One  Favorite Resource for simplifying business with Keith Keller
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One Favorite Resource for simplifying business with Keith Keller

>>Laura: So Keith, I know we’ve talked
about different tools that you can leverage and you know that I am a huge HootSuite user
because of how it simplifies social media posting, lets me keep track of different things,
how I interact with people. So I’m curious.>>What is one of your favorite resources
for simplifying your business?>>Keith: Well, let me spell it out, Buffer,
B-U-F-F-E-R. The best site in the Twitter-verse, for sure, undoubtedly, no discussion necessary. and the reason I love it – I don’t know if you’re using it but the
reason I love it is it’s like HootSuite on steroids, almost like the reverse.>>It’s like the Zen version of HootSuite.
HootSuite is fantastic. There’s Gremlin. There’s TweetDeck. They’re all very similar.
They’re dashboards. So they give you a very, very – sort of an overview of what’s happening.>>What Buffer does is it’s very, very focused
on one thing, scheduling. So I come across a great article, a podcast for instance from
Heather and Andrew. I tweet it now. I schedule it to go out tomorrow on my four other accounts.
It took me 10 seconds. I tweet it now and then I schedule it to go out tomorrow. That
took 10, 15 seconds max,>>So I get traction. I’m tweeting. I’m
sharing information. I’m saving time. It’s triple whammy.

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