Peloton’s New Ad For Its Fitness Bikes Has Social Media Throwing Fits | TODAY
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Peloton’s New Ad For Its Fitness Bikes Has Social Media Throwing Fits | TODAY

100 thoughts on “Peloton’s New Ad For Its Fitness Bikes Has Social Media Throwing Fits | TODAY

  1. Peloton is smart. They don’t want to encourage really fat broads to sit on their bikes, then ask for refunds because the bikes collapsed under their weight.

  2. It always amazes me how people want to jump on every single thing and weave it into what they want it to be. It is a Commercial. I see it as a Partner/Husband that simply cares about his Partner's Health/Well Being.

  3. Hey if you want a divorce… Lol nevermind the sexism, but after paying 2200 plus the 50 sub you have no money left to eat… Lol and 116lb to 122lb its just 4lb in a year. Boys take notes, do not do this if you love her.

  4. We live in a country of simpletons who are weak at heart. People exercise for more than just losing weight. Exercise is good for your heart, circulation, muscle development, respiratory health, a good stress reliever, etc. what a ridiculous take on this commercial.

  5. I am disgusted by negativity to this ad or situation.

    If the person wasn't working out and then changed to working out it has a BEAUTIFUL EFFECT ON YOUR BODY going from.near useless muscles to muscles that move you.

    Regardless of how slender the person is.

    People in general can't even stop for a stop sign. Most people's opinions are worthless anyway.

  6. Lol because apparently being slim makes you fit. It’s fitness people. It’s not always about losing weight. Plus who tf wants to see a chubby or fat person in a fitness commercial.

  7. I am about to do my daily ride on my Trek Verve 3. I run ten miles on it in the real world in freezing temps. Maybe I’m just an old fashion 60 year old. Children and their toys inside $3,000,000 mansions….yep….I’m old fashioned. Gotta go ride now. 🤪

  8. This is ridiculous.. why does everything have to have a hidden meaning. Maybe she just likes to exercise. "News flash" because exercising is good for your health.. everything these days has to be all about drama and over analyzing why some one said or did something .

  9. More fat ugly man hating feminists outraged by everything they're not—- a slim good looking woman. Don't praise the woman for being a mother and wanting to take care of herself. Don't praise the husband for being generous and giving. No, just condemn it from a convoluted, Leftist anti heterosexual anti family skewed perspective.

  10. Why is buying a piece of exercise equipment for your partner sexist ? When did wanting your partner to live a healthy life become a bad thing ?

  11. Social media = fat feminists, and white knight pedos that make up 0.0005% of the population. It must really be a horrible existence to have everything hurt your feelings. One day you losers will have your voice taken away from you and you'll be right where you belong in society…a bunch if incels and 30 wallers 👏👏👏👏👏

  12. How do people in their late 20's early 30's STAY fit. Maybe she had brought it up and he went out and got it. Fit people are fit because they stay fit. They set goals and accomplish them. Don't see anything wrong with a fit person working out.

  13. Let me guess. It would have been okay if she bought him one after throwing out his favorite sweatshirt and giving him a honey do list. She has girls night out where her and her friends drink wine and get drunk but he can't have a guys night out and play cards at his buddies house.

  14. Can they make a prequel followup commercial where they show the wife expressing interest in having one of these bikes? And is that enough? Is it somehow she can't be trusted to actually want such a thing, but rather her husband has her under some kind of patrearchical control?

  15. Are people so stupid to think that exercise has to do only with loosing weight ? Uhhhhh how about staying physically active, building endurance, more energy, toning, letting off steam, so many more reasons why a thin woman would be excited to get a very nice bike and share her journey with her loved ones.

  16. First being thin doesn't mean you are in shape
    Second perhaps the fictional person wants to get in to biking and this was how she wanted to do it, or perhaps this fictional person was a beginer biker and this put her in a whole knew level of biking? Either way if she likes the present then why is everyone so mad? i'd love a high end trainer to use on days i can't ride the trails, i know tons of guys and girls who'd be crazy excited for this as a christmas present. if you don't want that kind of present then don't get mad someone else does.

  17. Oh my gosh news channel hosts should not state what they think or their opinion it should be news not their opinion.

  18. Proof that the general population IQ'S are at their lowest levels ever, no doubt this is the age of the idiots!

  19. Maybe she asked for a peloton? Maybe she didnt want to lose weight but wanted to be in better shape, have more endurance, or just have a physical activity to hold herself accountable…to me the commercial was only offensive bc of the script and poor acting

  20. I think it has to do with the marketing teams target audience. The comments showed "Few Pounds" for an already fit person. People who could be perceived as "Fit" based on their looks might not be fit cardio wise. It's like saying any person who is 115 pounds can just get up and run a marathon. I think Peloton's target audience in the ad are for people who want to push themselves even further. It's really no different if she posts on social media on her training goals. Where is the uproar on these commercial when the Husband buys a wife a car? Are you saying the wife is not financial able to buy her own car!?!?!? lol What's even more pathetic is the male actor is now getting sh*t on social media because he is perceived as sexist. FICTIONAL CHARACTERS FROM A COMMERCIAL!

  21. Try not asking two old hags. If you didn’t get it than it’s not for you! Not every product is marketed to every group. Like the guy said they know their audience.

  22. They need a disclaimer before the ad: "Warning: this advertisement contains fairly attractive people and exercise activity. Viewer discretion is advised."

  23. Clearly the only reason a woman would ever want to challenge herself or get into cardiovascular exercise is because she hates herself and is desperate for a man to think she is thin enough.. /s

  24. The only people who complain about these ads are fat, insecure Feminists who are too lazy to exercise and improve their lives. Instead they blame society for their weight and base their accusations on the false notion of "oppression".

  25. The world has completely lost it, tell the triggered insecure social media mob to frig off and that they can misinterpret it all they want.

  26. People criticise this because she is already thin… IMAGINE the media storm if she was even a HINT fat and got thinner.

  27. Update: The woman in the ad who was attacked for her happiness at receiving an expensive gift that will help here stay fit, healthy and yes, attractive to her man has landed a new job with Aviation Vodka. The new ad features her guzzling vodka with 2 other women (one who assures her she's "safe") and will doubtless be celebrated by the same people who attacked Peloton. There you have it- don't stay home and exercise- go to the bar and get drunk. Of course that is "safer"- as you will no longer be accountable fow whatever you do next.

  28. The voice over has offended me by calling the guy her "partner"

    How do you know it's not her husband or Brother or a little bit of both depending on which part of the country this was filmed in?

  29. Haha, the reaction hilarious. Exercise isn’t just about physical appearance. She could be depressed and realized exercise made her feel better. Maybe she asked for the bike. Anyway, this will probably lead to more sales.

  30. Please. Just STOP. Nothing wrong with this commercial. If you don’t like to workout, go sit down. We don’t care. We’ll keep on paying for your sick care too, btw, you lazy offended snowflake.


  32. its never this serious…ever think she wanted the bike and her husband bought it for her? and just because someone is skinny or thin doesn't mean they are healthy

  33. I saw this commercial before the SJW outrage and saw nothing wrong with it, but leave it to these woke simps to get butt hurt over it.

  34. Is this a joke? Everyone has different goals, why is this news? If it was a super fat person they would’ve had backlash to. So stupid, who cares

  35. BEST PARODY & SNL WORTHY!! Inspired by Peloton + Jason Derulo's "anaconda"… WATCH NOW! – LOL @ xo

  36. Fellas, the hot new gift this year is an empty box. You tell her she’s a strong independent woman and she can buy what she wants for herself.

  37. Peloton failed at the first rule of storytelling: set the context. They never established that the woman wanted the bike as a gift and worse used cheesy dialogue. Someone at the company really screwed up.

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