NYU Tandon School of Engineering – Integrated Digital Media

We’re in the middle of the Brooklyn Tech
Triangle, and NYU Engineering takes a lot of advantage of it. It really
is about being connected to the city. NYU Engineering is the perfect place for
digital media because unlike some other digital media programs that might be
based in art schools, because we’re in engineering, it’s absolutely essential
that our students get a strong foundation in technology, in computer
science, in engineering. And those careers that are open to you become much more
open if you can say, “Yeah this is really my passion but I’m also like, really, a
utility player.” They can take classes again in audio, they can take classes in
film, they can take classes in 3D and augmented reality, and web, and
performance, and after being exposed to so many different mediums they can
choose which avenue they will like to focus on. So MAGNET is the Media and
Games Network at NYU and it’s NYU’s first, and so far only, interfaculty interdepartmental teaching and research facility. The MAGNET facility is
brand-spanking-new. It’s got a really cool potential for having crossover
between all the different focuses on game design and game development here at
NYU. If you sort of look above your heads throughout the space, everything’s rigged
with a pipe grid so that you can hang screens, you hang projectors, you can hang cameras,
you can hang speakers. You can sort of set up any part of the space for informal
presentation. The students are, you know, just ecstatic. They love the
new space, they’re here all the time. It’s a warm friendly
environment. The fact that we’re in the same space as I think Tisch, the Game Lab,
ITP, and all these other schools and get to interact with people in roughly the
same fields but not necessarily from NYU Engineering specifically, it’s been a
really great experience. This sort of research unit for the IDM program, right,
it’s called the Brooklyn Experimental Media Center. It’s Media Research that requires an experimental design; you got to go out
in the field and test it. Having the opportunity to have the mobile augmented
reality lab located at the MAGNET space has really been incredible. It’s really
the opportunity of a lifetime. It gets me up in the morning and I’m excited
to kind of come in and work with these guys. You’re working with, you know, some
of the brightest minds, young minds that are out there right now. They’ve got an
incredible amount of energy, the ideas are just constantly flowing. We have game
design happening at Game Center, and then we have this kind
of more open-ended interactive department at Poly that focuses not
only on gaming but interactive play and interaction, and I think the potential
for really groundbreaking experiences to come out of that fusion is really strong.
There’s tons of internship opportunities here. I see my friends, you know, working
at all kinds of little startups and things like that. There’s the NYU-Poly
incubator which I know that people are part of. This is an excellent place to
tap into the resources of the faculty/current students. Tap into the resources
of NYU. Tap into of the resources of the incubator. What you put into the program
is exactly what you get out, and so, if you go into it with that mindset you’ll
leave with endless opportunity. The more you can get outside the building and
connect with what’s going on in the borough the better off you are. I think it’s a fantastic community. Students are able to tailor the program to their
visions and projects that they want to create. Most academic programs will teach students a particular software or
particular coding skills.The digital media program teaches students to build
things. The engineering aspects like the actual computer programming classes
leave you with a skill set to not only dream big and have that artistic vision
but then to actually be able to create that yourself.

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