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NYU Steinhardt MA in Digital Media Design for Learning

Maaike Bouwmeester: Abby Adams graduated in the spring of 2015 from the Digital Media Design for Learning Program Which we fondly called the DMDL Abby is at a company called Toca Boca Toca Boca develops playful learning apps for kids Abby Adams: I say it way too much but it’s literally a dream company that believes in all the things that I believe in That is absolutely what I’m all about making everything fun One of my friends from DMDL got another job offer wasn’t gonna work here And I was like just introduce me I’ll do the rest So basically she set me up I asked for an informational interview I came in and said here’s what I’ve been doing, here’s what I want to do, here’s when I can start And they were like you know we do need someone to do that So there was no job description, there was no job posting So you just press that one button and it pauses everywhere and nothing, no black screens of doom or any of that So one of the things that we’re thinking about is moving the location of one of the buttons Here obviously a lot more people are starting the app than are using this feature Is it because kids come to a video platform just to watch videos that could be it You know so it’s about making a whole bunch of questions and then figuring out the answers So right now I’m just figuring out what the questions are It is a lot of work to make things fun for sure Maaike Bouwmeester: So I think students could really learn from Abby’s work and who she is as a person To build relationships to really form bonds with the peers in the program Abby Adams: You know who else went to DMDL? This person right behind you – Claire.
– Hello. – Am I on camera?
– Yeah.

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