Pauly D Explains Why He Follows Only Ellen on Instagram
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Pauly D Explains Why He Follows Only Ellen on Instagram

So as you can see, tWitch
is still not back yet. [AW] And I called the temp agency,
and they sent me a guest DJ. All the way from Jersey
Shore, please welcome Pauly D. [CHEERING] [HIP-HOP MUSIC PLAYING] That’s right. Pauly D. Hi out there. People love you. They just love you. They have really good taste. I don’t know. You have a great audience. Yeah. That’s right. [LAUGHTER] I do have a great audience,
and they love you. Thank you. What’s it like to be back
in the house with everybody? Oh, it’s awesome, man. I didn’t know it
was going be back, and more importantly, I didn’t
know if people were going to watch, and they watched. Because they got the
ratings in, and it was like 10 million viewers
collectively over the weekend. Oh, wow. Amazing. Yeah. That’s fantastic. So thank you! [CHEERING] Yeah. And how many will you do? Hey, I am single,
so I don’t know. [CHEERING] She said [INAUDIBLE]! What does that mean? I said, how many episodes
will you do, and you– Oh! [LAUGHTER] I thought you said, viewers. I’m sorry. No, I’m doing them all. [LAUGHTER] The episodes. Yes. How many will you do? We’re going to do 12 episodes. 12. All right. And, obviously, if it goes
well, you’ll keep going. Yeah. We already signed for season
two before the first one even aired yet. So we’re going to go
filming right after this. Oh, wow. Good. Yeah. Good. So you were here yesterday,
and you played a game– Oops, My Water Broke. And no matter how wet we got
you, your hair did not move. [LAUGHTER] So you just kept getting
soaked over and over again. Mhm. It was cold. It was so cold. [LAUGHTER] Yeah. But the hair stayed
exactly the same. So how– [LAUGHTER] –what’s the trick there? Well, see, you
gave me cold water. Hot water’s the antidote. Oh, really? Hot water’s what breaks it down. Hot water breaks it down. Yeah. Mhm. Had we known. [LAUGHTER] So my producer, Claudia, over
here has never been so happy. She’s very happy you’re here. And so there’s something–
you just mentioned, you said, you’re single, right? I am. I am. All right. He’s single. Hi, Claudia. [LAUGHTER] All right. Good. [LAUGHTER] All right. So you have millions of
followers on Instagram, right? Yes, I do. And you follow one person. I do. Me. Yes. I’m the only person you follow. Yes. [CHEERING] Yes. I’m flattered, but why? [LAUGHTER] There’s actually
a couple reasons. It’s a good conversation piece. Uh-huh. That’s the first reason. Second reason, I really
love what you’re all about. You make people smile. You’re so positive. At the end of every show, she’s
like, be kind to one another. I love that. And so I think if anybody is
deserving of my only follow, it is Ellen. [CHEERING] You’re too sweet. Yup. That’s so sweet. Thank you. Thank you. I mean, one day, I
will follow my wife. But until then, Ellen
gets the follow. All right. Well, let me tell you something,
I only follow you, too. Don’t check my account,
but just trust me on that. [LAUGHTER]

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  1. I was one of those viewers. My daughter is also single and hot and successful and in Canada so probably a match made in heaven. 😘

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