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  1. Girl omg look how far you’ve come…. you went from fighting with ur parents every day and being broke af almost wanting to end ur life working at Pacsun to THIS beautiful house and you probably never expected it

  2. When do I get my house key?
    You literally need me around to turn that frown upside down, or to make your rainy day bright again or maybe just to be your friend to the very end I don't know that sounded whack as fuck but hey that's what you get from that guy you know.

  3. When she was talking about the pebble between David and Liza and she said she will never have love like that, flashforward to current day… Jana got married yesterday 💜💜💜🥰💜🥰

  4. There are many people who can afford these homes with beautiful kitchens and either don't know how to cook (or never use them). And then there are the people who LOVE to cook and/ or are really great at it, but they have crappy small kitchens…It's a travesty…

  5. Am I the only one who is bothered by the quality of the recording? Some of the shots are cut off or not centered correctly and there’s parts where she points something out and the camera turns to it but immediately turns back

  6. and she did what to earn this? we don’t know. but hey if your rich i can’t judge bc you’re living better than me

  7. “So basically everytime I pass the roof I realize I’ll never have love like that”

    Bitch look at u now getting married to jake, a lot can change in 7 months

  8. tbh you're room is way more cooler , it's full of art…… than jake's hahahahahhaahha idk if that make sense , but it does to me ,

  9. Omg tana I would love walking in your backyard smoking a fat blunt with you😭😂 that’d be a fucking vibe 😂🤞🏼

  10. I've been binging tana videos all day cuz i'm sick and suddenly my bank account has like $2.58 in it cuz I kinda bought a scandalous hoodie… still don't regret it 🙂

  11. WAIT I thought she wasn't allowed to keep the Louis Viton backpack?? after she tried to get it repaired didn't the employee tell her she she couldn't keep it?

  12. 50% of the comments: hunter is an asshole
    49.9 of the comments: tana is a pushover / this is embarrassing
    0.1% of the comments: haha this is funny

    the 0.1% are Jake paulers

  13. your such an inspiration I've been with you for so long and im proud of how much you have become my fav youtube bc your humble and real.

  14. Oh Tana 😂❤️ You’vd grown on me so so much (I finally subscribed) but nothing you call art is remotely creative. But I’m glad you love it!

    ( 25:09 NO, TANA! NOOO!)

  15. Tana my hubby has a big stack of 90’s playboy issues that we need to get rid of ! If u need them please let me know !

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