, I would enjoy that. Sometimes I just get a pack
of Cool Ranch Doritos and I just lick ’em and nothing else! I mean,
think about that. – (crew laughs)
– There’s so much, just good different colored spices on there, and
you’re just like– (slurps) Really, that’s why you’re
eatin’ em anyway! – Hold on, I just had a–
– Think about how good that woulda been to take the tongue and go (slurps)
all the way up the stack of taco shells? I mean, he enjoyed Doritos
Locos Cool Ranch Tacos! I just had a flashback to college and I
remember opening a bag of Doritos and being like, “They forgot
to put the flavoring–” – No, that never happened, man.
– (laughs) I would end up eating ’em. I wouldn’t
do that to ya. Anyway, this was taken by a coworker, and BOTH employees were
terminated. Surprise, surprise. Just for taking the photo? I mean, they
cropped out logos and stuff! The photographer just needs a
six-week notice. Six week off. – I think it was probably worth it.
– Unpaid leave or something. If I had access to that many
taco shells, I’d do it too. You guys have all heard
of Scott Bartosiewicz. – Oh yeah!
– You know, he’s that semi-famous social media manager who worked
at New Media Strategies. – Oh, New Media Strategies! Yeah!
– He’s an awesome professional – tweeter, right?
– Yeah, yeah. One day, he’s driving into work in Detroit
and he’s caught in traffic and he just starts fuming. And he wants to tweet-vent. – Oh yeah. Twent.
– So, in frustration, this is what he tweet-vents: “I find it ironic that Detroit
is known as the Motor City and yet no one – here knows how to bleeping drive.”
– (laughs) – Okay, I can relate!
– So, that’s pretty pithy here. – I’ve never been to Detroit, though.
– Funny guy. Really good at tweeting – something that’s memorable.
– Yeah, yeah. Irony. Here’s the problem: he accidentally
tweeted, not from his personal account, but from the professional account that
he was in charge of. The Chrysler official – Twitter account.
– (laughs) Oh, that’s too good. Chrysler’s tweeting out that they find it
ironic that Detroit is known as the motor city and no one knows
how to bleeping drive. – (laughs)
– Ooops! – Think about, if you were following–
– The followup tweet is just – O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-P-P-S, you know?
– I mean, who’s following that account, A, – (laughs)
– but you’re following it and you’re like, – ooooh.
– His boss is following! Something interesting from the Chrysler
account today! Oh, I wonder what they’re trying to do! What kind
of strategy is this? – Yeah.
– What kind of new media strategy is this? I find it ironic that a dude whose
full-time professional job is tweeting doesn’t know how to tweet
from the proper account. Yeah, that’s important. You
gotta make the switch. He was immediately fired and then Chrysler
terminated the entire contract of his – company. New Media Strategies– fwoop!
– Oh. Just eradicated from the account entirely. – Gah. Scott pulled the wrong string!
– Bartosiewicz, man! – Everything became unraveled.
– Dude! Okay. How about this? This one’s in
Australia. Okay, so you’re a miner. – You’re an Australian miner.
– I am not a miner, but I admire them. Just put yourself in the boots, the mining
boots of an Australian miner. – Okay.
– There’s this thing going around the internet called The Harlem Shake, where
you dance a little bit, boodaboomboom, – Do it in a group, it’s awesome.
– I heard of that. What do you do? What do you do?
You’re a miner. What do you do? What do you think these guys did, Link?
What do you think the guys at the Agnew – Goldmine did?
– Do I have any options? – No. The Harlem Shake.
– Oh. The Harlem Shake. – They decided to do the Harlem Shake.
– (laughs) And we’re not gonna play it with the
Harlem Shake music, because that’s copyrighted, but we’ve replaced it with
some cool corporate music for you to enjoy the Harlem Shake from
these Australian miners. – ♪ (soothing corporate music) ♪
– There he is dancing. One guy dancing. It starts with the one guy
dancing, as you can see. – To corporate music.
– Obviously in a mine. ♪ (soothing corporate music) ♪ I like this. This is a
nice touch, this music. That’s a mirrorball! – ♪ (corporate music intensifies) ♪
– Oh, and there’s a buildup! – Oh, now everybody’s dancing!
– There’s the drop. – Ohhh yeah!
– Oh yeah. It doesn’t have quite the
same impact as the original. – Doing the worm in the mine!
– Whoah! Nice! – Oh yeah!
– Look at that guy with his shirt off. Oh, the guy with the cone, that was
inappropriate. Okay, anyway. I think we may be onto something.
Like, Harlem un-shaking it with– – Corporate music?
– corporate music. We should do that. Okay, we can look into that. Okay, so,
you have multiple choice here, Link. – Oh, now I get a choice.
– What do you think happened? A: Their boss called ’em into the office
and said, (bad Australian accent) “I saw that Harlem Shake video you guys made.
I really really liked it!” – (laughs)
– (normally) Or, B: fifteen workers were not just fired but banned for life from
every Barminco mine in the world! – Man, is there a C? ‘Cause that’s harsh.
– A or B? A or B? – B! B!
– You’re right, Link. They all lost their jobs– their six-figure salary jobs– and
also everyone who was watching got fired. Just the spectators. So if you’re
ever going to work in an Aus– Hold on. Did we just get fired and
banned too? ‘Cause we just– Oh, gosh, we should not– and then you all
watched it. You’ve all been fired! – We can’t be miners anymore!
– If you work in an Australian mine, – you’ve been fired.
– Back in April, Chad Shanks– yes he does– the official social media
manager of the Houston Rockets and – National Basketball Association team–
– NBA is what I call that. He decided to tweet while the game with
the Dallas Mavericks was still going on, but it was towards the end, and they were
about to beat the Mavericks, so this is what he tweeted. He tweeted– I guess
that’s an emoji? An emoji horse. – Yeah, that is an emoji.
– And then an emoji gun. – Oh.
– And then, “Shhhhh. Just close your eyes. – It will all be over soon.”
– Ooh. And he meant to do it. He wasn’t
tweeting from his personal account. Yeah, he knew he was a
Houston Rocket at that moment. Ixnay on the horse murder jokes-ay.
NBA no like-ay. Immediately fired. I gotta give him credit, though, for the
horse emoji. I don’t think I’ve ever seen – that used!
– Yeah, he dug deep! I don’t think I’ve ever seen the horse
emoji used properly, except for – somebody who’s riding one currently.
– (laughs) And I don’t follow anybody
who rides horses, so… That’s true. You gotta hold down that
emoji button for five minutes and it’ll – finally reveal the horse emoji.
– You just cycle through all farm animals – and you get to the horse?
– Right. But he also got 7600 – retweets, 5000 favorites.
– Worth it, man. But it is not classy. What
he did was not classy. – Really?
– Do you know how I know this? – … no?
– Because the Mavericks tweeted, – “Not every classy.”
– Oho! “But we still wish you guys
the best of luck in the next round.” – Oh, that was a classy response.
– Afterward, Mr. Shanks– what’s he gonna do? He’s gonna
keep tweetin’, right? Yeah, right, yeah.
From the same account? Here’s his followup tweet from his
personal account after he was fired. Oh yeah, migrated to
the personal account. “I hope there’s another organization out
there in need of someone willing to take chances and create engaging
social media content. I hope.” – (all laugh)
– Wow, that’s a desperate tweet! He lost his ability to have confidence in
getting a job halfway through the tweet. – I hope, man.
– But the great thing is, he was – immediately hired at a glue shop!
– (laughs) – I meant to say– (laughs)
– A glue shop! (laughs) – I had this joke prepared…
– (crew laughs) – And it was gonna be like–
– A glue shop! – I had a glue factory– (laughs)
– You know those glue shops where they – kill horses to make the glue.
– (laughs) A glue factory joke! – Oh, wow.
– I’ve never been able to do a glue – factory joke right!
– Glue shop. – The trend continues.
– Is there a glue shop? I don’t believe – there is a glue shop.
– (laughs) He works there, man! – He works there.
– Okay, thanks for liking and commenting. You know what time it is. – I’m Noah.
– I’m Landon. – And we’re from Chico, California.
– (both) and it’s time to spin – (both) the Wheel of Mythicality!
– Let’s talk about that! You may not know, but we’re doing
Snapchat! Our username is realrhettlink. – (Rhett) Realrhettlink.
– (Link) No “and.” (Rhett) You can also just take a picture
of that little ghost down there– that’s our special ghost– and you will
automatically add us. (chuckles) Is he down there,
or is he everywhere? – Special ghost!
– Click through to Good Mythical More. – Just for us.
– Rhett’s gonna talk about his Snapchat – snafu recently. Oh, we won something!
– (bell rings) – (Link) Did we win something this time?
– Yeah, we win the opportunity to tell you – what you’ve won!
– I wanna win something. – (Link) Congratulations tylercrowley73!
– (Rhett) You win a personalized Good Mythical Morning clip! Jorts are hard to pull off, man. The only
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– (computer voice) at tylercrowley73. – I know. Every time I see–
– (computer voice) at tylercrowley73 – in jorts…
– Right. – I’m like, those jorts look good on
– (computer voice) at tylercrowley73. – Yep. [Captioned by Caitrin:
GMM Captioning Team]

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