Old people are SAVAGE!  /r/oldpeoplefacebook/ #27 [REDDIT REVIEW]
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Old people are SAVAGE! /r/oldpeoplefacebook/ #27 [REDDIT REVIEW]

REEEEEEEEEEEEE!! CHECK OUT NEW MERCH! UglyChristmasSweater.com/pewdiepie And you as well, can look this great! YEAAAAAH!!! Order now before Christmas, and it will arrive in time for Christmas! Who said I don’t have the hottest merch in the game? Who dare question my merch game? UglyChristmasSweater.com/pewdiepie Now, we have a bit of a problem. We can no longer make fun of India
*laughs* T-Series is open but, you know, “IndianPeopleFacebook” is how this whole thing started. The whole “Bobs and vagene.” But who am I possibly gonna make fun of now, for being bad at internet? For being bad at writing post on Facebook? That’s right, old people. I don’t know how this has
never been flagged to me before, but old people Facebook it’s a goddamn gold mine.
*laughs* I’m sorry India, but uh, old people take the prize. We have such golden posts on
Facebook as, “It’s with great sadness in my heart that–”
*laughs* –I can’t even read this! “–that my 49 year old son, Shane, died this morning.”
*laughing* WHY WOULD YOU– See, I haven’t used Facebook in so long, I don’t know what these are. I guess it’s like a template to make a text post more
interesting, you can pick a background and for some reason, they pick the
crying/laughing emoji background. Thank you, Mark Zuckerberg. Very cool. 👍 That just made me genuinely sad.
*laughing* “I am Old School ,,I do not use a cell phone, I do not have caller ID. I am gay.” What a fantastic profile picture! I can– it’s like no I’m not bald! Look, there’s hair up there! LOOK!! Oh I love this one. I love this one. “My friends grandma went to get passport photos about 10 years ago–” “–but didn’t quite understand the photo booth and ended up with this gem…”
*laughing* So cute!
I can only imagine she’s sitting there hoping to get a passport photo and this thing prints out.
*laughing* You can still use it as a passport photo, I’m pretty sure. “Justin please add me here thank you. i don’t care about th gay” Come on Justin, what are you doing? Add your grandma on Facebook! This makes me really glad that I don’t have Facebook anymore. Here’s a perfect example of what Mark Zuckerberg meant when he wanted to connect people We have one person posting, “Mum passed away last night. Rest in peace my lovely mum 🙏🙏🙏” 👏 👏 “Signs and Symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome” You know this happened because if you post a hyperlink in your Facebook post, and then delete it it still posts the whole thing as an image link. So she had just this article copied in her control and paste probably. Oh my god, but my favorite of this post is the comment “OAT MILK!!!”
*laughs* You know in some cultures, oat milk is a sign of grief. I don’t know, what is this? Is this what parents are doing on Facebook now that they’ve taken over the social media? Maybe we’re the ones that use Facebook wrong all along! “Sending prayers. I’m so sorry about the heart break!” Debbie: the absolute savage “LOL!!!!!!!!!! 🐛”
*laughs* “That’s not what’s supposed to come up there, but I pray for you, and hugs to the whole family!” Then delete it! Debbie, you knew exactly what you’re doing Debbie. Don’t even pretend. Goddamn. Can I say,
I look goddamn good in this. Our next post comes from another Facebook. This probably could be the greatest chain of posts of all time Andrea: “im glad was shell be fine”
“shell be ok” “shell be ok”
“shes ok”
“prayers for her” “prayers for her” “prayers” “prayers” “prayers” “prayers” “PRAYERS” “hesl ok”
*laughs* “PRAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” “HESL OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” “HESL HONRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” “WHY CANT I POST?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” *laughing* God bless you Andrea. God bless you. And thank you for your prayers. “Wow just saw 4 hugh coyotes on
the railroad” *laughing* What the– I’m so confused! Oh, this one is great. Tara… I didn’t know this, but apparently still some young people use Facebook for whatever reason. Posting stuff like this. Tara: “I hate Rihanna” Now apparently her grandma saw this post and she commented: “She might be mean to you Tara, but that doesn’t mean you have to be mean to her.”
*laughing* That’s right Geraldine, you’re goddamn right. There’s no reason to be mean to Rihanna. Just like there’s no reason to be mean to me, ok? Because I’m not mean to you. You dummy. Here’s a review on Amazon for “HP 63 Black & Tri-color Original Ink Cartridges” “The service was great: It was delivered fast and just what I needed.”
*laughs* Is he an ink cartridge perhaps? “My homeowners insurance company
posted a video about water damage.” Reply, “Where is the information needed to find my–” You gotta–you gotta wait for this one. “–needed to find my way main water valve. I bought this house used instead of newly built “and finding anything has been difficult.” “The former owner lives down the street
but always says I don’t know when I inquire about something.” “What is this? How did I get to YouTube. DON’T WASTE MY TIME WITH THIS NONSENSE!!!!!!!” *laughing* Judy. That’s right YouTube, stop wasting Judith time with such nonsense! Are you kidding me over here? YouTube always wasting my time. I hate it. Now if you for some reason thought I wouldn’t promote two merchs in one video, you’re goddamn wrong baby. The Pew News hats are selling like a goddamn God, God. It’s selling– whatever shut up. These will only be available for one more day so now is your last chance to check out represent.com/pewdiepie I’m just saying it because it’s the last chance and I’m really happy with this merch and I think it’s really cool, ok? There’s VERY slick 70 million club merch. “B**** Lasagna merch. MMM looks so good. And edgy Pew News much. Oh lalala. Designed by PewDiePie. And of course the Cyka Lasagna hoodie. Very nice. Ok. “Granny messaged me to wish me luck on my test.” “All the best for 2day. i will be
thinking of you. Lots of granny.xxx” Chaturbate Granny Sex
*laughs* Don’t you just love it when you’re blessed with granny sex for good fortune on your test Someone posted to the public Facebook group of Walmart saying, “my grandson is supposed to be having a job interview is he there?” “Hi Phyllis, we hope your grandson did well” Walmart replies. Phyllis replies, “he didn’t go he was busy catching those poke bugs on his phone. very upset with him.” OHHHHH!!! Sounds like someone is about to get grounded! With “Poke Bugs” does he mean Pokemon? I would pick– I would probably pick
playing Pokemon over a Walmart interview. So this is from a group where a foldable Bluetooth keyboard is for sale for $20 and someone asks, “Is this item still available?” “Yep.” Just got your message does it work? “Yep.” “I just no longer have a practical use for it.” “Is it loud?” This is all reasonable questions by
the way. “No, it’s a membrane board.” “O never mind.” “You want a loud keyboard?” “Why, you have one and how much? All I have is 20. “Is it bluetooth yet it’s a Bluetooth?” “YES it’s a bluetooth keyboard.” “How much?”
“Is it wireless”
“Can you send pic” “It’s $20. Yes it’s wireless.”
“Does it work with phone tablets and computers?” “The pics are in the item gallery”
“what is the gray one” “the same keyboard, folded” “do you have to use the keyboard can u use it as a speaker” “It’s just a keyboard.”
“Never mind, I’m looking for a Bluetooth speaker.”
*laughing* “Do you want this bowl,” Created by granny. “Do you want this bowl?”
“Granny added you” “Granny changed this group’s icon” to the bowl “Granny left”
“You’re now an admin” *laughs* You’re having that bowl whether you want it or not. Sounds like more of a demand for you to
take this bowl, it’s so funny. I never thought of that, that’s brilliant, you could do that to your friends “Name something that pisses you the eff off.” “Grandma is not amused.” “People like you that can’t express themselves without bad language.” That’s right. I would never swear on my watch, grandma. “60-year-old co-worker has been texting
me every day for over a year.” “Good morning.” “Good morning.” “Good morning.” “Good morning.”
*laughing* That’s kind of cute. NO! I don’t want any wholesome posts in these. GET OUT OF HERE. “Aunt gave birth yesterday and my grandpa
was very excited.” Grandpa: “Ok.” *laughs* OK. OK. I mean there’s really no– you can’t
get more excited than okay. Everyone knows that’s the pinnacle of expression. “I wish– I wish someone loved me as much as this horse loves broccoli.” What? What– “Um lol that’s a bear and a cantaloupe but ok.” “WOLF AND WATERMELON!” WOLF AND WATERMELON! “Does everyone see it differently?”
What do you see? “I see wolf and watermelon is this about a dress?” Are they talking about the dress
that looked like it was– what was it like purple or yellow? “This must technically count. My aunt just took a screenshot.” I mean I guess. I guess
it worked it looks like it did. “A woman died and her four children were injured
after a crash in the valley.” Sharon: “Bye!” *laughing* Absolute savage, Sharon! Goddamn. See, this is why I love old people. They have absolutely no chill whatsoever. “This seems a tad inappropriate.”
“Sorry don’t know how to remove it, yet still learning.” I love that you just have an excuse for just everything as well, “Sorry! Still learning.” All my next apologies is gonna be, “Still
learning!” that’s what the are– OK! That was it for old people Facebook, wasn’t that a good time? Smash like, check out UglyChristmasSweater.com/pewdiepie and check out represent.com/pewdiepie because of course you wanna look this good. You wanna be comfy for Christmas? This is what you got. Ok, goodbye!

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