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Hackers are always beavering away trying
to steal your money… your precious memories… and even your identity. So they can make money, and ruin your life. Sounds scary, and it is. So why do we make it easy for them to do it? It’s important to remember that there’s a lot of very personal information about you and your family out there online, and readily available to anyone. Experts call it “Open Source Data”. It’s kept in places anyone can access, like electoral rolls and various listing sites. It’s basic, but important stuff. Your name, address, date of birth maybe. But it’s also personal details that are put there by… well… all of us. Including your family, friends and colleagues. When you create a profile on any kind of social media site, like Facebook or LinkedIn or Instagram
for instance, you’re letting the world know who you are, what your status is, and what your preferences are. Married? Single? Curious? Collect stamps, love motorbikes,
indulge in cruises, give to charities, own a business… It’s all out there, for just about anyone to see. We all need to understand what personal information is out there. So check it out… Google yourself it’s not vanity its sanity Most of all, you need to go into the privacy settings on all the social media sites you use and only let people you’re connected to see your pages. Think before you put something online. Never accept a friend request from someone you don’t know. Avoid very personal information. The kinds of details that someone could use to pretend to be you or steal what’s precious to you. Be connected… but stay private.

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