NXT is heading to USA Network: WWE Now
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NXT is heading to USA Network: WWE Now

100 thoughts on “NXT is heading to USA Network: WWE Now

  1. USA network has alot of WWE produced things such as that Stone Cold show, Miz and Mrs and now NXT(plus Raw and SD)…they should rename the network to WWE Network…oh wait

  2. I hope NXT come to Spanish televisión with Raw & SmackDown, please, contact with Atresmedia XD 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  3. Back in the 90s USA and TNT were competing on the same day with WWF and WCW, and now we're back with round 2. Should be interesting, to say the least

  4. You guys overreact with everything, including Vince ruining NXT. This is better for the brand because they can finally reach the casual audience even more. In reality, Vince will help NXT despite what all of you say because he’s gonna try and make it even more broader to non wrestling fans as well.

  5. This is the end of NXT.
    2019's version of WWECW.
    I was never a fan of NXT anyways,
    But I hope it does well on USA.
    I don't watch WWE TV ever.
    Havent since 2007.
    I catch Rumble, Mania, and Summerslam
    if there is a match I want to see.

    I think WWE is really underestimating AEW.
    They are selling out shows.

    WWE is struggling to do that.
    I seen RAW was tarped off again last night.

  6. Remember this when WWE makes more Network videos about WCW being pure evil for going head to head with them. WWE just ruined NXT, and it was all cause they fear AEW. Plain and simple.

  7. Notice that they only named dropped 4 people as stars. Cause where did Vince book Bobby Roode, EC3, Finn, Sami, Revival, American Alpha, Nakamura, Ruzev, Mojo, Asuka, War Raiders, Kairi, Ascension, ext? list goes on and on.
    That's right midcard city and that's if they are even lucky to still be on TV or have a job.

  8. If Vince puts his grabby hands on NXT now and starts ripping scripts apart or even introducing more scripts than before, he will just turn this into a second SmackDown. And we don't want or need that…

  9. All I see in this move is Vince McMahon being the bully that he is. AEW was trying to stay clear from WWE on TV, and Vince just couldn't help himself. I love NXT, but I know what I'll be watching live on Wednesday night, and it ain't on USA network… AEW comes first for me.

  10. WWE trying to kill AEW in ratings but is gonna kill the best thing it's had going in several years once vince gets his hands on it

  11. People are missing the biggest worry about all of this. Nxt being on TV means it is officially the third main roster brand. This could mean no more nxt takeover and they might just be used on main roster ppvs and the matches will not get as much time.

  12. With that thing called a DVR it is really a pointless move but it's there time and money so whatever. I'd rather WWE Invest in Pyro,intros,entrance videos and actual stages not just scattered led tvs for a set.

  13. I'm mixed when this… On one hand, it's great that NXT is moving to live TV but on the other hand, more than likely VKM will be involved in some way, which I am not a fan of

  14. There's no chance that Vince is going to keep his hands off NXT. Regardless, I will watch NXT on USA until AEW begins its Weds show, then I will switch to watching NXT on the WWE Network.

  15. They is gonna be Wednesday night wars With AEW as the same time it is on TNT on October 2 2019 and NXT On USA September 18 2019.

  16. I get Vince controls WWE but I swear to god if he even lays one tiny little touch on NXT I'm going to watch AEW instead. All Vince does is screwing things up. Also didn't Vince say on that one raw that The McMahons would be General managers of raw and smack down and he said that the fans would get what they want? Yeah that only lasted the rest of the night. Keep Vince away from NXT, I'm fine with NXT moving to USA network but Triple H better be charge of it. So WWE do not even let Vince control NXT, he is just gonna ruin everybody and the whole show. Hell, there won't be any good matches or storylines anymore if Vince takes control. Keep. Vince. Away from NXT.

  17. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yesss!!!! I can't wait… NXT third Brand woww… Now I team Blue and Yellow ahahaa… Red? No.. Just no…

  18. Great, give me less reasons to keep a monthly network subscription WWE. Now just move your monthly events to FS1 so I can cancel please. thanks!

  19. All this work WWE is doing recently to compete with ONE show by an upstart pro wrestling company is funny. If AEW ever releases a 2nd weekly show, WWE is screwed.

  20. So…..what's the point of the network now then? I've had it since 2014 and watched everything I want to watch on it. If you're asking me to swap paying £10 and being able to watch it whenever I like for paying whatever the cable package price is for the channel it's on and only being able to watch it early hours of the morning that's not really going to happen.

  21. It's amazing to see all of the comments on here portraying Vince as an out of touch, bad for business boss. It seems these kids have no clue who they're talking about… and maybe the only reason they're all copying each other's opinions is because some bogus internet narrative is trying to ruin Vince's credibility…

    I wonder how many of these anti-Vince lemmings have signed up to the stupid Area 51 thing… just because the internet told them to?

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