“PAVLOK” Shock Bracelet Connected to Twitter Shocks Man Until Battery Dies | What’s Trending Now!
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“PAVLOK” Shock Bracelet Connected to Twitter Shocks Man Until Battery Dies | What’s Trending Now!

Tech writer Kevin Raposo was testing out
a new app connected electroshock bracelet by giving anyone on Twitter
access to the shock controls. And he was shocked continuously for 20 minutes! Welcome
back to What’s Trending, I’m Adam Bozarth. Be sure to LIKE this video and SUBSCRIBE
for more. Kevin was testing out the “PAVLOK,” which advertises itself as a bad
habit breaker. You can sync up PAVLOK with all kinds of apps to help you break
everything from nail biting to Facebook addiction. When your phone detects that
you’re engaging in a bad habit, the PAVLOK shocks you, which sounds terrible.
I mean honestly the only habit it would probably break me of is wearing the
PAVLOK bracelet in the first place. But Kevin being a tech reviewer got creative
with the controls. He programmed it so that anybody on the Internet could zap
him from literally anywhere in the world. Kevin began by tweeting, “So I’m wearing a
bracelet that zaps you with an electric shock. I can have people remotely
activate it. Try it out:” Two minutes later… “Who’s the f*cker who hit the “high” zap. That
one hurt!” “Stop hitting the high zap! It hurts so fucking bad.” But the zapping
wouldn’t stop. “The thing was going off consistently for like 20 minutes,” Raposo explained over e-mail to Mashable. “So much, in fact, the
battery died. The PAVLOK app says I was zapped about 755 times today. That’s all
in the span of 20 minutes.” So did Kevin learn anything from this whole
experience? Kevin said, “This whole experience taught
me that people like to inflict pain on others, especially when it’s done
remotely from a keyboard, but in a good way,” he mused. “But hey, I asked for it.” The
next day Kevin was feeling the burn. Kevin tweeted this photo saying, “My wrist
has a visible red mark from all the electric shocks.” Although some might say
he invented a new service. That One replies, “Dude, charge money for zapping
you. I don’t think you realize the industry you just created.” I mean it’s a
very good question. How much money would you pay to zap a tech
blogger? Let us know in the COMMENTS section below, and please LIKE and
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8 thoughts on ““PAVLOK” Shock Bracelet Connected to Twitter Shocks Man Until Battery Dies | What’s Trending Now!

  1. The Pavlok is a SCAM. Their founder was on shark tank look it up. Anyone who buys one just know it's a scam and it doesn't work. The science behind it is bunk. They have never done any of their own testing they cite other sources to try to back their claims. Do not buy it. Don't buy into the scam. I was stupid enough to buy one. It doesn't work believe me.

  2. If you are not from america ,DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME IN THIS PRODUCT AND THIS COMPANY !!!!! they will charge you and never send you the item ( almost 5 month without shipping ) and do not expect them to get back at you to explain to you what is happening .
    I had to battle and send 4 or 5 times big emails to their customer service for them to come back at me with always the same answer " we are experiencing delay blablabla " "you ll get your product by next week sorry " ….. and that is when they do decide to answer you ….

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