PART 1: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Testifies At Senate Judiciary Committee (FNN)
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PART 1: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Testifies At Senate Judiciary Committee (FNN)

100 thoughts on “PART 1: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Testifies At Senate Judiciary Committee (FNN)

  1. Wait but it's ok for the fbi and employers to get your social media information? Really lmao what happened really why's it an issue now

  2. A bunch of ignorant people trying to judge someone 50x smarter than any of them… Facebook is collecting data about us? No way, we are giving it away for free, why blame others? I don't feel forced to share anything at all in Facebook. In fact, I don't use Facebook since 2012.

  3. Anyone born before 1980 knows everything is hackable… just harder to hide. We never put real info online.

  4. Oh my goodness it doesn’t take Facebook for everybody’s privacy to be invaded, there’s no such thing with or without Facebook

  5. Facebook, please Expose the consulting companies that are terrorising and psychologically abusing their employees using all forms of mind control mainly using your products I.e Facebook and WhatsApp

  6. what happened to throwing pies in peoples face?zuckerbuam could use a good pie in the face.its over people google,macbook etc knows everythingnabout its users which is most people.If you use a smart phone or google or any social media you have consented to being permanently tracked and monitored at all times forever.We have surrendered unknowingly all of our privacy!!!In the name of ultra consumerism

  7. This guy zuckerberg and his Monster Facebook controls the majority of messaging,advertising,privacy,tracking and everyone of their users info in the entire world!!!Facebook needs to be broken up!the smart phone and social media really control most info in general and are able to influence everything they want with no control!!!They own the world!!

  8. Everyone clicking, searching, commenting, watching, algorithms collecting location, browser, data, metadata, their surroundings, their contacts, their messages, everything. Seeding out the next employee to hire.

  9. They don't disclose it because one, it is not the law, and two, even if it was the law up front, there are several legal systems in which laws are open to the public and several in which laws are not open to the public that can be utilized in order to bypass all these means of legal accountability and social responsibility. The point is it is legal, and that question is redundant.

  10. Algorithms know what you eat for breakfast, when you wake up, they know your family and your friends and what mood you are in and what environment you are in. Deep seeded algorithms can also predict your entire life and your trajectory whether you ever go online or not. This is the gift and the curse of technology and the internet.

  11. "Actually, if you're okay with it, i'll go in the other order"-Zuck . hahahahaha, Zuck knows how to play the game so well! :''"). what a fvcking Genius!

  12. If I was mark, and the three people behind me worked for me, I would fire them for giving the truth away. Mr. Chairman should try a lot harder to hide his telling smile as well.

  13. "My question is not do you have the talent, but the will (the will to do what is necessary batman)"- hahahaha ZUCK wanted to laugh at that

  14. This is like watching a parent shake their head at their kid and say "what you did was wrong. do you think it was wrong? tell us it was wrong and everything will be okay". only thing is, Google, Zuck, Youtube, Twitter, runs the world, no the other way around. the financial lucrative business of information and data. Whoever is into cyber security and data brokering is ahead of everyone else because it is one of the most lucrative investments I have ever made.

  15. Facebook is the number one surveillance company in the world, along with every other social media and search engine site we use. Why is everyone acting like this is news, this is a slap not he wrist.

  16. It’s funny how mr suckerberg is going up infront of the senate judiciary committee for data breach and sharing. If your not stupid you will realise this is all just cobble wash the same ppl who use Cambridge analytica are the same ppl on this committee it’s just one big show

  17. They utube and Fb are affiliated with each other… I watch Serial Killer and Murder documentaries on utube i go on FB. There is hunting knives advertising on my time line… And that is not the end.. I would talk to bf about menstrual problems i go on fb i see tampon advertisements on my time line… They are also listening to our conversation..

  18. Not facebook's fault, it's the fault of A) dumb people that believe everything that's in "News format", and B) The lying news media corporations themselves!

  19. Ok I know this sounds weird but check this out i can control the media. make as may people to follow me as Possible. Twitter, Instagram, Tinder, Podcast i will latter give out other orders and they will obey! Follow Isaac. Share this

  20. Tough to believe Zuckerberg was just some college kid who wanted to build a page to rate who was hot (or not) at his school.

  21. It's crazy to watch the ancient Senate members try to read their statements that were clearly written for them by younger people. Some of them can barely form sentences without stumbling verbally. Kind of frightening really. There should be an upper age limit to the Senate.

  22. how many radical muslims does it take to cut a young white womans head off while she pleads for her mother? just one . the others are there to help hold her down..

  23. We need to talk about the Mark FUCKERBERG problem, because with all do respect, it is a serious problem that needs to be addressed with transparency, no ambivalence, and so forth and so on….

  24. About FB in general … I like a comment I heard about who MZ wants to be, a man who invented a monster or something socially beneficial, but I don't know how MZ can cause social change if the Law can't. I think the Law needs to ask itself about what it's doing about data investigative Laws to catch abuss etc, or what it's doing about abuse reports with local Law enforcement … Senate

  25. Zz. Lo siento el mensaje debe decir perdón por las ofensas que dije anoche. Simplemente está demasiado ofendida y no podía callar mis se timientos . Que tengas un buen día!

  26. if zuckenburg had any sense he delete a regular citizens text calls etc.
    so disappointed in him smart guy messing up his whole life for ??

  27. He is a rat. Probably started company with good intentions, but his greed got the better of him and he became a snake, and now he has been caught. Shame on you Zuckerberg!!

  28. Wow it could not be more evident That Senator Cruze Is completely in utterly clueless when it comes to platforming and sites like Facebook. He clearly does not understand how these tools are used. And it’s never been more apparent when he believes That all of his questions can be answered with a yes or no, he wants a yes or no answer because if Zuckerberg goes into detail he will clearly not understand what Mark is talking about. Which would clearly make them look more like an imbecile than he already does.

  29. Poison our country is completely poisoned and losing its freedom evil men conquer when good men do nothing

  30. This little piece of filth we are becoming China the stazi the nazis terrifying what’s happened to my country

  31. Nothing to worry about Mark the CIA has got your back covered with a little help from our friend's in the FBI an CNN . The christians will turn the OTHER cheek as they are busy purchasing new jet planes for the coming of THEIR New American jesus prostitute. Just play it cool Mark , this blow job will soon be over !!!!

  32. There's not a single human being in Mark Zuckerbergs frame. The Woman to the right of the screen blinks fanatically while her eyes change color. The dude to the left has sideways blinking pupils. Craziest thing in this video are the interdimensional black goo entities morphing around above the water bottle in the background. Watch this at the slowest playback speed and C what I mean.

  33. News papers are also bias .here in Canada if you mention something bad about Trudeau the Canadian prime minister the news paper on line blocked your post but you could trash and lie about president trump and was never blocked .CBC and Alps of on line took away the comment section away

  34. Never felt the need to sign into facebook and dont care who burnt their toast or what color they painted their door shame no one can have a face to face conservac

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