NXT premieres live on USA Network on Sept. 18
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NXT premieres live on USA Network on Sept. 18

96 thoughts on “NXT premieres live on USA Network on Sept. 18

  1. notice how NXT is being heavily promoted now that it's moving to the usa network.
    But in previous years, no one on raw and smackdown has acknowledged it as a third brand. Lol

  2. You seen the Bill Goldberg T Shirts "whos next" WWE Needs some T Shirts "NXT RULES" Some one has to do it. I think NXT is just what wrestling needs to spice it up a notch! What an amazing time for fans old and new, young an old!

  3. WWE:NXT is just developmental not a brand or main stream.

    WWE: RAW and SmackDown are mainstream but SmackDown is the B show..

  4. Yessssssssssssss finally nxt is my favorite brand of the three and I’ve been to multiple nxt shows and have multiple shirts action figs and the OG and new belts!!!!!

  5. This is the reason why The Undisputed Era, DIY, Velveteen Dream, Shana Bazler weren't called up last year for this playmaker move.

  6. Hopefully they keep the same vibe and not water it down like the main roster with predictable moveset the wrestlers have

  7. I'd love to see them actually treat NXT as the third brand it should be, but the fact that this is just their way of trying to hinder AEW out of pettiness and not genuinely pushing the brand makes me sad.

  8. FOX: We need you Triple H to take control with Eric Bischoff when Smackdown first airs on FOX.

    Triple H: Ok, but I need to take care of my NXT project.

    Vince McMahon: Don't worry Hunter, I'll takeover NXT for ya!

  9. Nxt will go back to the network when they get close to beating raw and smack down in the ratings. Be funny when AEW and NXT is the war when raw and smack down fall flat

  10. Doesn’t this defeat the purpose of what NXT is supposed to be? You’re supposed to work your way up to the main shows that are on tv.

  11. I’m not really a fan of NXT or Slipknot but NXT is basically the only competition WWE has for AEW and hopefully Vince doesn’t take over NXT and lets Triple H continue his role of being in charge of NXT.

  12. It's a joke how I don't even get the live shows on the network what next the pay-per-views I'll be cancelling my contract soon

  13. Does this mean nxt is part of WrestleManias now?Will NXT stars still go to the main roster?I mean I would love to see Adam Cole vs Seth Rollins,Adam Cole vs Kevin Owens, velveteen dream vs Miz and Matt riddle vs Brock Lesnar

  14. congrats to Trips and NXT. it appears as NXT has outgrown its former intended role as a talent pool feeding system for WWE main and is rather becoming its own full blown promotion. if this continues we may find ourselves in an epic battle between WWE main NXT and AEW. a triple threat match between the promotions.

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