Optimized media analysis workflow with Neticle Media Intelligence
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Optimized media analysis workflow with Neticle Media Intelligence

Optimized Media Analysis Workflow
Getting the right insights from media mentions can be difficult.
Neticle simplifies media analysis tasks. Let’s see how to start.
We are at default “Overview” report now. Here you can find the main apps that help
you see and understand your brand’s online presence and reputation.
On the left side you apply filter settings. In the middle you can see the charts belonging
to the report. You can select an other report or create new
ones. By asking Neticle your business question the
system shows the relevant report. The first app you see is the overview stats.
This shows you the number of mentions in all content forms and polarities.
Neticle has a unique indicator called Web Opinion Index (WOI), which represents the
mood of the internet. In case of a positive mention the Web Opinion
Index increases, if it is a negative mention, then it decreases. The Web Opinion Index makes
it easier to follow the changes of the web’s opinion through time and compare them with
the competitor’s results. Now we know how the mood of the internet changed.
But what about the signification of the peaks? With the ”Number of mentions” graph the
most outstanding events, scandals, or PR activities become instantly recognizable.
Once you have identified the main peaks (like a campaign, a viral thread or a scandal),
the root of the mentions are not negligible. The “Mention map” summarizes the activity
of different platforms. Analysing the mentions’ context is essential.
Neticle’s “Mention Graph” highlights the key topics and their relations in huge
amounts of opinions. So, you can identify hot and trending topics instead of reading
the mentions for long hours. Moreover, key places in the opinions,
most active authors and pages apps offer you a helping hand
in identifying opinion leaders, online hubs, groups and most active mediums. These are
very useful during campaign planning Changing the settings is simple. You can filter
on an other keyword, time period or content type.
You can choose filter solely the results without updating the report’s settings or saving
the new settings. You can even be more specific by typing the
exact phrase you are interested in among your brand’s mentions and you can select the
charts you want to filter or save with the new settings.
Or you can apply even more specific filter settings by adding search phrases, tags, domains
or focusing on your own Facebook page. We have optimized the media analysis work
flow for you. Let’s take a closer look on other exciting
and time-saving functions that can support your business. Check out all of our videos
on Neticle Media Intelligence.

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