100 thoughts on “Parental Tip – Setup Family Management Success | PS4

  1. Meanwhile at Nintendo………
    Bayonetta pole dances
    Nintendo: What? A game where you use our joy cons to massage a Ninja girl? Sure! Bikini babes? No problem? What? Think of the children? Hey! Bowser's a parent, He can show you this parental app!
    Nintendo: What? Censor Pyra? Ummmmm nah, our customers like her. What? Umm……. No….. Xenoblade Is not a dating sim, Ummm…. No That's Link, Zelda is the Princess, What? BWA HAHAHAHAHA Dude, Zelda was not captured In Breath of the wild, She was keeping Ganon in the castle, Heck, She deals the final blow, Awwww it's okay Soccer mom and Football dad, Have a Mario amiibo for little Jimmy.

  2. We already have ratings boards and now this? Maybe stop restricting developer content and actually give power to the players?

  3. I'm tryna put money on another account and I'm the family manager but I dont have any parental controls and idk what to do

  4. Atleast on PS3,there was no Family management,its annoying thats why i like ps3 better at things.
    The games were free to play
    No family management.

  5. I can’t log in on my account, only MAKE an account even though I HAVE an account.
    what can I do about it

  6. My ps4 as a problem
    I’m allowed to play any games in any level but I have age restrictions…
    Can you please fix this

  7. What's the point of this if you're going to censor games anyway?

    Let us enjoy games UNCENSORED the way they were meant to be played.

  8. I just want to play my ps4 and download yt but I can’t because of “SiGn In FaMlIy MaNaGer” I DONT HAVE ANOTHER FREAKING PS4

  9. There should be a way to delete parental controls on ps4, as it is restricting things that aren't necessary if you have everything allowed.

  10. You ruined all my gameplay, I’m 14 and now I can’t play anything or buy anything and I didn’t even try to put family management

  11. What is this? Such a waste of time. LET THE JAPANESE TAKE OVER AGAIN (Sony Japenese HQ that is)

  12. Hey PlayStation can u adjust ur remote play app to automatically connect my controller to the app with out me having to make a brand new account thx

  13. How an i remove a family member?
    My account is main account and i have an account which is not mine as a sub account
    Or family member…
    Pls help

  14. Let's just say u wanna sing in to ur ps4 account and then u realize ur dad made ur account and Dosent let u know the password. If u have a family management could you sign in with that?

  15. Ahem, you need family controls to sign into PSN. and to get into PSN, you have to make a family management account..FIX IT!

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