OnlyWire Social Network Auto Poster Plugin Software Review – Spencer Coffman
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OnlyWire Social Network Auto Poster Plugin Software Review – Spencer Coffman

This is a review for the only wire social
media plug-in what this does is you can purchase this for fifty dollars a year and then you
will be able to auto post any of your WordPress posts to your social media sites now once
you upload and install the plug-in you can buy from OnlyWire com or wherever then you
will have this in your settings of your WordPress dashboard and then it we under OnlyWire settings
once you click that you’ll get to this page now I’ve been purchased this plug-in about
two months ago and since the day I purchase it has been nothing but trouble one hassle
after another article is not posting properly it would grab the wrong images off the page
also grab the metatext and incorrectly it would post it as HTML or code rather than
the actual words in addition a lot of the posts don’t post so then it mrs. I’ve tried several solutions to this number
one instead of letting it automatically post through the plug-in I’ve tried up going on
to the only wire my on the only you have the option to create your own account
and then you can add all of your RSS feeds and it will automatically post based on RSS
instead of through your WordPress dashboard or browser plug-in now I tried that still
same thing didn’t work there it would post properly but it would often not post it just
wouldn’t retrieve the post so that was useless another option was installing the only wire
button on your post page so I can show you what that option looks like and then you can
see the little that’s like an only wire icon right here it looks like that but it’s on
the bottom of your page so right here it says share so you can click that and then a little
window will pop up and it will say share to however many networks you have on there now
one benefit is you can add all kinds of networks so like you can add multiple Facebook multiple
twitter Pinterest etc. and it doesn’t need to be only the network associated with your
personal accounts you can have your friend’s account or your brother’s account on that
OnlyWire settings now look at so you hit share with the button and you see that doesn’t work
either so these these multiple things that don’t work I’m going to show you I’ve contacted
support multiple times I have very numerous tickets open have exchanged emails with people
for the past two months on why this doesn’t work possible solutions yet it still doesn’t
work so we’re going to go over that I’m going to show you that look I’m not making
this up OnlyWire doesn’t work very well it doesn’t work very well at all as you can see
I just click the share button and right here I have all this meta tax and right here there’s
no image and right here is just saw this weird met attacks one of the good things they do
have you can hit this well let’s see it doesn’t work here or here we go you can sometimes
it works sometimes it doesn’t if you grab that you can get at it and then you can go
through and select which of your networks you’d like it to post to in which one you
wouldn’t like it supposed to so that’s handy another thing is any new posts that you have
any new article you posted within WordPress within your post right here will automatically
be posted to any of these social networks that are check marked it’s hit and miss it’s
good in theory but it doesn’t work that well so basically what I’m going to show you
is all of the other issues that this has been having one more thing before we move on I
just want to show you you know you saw this post down here when it’s shared and how it
didn’t quite work out so I’m going to show you that look indeed this page does have the
proper metatext put in so we’ll look at the source right here content learn language speaks
and no one understands you know I cetera that’s what should be posted in there otherwise we
go to edit page and I have a plug-in called Yoast SEO which is a replacement for any metatext
or any source code on your page that I have right here here’s my metatext here’s my title
I also have featured image right here as you can see all remember no featured image came
up so doesn’t work right now we’re going to go onto the support tickets that I have been
sending in so basically I sent in stuff saying you know every time I use it the meta texts
on max messed up here I have you know a different post on a different website I install this
on three of my websites a guide to deception calm and Michael Williams
67 com so this post years from Spencer Coffman dot-com this is what it should be here’s my
metatext as well unfortunately it posts on this WR roll business if I however if I copied
and pasted the URL into any social network the correct metatext was grabbed and if I
use my share buttons on the site not only wire share the correct method Texas Graham
therefore it’s their button that’s a problem then they go through all this nonsense about
how the cause is something else and then look at they start here Michael Williams 67 com
well I didn’t ask you about that I asked you about this other one why are you bringing
this into it so clearly that’s a problem to look at your blog we are not pulling correctly
yeah no kidding so continuing on you know we have they just updated auto filter post
tested it and it worked no I didn’t because I said thank you thinking it would work then
I still had an issue and Spencer Coffman Adam try that it said the server on this page must
have time on issues now it’s working and then they sent a picture that we will open up right
here ok so there it works for them on their networks however I said try this link which
is the link that I’m you know also having problems with and it comes up with you know
WR problems again they come up with the support they’re not seeing their on there and so here’s
their image apparently it worked I said thanks again however when I view it the posts that
are scheduled to go I they don’t show up they don’t go live in addition the meta texts really
messed up I mean it’s a hassle we can we can view that here so we go home here the post
look at here today August fourth here’s the last post what is all this moji maker entertainment
business on my my deception tip here on the Michael Williams moji maker entertainment
again down here these I posted by hand not by the RSS so these show up properly this
1 I’m Michael Williams was supposed to be the RSS feed here we got all this mine craft
advertising down here this one was posted with the through the auto posting button again
WR roll down your I’m thankful WR roll I mean I don’t know where they’re saying it
works it’s none of this is working I finally got an email from them and they allowed me
to send them screenshots of my problems because they didn’t apparently they didn’t believe
me but when they were giving me their screenshots of things working so here’s a screenshot right
here of the same post that they said worked clearly look at this not working you have
WR 0 so I said that was a manual submission it when it’s posted at the bottom site materials
all messed up and it’s a different article one featured above so the problem is universal
because here on the manual one it worked for Jerry web play Pokémon go check it out picture
heading okay up here however special com this one didn’t work it didn’t didn’t grab the
image and it also posted this wrong stuff and that’s on Jerry web as well so there’s
a lot of stuff here you know Spencer crop and share link published by OnlyWire nothing
you know nothing works here’s another one on TV this was published Spencer Coffman so
it’s not you know Jerry web or Spencer Kaufman’s page it’s it’s the only wire plugin I have
multiple image after multiple image of it not working now here when I I’ll up the only
wear post page I can paste this stuff in and then it corrects it down here and that will
post properly to my networks when I hit the share button but the point of an auto poster
is me not having to manually go in and post it every single time it’s to automatically
post and it’s automatically post correctly if I wanted to automatically post by myself
I could just do that I could paste it in all my social networks but I don’t want to do
that I wanted to automatically be done for me so as you can see we have a screenshot
after screenshot apparently they notified the development team however they continue
to tell me that errors from my own configuration the RSS works better but it doesn’t we’ve
tried that multiple times and he says you know once it’s set up on RSS all the published
articles will be syndicated which means that all the published articles all the published
articles which are all of them that are already been done ok however we can see this isn’t
the case because I syndicated the RSS and something isn’t right because look at this
all of the already published articles will be syndicated okay we’ll wait a minute July
$YEAR 19 CR role that doesn’t look very syndicated to me so I’m not really too sure what is going
on here because even these latest ones like today August fourth which was an RSS post
as you can see it it’s not an post-meeting work so something is wrong there in addition
you know back here when he said here’s some more more pictures he told me Oh unfortunately
there is due to your websites HTML ok so you took some screenshots told me that look in
my content it’s it’s it’s got this WR role in my source code so I said okay I’ll check
that out so I checked it out okay well what’s the deal it’s not working look down here we
got a healthier you eBook by Spencer Coffman ok and it posts the site logo instead of the
logo and also posts always meta stuff rather than the other image so basically the only
wire plugin is yet another social network auto posting plugin that doesn’t work properly
I mean it just it’s like one thing after another we have tried several these social network
sharing plugins and none of them seem to work the main problem with them is you install
them on your website and they either don’t post the content or they don’t post the right
content its I don’t understand why it’s so hard if you create a plug-in and there’s a
post that goes live make sure it syncs up with WordPress as soon as opposes published
all of a sudden it should be shared to the selected social media accounts and it should
should be shared in accordance with how its specified in the plugin for instance right
here we can go to posts all posts ok so OnlyWire you see we have all these settings right here
if we go to post we you know we just hit it edit with any random one what OnlyWire should
do or what any social network plug-in should do is instead of relying on the other meta
content why don’t they just do like Yoast SEO simply throw in a little thing right here
that says yeah edit your meta content and this right here is what we posted or shared
in all the wire and how about add a featured image and that will be what shared a title
and that will be what share your stress oh right here has a little spot where you can
put your Facebook title and Facebook description Facebook image and it can override the default
image however Yoast SEO doesn’t have a social network auto sharing page now if it did this
would be the way to do it anybody that has it throw it right in every post anyone can
manually change whatever they want and then this would be the content that would be shared
to the social media pages that’s how to make it work someone can just make it work that
that bottom line OnlyWire doesn’t work have sent numerous tickets so what’s the solution
solution is fine social network out of posting that works and if you ever find one post in
the comments will test it out we’ll put another review and we’ll see how it works good luck

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