41 thoughts on “Oculus Go New User Set Up Guide

  1. Well this is actually disappointing. I genuinely thought these standalone headsets didn't need a phone at any point of the process. They won't be the real deal until they truly are entirely standalone imo. And, also, it's such a shame that modern devices require so much faffing about with setting up accounts and other crap like that just to get going. I'm constantly reminded why I loved the likes of my SNES back in the day, and why the SNES Classic Edition is still some of the most pure and simple fun I've had even in 2018.

  2. I don’t even have a go but I’m watching this because I love you guys and I want a Quest…you guys should like reveal a bit more about it for Christmas

  3. They should have pointed out that the strap connections pivot. That has been the number one discovery for people trying to make the Go more comfortable!

  4. I was well annoyed, I was part of the initial launch set and my box did not contain a power adaptor.
    @oculus is there anything that can be done for me?

  5. Does anybody know how to put on the lanyard? The hole is too small on the controller. Or did everybody just come to complain that this is not a video about oculus quest? If you’re one of those people… Really?

  6. I would be willing to bet the overwhelming majority of Oculus customers are white males so why the forced diversity BS? What a turn off.

  7. help i did a factory reset and orange light is blinking and will not power on does anyone have a solution?

  8. How can I share the same experience at the same time between two oculas go's, I bought two so my wife and I can explore the world sites in sync, but no where can I find how to get both viewing the same thing at the same time so we can explore sites and chat at the same time?

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