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Pakado Pakado || Dhethadi || Tamada Media

The street is unusually empty.
– Hey, Samba.. Let’s not spare a single motorist.
– It is so pointless. Rich people pay the fines while the poor
run away from us. None follow the rules. I won’t be asking people to pay fines.
– What would you, then? Wait and watch.
– Alright. Stop that guy.
– Hey, stop! Pull over. Now! Sir, please, let me go.
I’ve an important exam to appear for. You’ve got an exam to appear for
on a Sunday? Cut the crap and come here. You’ve no helmet. Do you have license on you?
– Ma’am, please.. Do you have RC?
– Ma’am, please.. Do you atleast have insurance?
– Ma’am, please.. I dare you to say
‘please’ one more time! Two hundred.
– Ma’am, I only have Rs. 100 on me. Two hundred it is.
– Here goes my money meant for the movies. By 200, I didn’t mean Rs. 200.
I meant 200 sit ups. Sit ups!
– You heard me. Now get started. If you don’t do sit ups,
I’ll seize your vehicle. Record him doing sit ups.
– What for? Just do as I say.
You too. Do all the 200 sit ups. 2.. 3..
4.. 5.. What happened?
– Cops are ahead. What do we do now?
– You get down. I’ll handle them. Come here, kiddo. What’s the problem?
– My bike broke down, ma’am. Is it? I don’t think so.
– Wow! It’s a miracle! You’ve got midas touch. Don’t try to play smart.
That too with me. Where were you both going?
– To the movies, ma’am. You alone go to the movies
while I make a movie out of him. But, ma’am..
– Move your vehicle aside. Please, ma’am..
– Never show me your face again. Cops don’t usually stop women.
– Hey, girl, stop there. Kill the engine.
Why aren’t you wearing a helmet? Helmets damage my hair.
– What if you take a fall and your head gets damaged? My bad, ma’am.
– How much do you got on you? I’ve Rs. 500 on me.
– Park the vehicle here and go buy a helmet. Please, ma’am..
– Park the vehicle and go buy a helmet. Record this too. Samba, there comes a girl.
Stop here. Hey, stop! At once!
– Stop there! I’m sorry
but I’m late for work! Note down the number plate and trace her down.
– Sure, ma’am. Oh, no!
I can’t afford to be held by the cops. I can’t do this anymore.
– Neither can I. Kill the engine
and park your vehicle. Why just two? You should’ve made
10 more guys ride pillion. I don’t a see a helmet. Do you
atleast have one of the 4 documents needed? Well, ma’am..
– Yes or no? You guys resemble
Gandhi’s three wise monkeys. Those monkeys see no evil, hear no evil,
and speak no evil while you guys ride triples,
wear no helmets and carry no documents. Get down all of you and do wall chairs.
– Wall chairs? This is what you get for illegally
riding in the city limits. How can you make us do wall chairs?
– Shut up and get down. Recording it, Samba. Sure, ma’am.
– How can she make us do wall chairs? This is barbarbous.
– Don’t you dare speak in English with me. This is atrocious.
I will not do a wall chair. Shut up and follow instructions.
– Bro, shut up and follow instructions. Bend further. You place your hands on your ears.
– What nonsense is this! Stop that guy, Samba.
– Hey, stop. Right now. Do you even know whom you’re messing with?
Return back my keys right now. Where is your helmet?
Show me all your driver’s documents. Why in the world are you recording this?
Stop it at once. I’m right hand man of Yadhanna,
Sathanna’s brother. Don’t you dare mess with me.
Return back my keys. You better behave. You think
you’re doing us a favor by obliging us? We check for valid papers
only to make roads safe for us all. Don’t you wish to be safe
from road accidents? If you get killed in an accident,
Sathanna and Yadhanna wouldn’t feed your kids. And why shouldn’t
we record you people? Don’t you guys record secret videos
of erring cops and post them on social media. Neither do you guys follow any rules
that gives you moral right to argue with us. Because of your reckless driving
if you get involved in a motor crash not only would you lose your life,
your family would lose its bread winner. By bribing the cops each time you get caught,
you’re proving you don’t care for your own life. Try giving it a thought and try
following rules for everyone’s good. Return back the keys to him. ‘An average man
may live upto 70 years.’ ‘But according to a survey,
a traffic cop lives only upto 50 years.’ ‘This because they work tirelessly for us
despite rain, heat, cold, pollution etc.’ ‘They cut down their life expectancy
in order to save us from traffic hazards.’ ‘So, follow the traffic rules.’ Wear your helmets, you guys.
Pay heed to me. Let’s us all try to strictly follow
traffic norms from here on. And if you liked this video,
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  1. Amina voice akka nidhi am matladuthav asalu kiraak Akka nuvu… Pedha fan ayipoya niku…. 😎😍😂

  2. Very nice information harika really a great job well done . This information should read all of them and plz reallize

  3. Police ల ఆస్తి మీద incometax ride జరిగితే కానిస్టేబుల్ వద్ద కూడా 2 కోట్లు బయట పడతాధి, 70 years బ్రతకావలసున వాళ్ళు 50 కి పోతున్నారు అంటే వాళ్లే చేసే అరాచకాలు,100 లో10 మంది కూడా మంచిగా లేరు, పోలీస్ అనేది చాలా గొప్ప జాబ్ కానీ చివరకు ఇలా చేశారు, కానిస్టేబుల్ కూడా నెలకి min లక్ష(30000 sal+70000 bribe) సంపాదిస్తున్నారు,ఇక si,ci, dsp ల గురించి చెప్పడానికి మాటలు సరిపోవు,passport వెరిఫికేషన్ కి వస్తే వాళ్లు రాగానే చైర్ వేసి కాఫీ టీ ఇచ్చి చేతులు కట్టుకుని మర్యాదగా మాట్లాడాలి కానీ మళ్ళీ ఆ పోలీస్ కి సరిగ్గా తెలుగు రాయడం కూడా రాదు,మళ్ళీ వాళ్ళ అబ్బా సొమ్ము ఎదో ఉన్నట్లు min 1000 ఇవ్వాలి అలా ఇవ్వకపోతే ఇంకా ఏమైనా ఉందా?police లు అమ్మాయిల జీవితాల తో ఎలా అడుకుంటారో తెలియనిది కాదు,కానీ 100 లో 5 మంది చాలా మంచి వారు ఉన్నారు
    జై హింద్

  4. This video is so good they’re thinking about our safety…
    Like this if it’s true.

  5. All police officer's are currupted bastards so I oppose this video of yours… They are the worst people living.

    "Police the Prostitutes of politicians…"

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