NYT Punishes Editor After Horrific Behavior on Social Media
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NYT Punishes Editor After Horrific Behavior on Social Media

>>The New York Times has actually demoted
one of their Washington editors. We’re talking about Jonathan Weisman. And we told you all about Weisman and his
antics online right here on TYT, but just in case here’s a refresher. Because Weisman has actually been under fire
for tweets questing whether Reps Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar actually represented the Mid
West. And whether Reps Doggett and John Lewis represented
the Deep South, given that their districts are primarily urban and theirs, and heavily
minority, the last two there. Also, you may remember that he told author
Roxanne Gay that she owed him an apology after she criticized him for writing a tweet, pointing
out that a Congresswoman was black. While not mentioning that her primary challenger
was also black. And a Times spokeswoman Eileen Murphy, said
Weisman had apologized to Executive Editor Dean Baquet for his recent serious lapses
in judgment, but that he has been demoted and will no longer edit the newspapers coverage
of Congress. The Times didn’t specify what his duties will
be. But they also said he would no longer be active
on social media. So his posts were really, really racist and
he still work for the Times.>>Yeah.>>That’s where it goes.>>Look, I think there’s two issues here. So we covered the racial angle last time around. Just Democratic candid is Morgan Harper, and
you should check her out. She’s wonderful, totally uncorrupted. And, he attacked her, he seemed to imply that
she was racist. And then when she pointed out that she was
black, he’s like, said something along the lines so, if you say so, I saw the picture,
what? Okay, so that’s both certainly potentially
racist, while pretending to be concerned about racism, and super weird, and disrespectful. But on top of that there is another issue
here which is, his disdain for progressives over all. His twitter at that point, I went on that
day when we’re covering the story. Was almost all against Justice Democrats. Wait, even if you’re in the Democratic party,
your suppose to pretend to be neutral but of course they hate the Justice Democrats,
cuz they challenge incumbents and they love their beloved incumbents and the powerful
and elite, etc. So if you were at the Democratic party, it
would be annoying but I would understand it, right? But you’re not, you’re an editor at The New
York Times covering Washington. So why are you attacking challengers of incumbents
and trying to protect the powerful? What a weird thing you decided to take on
as a duty while being the deputy editor of The New York Times in Washington covering
these elections. So I guess I’m glad he’s resigned, if we’re
gonna leave it at that. And they’re like, don’t go on social media
so people won’t know from now on what you really think.>>But I loved anyone on social media, otherwise
he would still have that job and, while pretending to be neutral and objective, he would write
things that I’m positive, as he has done in the past. That with great disdain towards Justice Democrats,
uncorrupted candidates, ones that don’t take big corporate money, and write glowing pieces
about, these corporate Democrats are so wonderful. I mean, I didn’t say wonderful, cuz I’m objective. I’m just saying, they have a lot of power
that they could wield on behalf of their citizens. On behalf of their citizens and voters.>>Etc, but with all these radicals trying
to come in here and not take corporate pack money, what’s wrong with them. I don’t even believe they’re black. So I’m glad he went on social media so we
could actually know what the hell he’s about.>>I mean there’s only one person who gets
to write really offensive tweets and keep their job, and we know who that is.>>So,
>>But look, one more important thing about this, executive editor Dean Birkhead did a
town hall for his reporters and they talked about the Weisman tweets, Weisman situation
overall. And they talked about the headline that got
a lot of controversy recently about the Trump speech, where it seemed like Trump was fighting
against racism.>>When obviously he’s doing no such thing,
but I, I, hope that their not treating it as one-offs. And I’m worried that they are like, bad guy,
telling people what he actually thinks on social media, remember we are all objective,
right? And I hope I don’t know the details to the
meeting so that’s why I’m saying I hope, I hope they talked about the systemic problem
at the New York Times. Because the New York Times does wonderful
stories. I’ve got a New York Times reporter coming
on in the third hour of The Young Turks Incredible investigation. And I love that kind of free press that challenges
the powerful, etc. But their political reporters, overall love
the establishment and the status quo. And then they till have the temerity to tell
us. No, no, we’re objective. So when we tell you that Bernie Sanders is
radical, and Elizabeth Warren’s plans are undoable, but then and the other candidates
and all the incumbents are wonderful and pragmatic and realistic. And we use words by pragmatic, realistic,
reasonable, etc. No, no, no, no, no because our perspective
is the perspective you should all have. And that to me is the worst bias you could
possibly have. Do they really address that? I’d be really surprise, cuz it’s all over
their paper.

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  2. weissman, when Whiteman doesnt cut it for you and you need that extra nazi ring to it. Or what a jewish guy does when he forgot history

  3. Sarah Jeong is a South Korean immigrant who works as an editor for New York Times that has publicly voiced her hatred for white American men.

  4. Tyt never acknowledged the barrage of racist Tweets by New York Times editor Sarah Jeong when expressing her disdain for white men.

  5. To the young Turks; It May be illegal to talk about the mass genocide you committed against the Armenian people in Turkey but it’s not here…you and your foolish leftist followers can try your hardest to take away our free speech and our basic human rights but you will NEVER succeed. If you push patriotic Americans too far we eventually will fight back and you will lose.

  6. this comment that im going to make has nothing to do with this what so ever………I saw a video early in the day. its about Kaitlin Bennett who was asking questions to the protesters…..Cenk talk very bad against Kaitlin Bennett for wearing a Gun on here Graduation day…….so Kaitlin Bennett goes to straight up into Cenks face ask why did you freak out and cried on your show…….bt Cenk just stands there and says nothing….she wasn't being rude or anything like that. and all Cenk said "you need to leave"'…Cenk had no problem of putting her down on the young Turks set, bt couldn't say it in front of Kaitlin Bennett……that is one of the most cowardly incidents I seen in the media,. he didn't have the guys to tell her in front of her face……..

  7. When he says "pure and uncorrupted" I always think he's talking about something weirdly sexual or something I am supposed to rub on my gums to test.

  8. Oh? The same papers that DIDnt fire their employe that wished for extermination of white people.
    I belive she is tech journalist for NYT.

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  10. Selective amnesia is the folly of white supremacist christians. Remember how your ancestors treated the First Nation people.
    Very non-christian like.
    Things haven't changed 400 years later. Still racist…to all non-white people.

  11. Doesn't NYT know its now Shockingly Horrific!! to criticize anyone among the privileged Protected groups? tsk tsk tsk NYT smh

  12. If I understand 'black' it is a collective adjective meaning obviously not of pure aryan descent? 25% black and 75% white = 100% black. Progressive math.

  13. So, how has he still got a job there? Maybe it is because they would also have to sack all their other hopelessly biased staff members?

  14. Sarah Jeong tweeted many racist tweets towards White people and she was hired to the New York Times Editorial Board. She was given a pass. Why is that? Because her targets were White people.

  15. A news paper should be objective and only report the news but the nytimes reported opposition payed for Russian collusion conspiracy as if there was evidence for almost three years, hardly objective in my opinion

  16. It's not surprising that establishment media would have disdain for journalistic objectivity, when theirs is a game of winner take all.

  17. Jewish people are exempt from your left wing smears and attacks. They are God’s chosen people. Show some friggen respect.

  18. Dollars to Bagels w/ lox this editor is attacking progressive is simply due to the fact that the status quo Dems blindly support rightwing policies in Israel while Talib & others are vocal critics of the apartheid state which is Israel.

  19. Before i watched..Cenk and Ana will not be defending his free speech bc he isnt a liberal
    Edit: Cenk didn't defend free speech bc the guy wasn't a liberal

  20. The ship sailed on the NYT a long time ago. Yes, they have good reporting but it is hit or miss. Their Trump 2016 election coverage has been almost as terrible as their reporting selling the Iraq war to the American public alongside the Bush administration. Weissman is not the first problematic, partisan reporter on their staff nor their last. The fact that they keep him on staff in a less public role is very telling as to their commitment to values and "the truth".

  21. You progressives arebt that progressive
    And speaking about black racists
    Whats your oppinion about Jessie lee patterson

  22. 1) Being racist
    2) While pretending to stand up for racism
    3) & super weird
    4) while being incredibly disrespectful

    I thought that was TYT's mission statement? 🤔

  23. What about the lady that has constantly covered Barney Sanders and constantly turns things around when she writes about him, to make him look bad????

  24. Dear young Turks. What is the story with Epstein?
    “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”
    Arthur Conan Doyle
    Unidentified individual clams Epstein’s body. Did Barr clam Epstein’s body?
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    The question must now be asked did the warden, or deputy warden falsify the logs, or were they all conspiring to cover up the critical incident after they all took a nap while Epstein went to see the other side!
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    It is vary clear what had to be done with Epstein after a prosecutor finally decided to do their job!
    1. You remove the asset to a safe location! 2. You eliminate the asset!
    Witch ever one has taken place, the result is the same for the owners of the asset! 😢
    “Fight the powers, Fight the powers that be!” ❤️🤗🖖

  25. So the guy was told by the chief to turn in his gun, was taken off the street, put on fully-paid administrative duties and ordered not to make public statements pending the results of an internal investigation? Where have I heard this kind of story before? Hmmmm…………

  26. I just woke up, what happened? Did Turkey start making a bunch of soi boi ? Corn feed is where it’s at , bring it puszies

  27. Cenk I right ! The turd we can see in the punch bowl is much better than the hidden turd we don't ! Good call I don't agree with him a lot ! On this I do though !

  28. Even though TYNT is most left/liberal swinging, it never ceases to amaze the hidden rise of the right wing within the New York Times. They hate Donald Trump and they have everything reason to being that Trump hates every mainstream media with the exception of Fox News. I can’t understand Jonathan Weisman’s M.O. here. He certainly can’t be that much of a wiseman thinking he can hide his social media prejudice while working for TYNT. Does he really hate working for them and hoping this would be an opportunity for him to advertise himself with the likes of Fox News likewise Tomi Lahren? I doubt it but it wouldn’t surprise me. What a loathsome individual taking paychecks from TNYT just to spew his hatred for other people.

  29. Imagine having the power to reach a lot of people with your reporting…and then going on social media and acting like a fool. Twitter couldn't care less if people got actual facts that they need in order to make informed decisions. It's just famous people getting attention and a million crackpots rage tweeting about what was said.

  30. Father God, the Great I AM, Yahweh
    bless, keep, heal and protect your Saints as we pray to bind the evil spirts in
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    Be vigilant.

    See something.

    Say something.

    Know your surroundings at all times.

    The More You Know…

    MSM coverage?

    When you control the media, you control public opinion.

    It's all coming out soon!!!

    Nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing.

    Slaves no more. WWG1WGA.

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