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Office lo Mahanatudu | Wirally Originals || Tamada Media

‘I hereby request all the netizens’ ‘to hit the bell icon
to get updates from Wirally.’ Shit! My head is aching so bad. Who could this guy be?
Is that your resume? No, sir. I wanted to..
– Join this company? No, sir.
– You may think this is a software company but this more like a drama company.
Every employee puts on Oscar worthy performances. But this company has a good reputation.
– That is because no one knows the shit that happens here. And the work?
– We do pointless work here. So, you say this company is bad?
– Let me let you into a secret. You already wasted your time coming here.
If you start working here, you’ll be ruined. How I wish someone told me this
before I started working here. Thank you for being so honest.
Else, I’d have invested in this company. ‘Invest? So, is he a client?’
Go on. You’ll find firms which are worse than this one. What do you mean?
– All companies suck. In comparison, this company rocks.
– You said every one puts on acts. Who doesn’t act?
And do you know what Shakespeare said? He said
“We all are mere puppets.” You said you do pointless work here.
– So what? We atleast do work unlike other companies. No wonder we’ve got a good reputation.
– What do you say? Should I invest here or not? We employees take all the shit
to ultimately please the clients. Don’t waste anymore time. I’ll introduce you
to the boss. He values me a lot! You’ll get no more leaves! You asked for a leave again? Why? Did you ask for one aswell?
– I did. I told him I’ve to attend my grandfather’s funeral
and he suggested me to watch it through Facebook live. He is an idiot! At times he even asks
employees to work on Sundays to compensate for leaves. No one can get leaves approved by him.
No one can. You can?
– What is the bet? I’ll give you half of my salary.
– Lovely! Now let me think. Is he boss’s relative or something?
– No, he isn’t. – Now go ask him for leave. Sai, are you done with project? Not yet?
– What is going on? Why this sudden rush? There is an error in your code.
You better get back to your work. Ravi..
– Who the hell are you? Sir.. My bad. What is happening?
– Today is the deadline to submit the project. Impressive!
– If you’ll excuse us, we’ll get back to our work. Sure. Continue! What happened?
Are you not keeping well? I’m fine, sir.
Hey, you correct your code. You too! You don’t seem alright.
Take some rest. I can’t, sir. We’ve got the project to finish.
– I’ll take care of the project. Take some rest. Are you sure you’ll take care of the project?
– Sure. You may leave for today. Ravi..
– Yes, sir? Don’t worry about the project.
I’ll ensure it gets done. You take rest. How was it! Ravi, check out that girl.
– That girl? ‘Why is he staring at me?’ ‘Busted! I’ve to act quick.
Shit! She’s coming here.’ Excuse me! Hello.. Yes?
– Why are you staring at me? I was staring at you? No.
My friend has a problem. I was deeply thinking about it. Maybe I unknowingly was looking
at your direction. Oh! I’m sorry.
– Nevermind, ma’am. How is it! Why do all movies release on Friday?
They should instead release on Saturdays. I’m unable to catch my favorite hero’s movie
first day first show today. Don’t tell you are going for the movie.
– I’m. At Prasad’s, screen 4, A-15. So, you are going.
Good for you. You’ll manage somehow. Screw my fate.
– What is the matter? I applied for a sick leave
and went out on a date with my girlfriend. She uploaded the selfie on Facebook
and tagged me. The boss saw it. He yelled at me real bad.
– You should know how to spend your off day. Why were you active
on social media when you were supposedly sick? It is easier said than done.
I dare you to do it. You dared him to a challenge?
I pity you. I’m going to a movie today.
– Today? But we’ve an important meeting today. It is important for you and me,
not for him. ‘Isn’t he running late for the movie?’
– ‘ Just wait and watch.’ Good morning, everyone.
– Good morning. So, in today’s meeting..
– What? An accident! What is the matter?
– What the.. I spoke to him just today! So sad! He is profusely bleeding?
But I’ve got a meeting. This meeting isn’t that important.
– What! Operation would cost atleast Rs. 1,00,000? Where do I get Rs. 1,00,000 from?
I only have savings of Rs. 70,000. I’m in middle of a very important meeting.
– Screw this meeting. You can go. Can I? Bro, I’m coming!
Please, wait for me! But where can I get Rs. 35,000 thousand from? I’ll ask the account guys
to transfer that money to you. Will you? Can’t I be given cash instead?
– That can’t be done. Alright! Please ask them to transfer soon.
Bro, I’m coming! Wait for me! Wonder why God
is so cruel to him. Welcome to Sotari Reviews!
The movie has garnered a lot of positive response. I watched it too and I loved it!
– Why didn’t you come to morning show? The movie is a blockbuster. It is mindblowing!
The performances were amazing! Each time a Sumo is exploded,
you’d lose your mind! Why didn’t you attend the morning show?
There is such a huge queue at the ticket counter! My mind is blown! The goons bounce
of the ground each time hero beats the crap out of them! I’ll teach him a lesson. ‘Please try again.’ ‘Please try again.’
– What is wrong with this? ‘Please try again.’
– What is going on? Mrs HR, is there something wrong
with the biometric machine? It isn’t scanning my finger.
– Maybe its mind is blown! Mind is blown?
I guess I heard someone say this. What is he doing? What is wrong with him? Something doesn’t seem right today. The movie isn’t as mind blowing
as you said it is. What nonsense! The movie is a smash hit..
Shit! Busted! ‘Sir, my friend with an accident..’ ‘Sir, I’m too sick to even stand.’
– Oh, no! What do I do now?
– What a performer you are. Now get going. Where to, sir?
– Try your luck as an actor. Good idea. Do you have any contacts.
– Since your video went viral, directors will contact you. Thank you, sir! Hi!
– Hi! You are Jones Katru, right?
– And you are.. It was you, right?
Could you do that for me again? My mind is blown!
– He did it so good, didn’t he? Sir, if you don’t mind,
could you give me an opportunity at Wirally? Of course! We’re in dire need of guys like you.
Give me a minute. Sir, we just a fabulous actor
for Wirally. Yes, sir. Cool! Thank you, sir.
– You are welcome. If you know any such ‘performers’,
share this video with them. And subscribe to Wirally!

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  5. First comment it's cool and the sotari brothers web series is so cool I can't even say in words also

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