ORCA-Zähne: Zahnpflege im LORO PARQUE (Teneriffa) | zoos.media
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ORCA-Zähne: Zahnpflege im LORO PARQUE (Teneriffa) | zoos.media

Hello, today we visit the orcas. Wolfgang Rades (Zoological Director): Loro Parque is a modern zoo. Especially as a modern zoo we take care for orcas out of conviction. It’s a cetacean species being a bit bigger than the bottlenose dolphins, but you can compensate it with a larger and modern installation. It’s nonsense to say you couldn’t properly care for these animals. I belong to the people, who were convinced. I first visited Loro Parque at the end of 2013 and came as a critic. I am volunteering for NABU in the field of international conservation and Morgan was on our agenda. We talked about that, it was relevant for conservation and I said, althought I was director of the bird park in Herborn at this time, that I can’t imagine, that you can properly care for a large marine mammal like this in a pool. Prof. Todd, who is an adivsory board member of zoos.media and researches here for a long time, said: “Come with me and observe it.” I never saw before, that a group of animals were treated so intensively and with such a great effort like it happening with the marine mammals here at Loro Parque. This is world class care. And that’s why it’s repsonsible and in the sense of animal welfare and of course in the sense of conservation, too, to present this species in modern husabandries like here. We make visitors (more than one million within one year here at Loro Parque) familiar with the fact that these are wonderful animals and not murdering whales, how they was described by whalers in the 1960s. We guarantee the animal welfare and it was proven by investigations, but also people with an understanding for these animals can experience it. So we can be sure these animals are doing great and it’s right to have them in human care. In addition to that they are not only ambassadors, but also research (some people would say:) “objects”, but of course animals are no objects. So they are highly relevant for research: for example Loro Parque Fundación published, together with Loro Parque, more than 210 scientific publications since 1994. Loro Parque is no amusement parc, but a scientifically managed modern zoo, who works based on scientific standards and also cooperates with many insitutions like e.g. institutes of universities 29 of these publications were made with and about orcas. The findings also benefit the conservation of orcas in nature. If you have questions write them down in the comment section and if you liked the video, please give it thumb up. In order to never miss a video, subscribe our channel.

7 thoughts on “ORCA-Zähne: Zahnpflege im LORO PARQUE (Teneriffa) | zoos.media

  1. Einen schönen Sonntag!
    Danke für das sehr interessante Video.
    Man kann gut sehen, wie viel Vertrauen zwischen Mensch und Tier besteht.
    Viele Grüße Anita

  2. 💙 Mehr über Training und das Futter der Tiere: https://youtu.be/sQBVJ86466k 👍
    More about training and feeding of these animals: https://youtu.be/sQBVJ86466k 👍

  3. the best explanation of teeth wear for orcas I heard. I heard bottle nose dolphins also use the mouth to explore things so make sense that orcas will to.

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