Parent Teacher Meeting || Hushaar Dhed Hushaaru – Part 2 || Dhethadi || Tamada Media
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Parent Teacher Meeting || Hushaar Dhed Hushaaru – Part 2 || Dhethadi || Tamada Media

I’ll see you tomorrow
in the principal’s room. Get your parents too. I’ll make sure
you don’t even get to appear for the exams. I’ll do all that I can
and get you debarred. What has happened?
– She busted us all. She’s summoned our parents again. Good morning, ma’am.
– Good morning. – Here is my leave letter. What for?
– I want to visit my family. It’s been a while. Mr Anthony, by taking so many leaves,
you aren’t setting a good example to students. This is my last leave for the month.
– Alright, then. ‘I deserved to be the principal, not her.’
– Is there anything else? – None at all. I’m senior to her by a year.
Yet, she was made the principal. Why? Make sure you don’t ruin it before the principal.
– Don’t worry! I’ll nail this. Let’s go. ‘Why is this lady here?’
Excuse me, ma’am. Is he your dad?
– Yes, ma’am. What is your name, sir?
– Kiran.. – Gangu.. It is Kiran Gangu.
– I guess by now you know what mischief he is upto. I know. I’m sorry. This won’t repeat again.
– My point is he isn’t guilty about anything he did! I know. I’m sorry. This won’t repeat again.
– Say something else, bro! I’ll charge extra for that. Pay me Rs. 3000.
– Rs. 3000? Alright, fine. What do you say I should do with him, sir?
I don’t feel he is sorry for his actions at all. Say action, bro.
– Action! I know. I’m sorry.
This won’t repeat again. I’ll make sure. You haven’t been able to,
that’s why he turned so indisciplined. You, idiot! What a dumb actor you are!
– Cut it! I’m a single take artist!
This stupid role play is making no sense to me and neither are you paying me well for this.
Ma’am, I’ve nothing to do with this guy. Bro, please don’t..
– I’m out of here. Bloody drunkard! You, get out!
You are detained! Please be seated.
– Thank you. You know what she was upto?
-What? – She was making me wrong calls. Even you agree those were wrong calls.
So, what’s the big deal? She was calling me up
and was asking what to wear for a date! So, just tell her what to wear for a date.
– Ours is a reputable college. We can’t tolerate such pranks.
– Didn’t you pull any pranks as a student? You should let go of such trifles.
I had to skip my kitty party to have this talk with you? Ma’am, this is the final warning.
If this repeats again, she’ll be debarred. Who cares? There are tonnes of colleges
that she can attend. Let’s go, my child. Shit! If she actually starts attending
some other college, the management would be pissed at me. I should’ve kept
my words in check. Young lad, why don’t you raise your head
and say something? I’m talking to you.
– Yes? Why didn’t you get your parents?
– I have no parents. You mean they are out of station?
– I mean I have no parents at all. I’m sorry. Where do you stay then?
– I stay with my uncle. You could’ve brought your uncle then.
– He is out of station. Alright! Consider this your last warning.
Don’t hang out with those guys anymore. Focus on your studies.
Promise me that you’d score 90% hereon. Yes, ma’am, I promise.
– You can leave now. Hello? Who is this?
– ‘Who is this?’ I’m Bitto’s principal speaking.
– ‘I’m Bitto’s father speaking.’ I’m planning on giving your son 30 days of holidays.
– ‘Holidays? What for?’ What for? Bitto will explain it to you.
– ‘Alright.’ You, dumbo! If you are planning
on fooling me, plan it perfectly. By the way, how many more times
do you plan on fooling me? I know what to do with you guys. You are suspended!
– ‘Whatever!’ Get out!
Take your phone with you. Idiot! Who is he?
– He is my brother. I see. But I asked you to get your parents.
– Principals are usually grumpy middle aged women. Didn’t know principals
could be this beautiful! Coming to the point, your sister found out
my contact number and was making prank calls to me! How I wish I found out your number.
– Sorry, I didn’t get you. I was saying how I wish
my principal was this beautiful. But these people
take me for granted. I can’t encourage this kind of stuff.
You tell me what I should do with her? Don’t worry.
I’ll take full responsibilty hereon. If you’ve any complaints about her,
call me and tell me. Take my number. Not just complaints about her,
even if there is any problem, just give me a ring. Sure! I’ll take your number from her. You may go now!
Bye! Greetings, ma’am.
– Greetings. What is the problem, ma’am?
My boy said you wanted to have a word with me. Didn’t you tell him what you did?
– N-No, ma’am. With that lisp, he tries to make prank..
– Please, don’t mind his lisp, ma’am. We didn’t have enough money
to get his lisp corrected. I apologize. That isn’t the point. He took my number
and was making me prank calls. He took my number without my permission
and then he gave it to everyone. He gave the number to his friends
specifically to make prank calls. One asks for divorce,
one asks for bull’s milk. What am I to do? I ought to kick him out of college.
But here I am, having this conversation with you. I knew he was mischievous,
but never knew he was this spoilt! You, rascal! I apologize, ma’am! Teachers are Gurus!
You’ll be ruined if you prank them! I rushed to the city
thinking your studies were at stake. I’m an illiterate. I thought you’d
study well and make our family proud! I apologize on his behalf, ma’am. Is this what you wanted,
to see your father shed tears? This is the last warning you’re getting.
Sir, don’t worry. I’ll see to it he focuses on studies. I apologize again.
I’ll take your leave now. Greetings, people!
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  3. The videos u are uploading are simply superb and each and every one are giving their excellent performences and the main thing is to say that giving message oriented videos really great……..keep going on guys…

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