Noam Chomsky – The 5 Filters of the Mass Media Machine
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Noam Chomsky – The 5 Filters of the Mass Media Machine

‘Propaganda’. Many use the word when talking about countries like North Korea, Kazakhstan, Iran. Countries viewed as authoritarian
through the lens of the western media. ‘Press freedom’. ‘Freedom of thought’. People use those terms when talking about countries like the United States, France, Australia. ‘Democracies’. In 1988, Noam Chomsky co-authored a book with Edward Herman called ‘Manufacturing Consent’. It blasted apart the notion that media acts
as a check on political power. That media inform the public,
serve the public so that we can better engage in the political process. In fact, media manufacture our consent. They tell us what those in power
need them to tell us … so we can fall in line. Democracy is staged with the help of media
that work as propaganda machines. Media operate through five filters. The first has to do with ownership. Mass media firms are big corporations. Often, they are part of even bigger conglomerates. Their end game? Profit. And so it’s in their interests to push for
whatever guarantees that profit. Critical journalism takes second place to
the needs and interests of the corporation. The second filter exposes
the real role of advertising. Media costs a lot more than consumers will ever pay. So who fills the gap? Advertisers. And what are the advertisers paying for? Audiences. And so it isn’t so much that the media are selling you a product – their output. They are also selling advertisers a product
– YOU. How does the establishment manage the media? That’s the third filter. Journalism cannot be a check on power because the very system encourages complicity. Governments, corporations, big institutions
know how to play the media game. They know how to influence the news narrative. They feed media scoops, official accounts,
interviews with the ‘experts’. They make themselves crucial to the process of journalism. So, those in power and those who report on them
are in bed with each other. If you want to challenge power, you’ll be
pushed to the margins. Your name won’t be down. You won’t be
getting in. You’ve lost your access. You’ve lost the story. When the media – journalists, whistleblowers,
sources – stray away from the consensus, they get ‘flak’. That’s the fourth filter.
When the story is inconvenient for the powers that be, you’ll see the flak machine in
action discrediting sources, trashing stories and diverting the conversation. To manufacture consent, you need an enemy
– a target. That common enemy is the fifth filter. Communism. Terrorists. Immigrants. A common enemy,
a bogeyman to fear, helps corral public opinion. Five filters. One big media theory. Consent is being manufactured all around you,
all the time.

100 thoughts on “Noam Chomsky – The 5 Filters of the Mass Media Machine

  1. Boy is this so obviously true now, haven't watched much tv or news for better part of my life until last October, 2018 when I felt an ominous threat coming to this country and there it was the illegal migrant caravans demanding American taxpayers to take care of them and alas! Here we are doing just that, has anyone watched any Chris Hedges video's on the Sacrifice Zones here in America ? We are not taking care of our own citizens but the Media is convincing everyone and their brother that illegal invaders are our problem and we need to take care of them this is dark humor at its finest and cruelest, someone should be interviewing those in the Sacrifice Zones and get their opinion on this but apathy must be at an all time high to allow this to happen, 90% of their asylum claims are bogus, they don't qualify whatsoever but money is being spent in massive amounts on them already. Is this "Bye,bye Me American Pie ?

  2. Don't buy anything from polluting corporations that own the media . Don't buy stock from them… do the best you can……..EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS…you are part of 300+ million people……. The corporation idiots won't give up without a fight… and a lot of lying and persuading and every bit of bad logic persuasion they are trained to to. They are counting on our ignorance… or maybe they are just so damaged and ignorant they actually believe themselves…. Lead poisoning will do that to you.

  3. It’s interesting that any “big story” has to have the approval of the media corporation’s attorneys for liable concerns. Second, if there is no credible sources, for the constant demand to make the 500pm deadline- the term sources within the White House or officials that can’t be named a catch all phrase is used. The old phrase media translatable is applied where complex stories with many players are simplified. But as the 2016 election cycle showed many people ignored main stream media and search for information on social media. Stories the main stream refused to cover or acknowledge months later. Hence the I 𝙄𝙣𝙛𝙤 Wars have risen where Congress is demanding information control. Google and high tech giants are censoring divergent perspectives. Whistle Blowers upload classified material that shows the hidden agenda. Journalism is entertainment for the masses which the political and industrial corporate elite want

  4. You left out Operation Mockingbird. Intelligence agents embedded in the media. And you can't do a war movie without the Pentagon having script approval.

  5. Here in the UK this is obvious, but literally nobody cares. They're too distracted by other things like football, Love Island, what to wear etc. Democracy only ever worked when people were well informed, yet nobody is and that is starting to show.

  6. Why isn’t anyone talking about how well made this video is? I mean, regardless of your political beliefs, doesn’t the animation just give off that vibe that you are being controlled by something bigger?

  7. Here in Brazil one media big corporation has been ruling the country for 4 decades. Now they are loosing power but one worst group are taking the place: big media corporations linked to neo protestant churchs. Just thank God you are not brazilian, guys.

  8. As a Kashmiri I can see it very clearly. Media is India's propaganda machine and has been successful in spreading lies. Free kashmir!

  9. if the media is not a check on politicians, then why do counties like North Korea or China ban political dissent from the news?

  10. Honestly Americans as a whole are complicit in all this. It's their country. There are plenty of regular people in the government doing these things. Pooh

  11. Anti-western media video created by Al-Jazeera… which is part of its own machine isn't it? You can't trust anything from anywhere anymore. Everyone will twist a story to get the like button smashed, their bells ticked, and that golden subscribe click. We need a new pure voice. A trustworthy voice with no affiliation aside from all humanity. We need someone to kill all the media, all the politicians, and companies, with veracity.

    Good video though, just questionable motive from Al-Jazeera

  12. Here in Canada, our government run cbc is the biggest propaganda machine of all. These guys "blame the corporation"… it's not that simple. In fact, the desire for profit is only one motive. It happens to be the one that Noam prefers to discuss because of his left wing stance.

  13. The video itself is propaganda. Every side struggling to impose it's own agenda, for it's own interests. Everywhere in the world.

  14. this video could be an example of flak……

    engendering mistrust of competition when the clear examples used by chomsky mostly reference capitalistic mostly conservative media such as fox.

    nice try, penguin. you can do better than animating the ideas of others in the vaguest possible senses

  15. Don’t forget Conservatives and “Right Wing Libertarians”
    Noam Chomsky is a Libertarian Socialist Academic, and some of you unknowingly agreed with him. 😬

  16. In less than 5 minutes, Al Jazeera has explained the illusion of free will & Democracy in Western society. At least with a dictator you know what you’re getting. In America, Republican or Democrat, they’re the same coin.

  17. The Listening Post: Noam Chomsky wrote a book that says that the media is lying, and corrupt and…
    Me: Next time I'm on drugs I'm watching THIS!

  18. This is a well made animated video. The narration is very well made articulated. But the creepy intimidating music REALLY Sells it. Does anyone have a link to the music?

  19. This is hilarious! The problem with manufacturing consent is that it implies that the listener has no free will, no sense of responsibility from decisions and is only but a victim. And it's even more funny when it comes from a media outlet with interests to discredit other (western) media channels using the same flack it condemned. Pure comedy gold!

  20. Don't disagree with the video, but you should have examples or evidence of some kind if you want to try and convince or awaken people.

  21. Somewhat poor representation of Chomsky's five filters. I highly recommend the introduction of Manufacturing Consent for a better summary of the filters.

  22. everyone should see this….
    but, if the number of "dislikes" is any indicator, people don't seem to want to know the truth. 😢

  23. Chomsky talks as if consumers are reactionary zombies that do not participate in choosing the media platform and information they want. In fact, they are sovereign as far as there is no government subsidy to distort the market. If consumers are choosing sensationalism over "truth", who are you to tell them that they are wrong? Quite a shallow analysis in my opinion

  24. I'm not going to be lectured about the lack of a free press by a theocratic dictatorship like Qatar. Noam Chomsky only criticizes America and the West he never says anything about the complete lack of human rights in Muslim countries. No fee press, no freedom of speech, no elections, no gay rights and no women's rights. Chomsky and the left say nothing about that. Maybe he will say something about Saudi Arabia, but that is only because they are allies with the U.S. never a world about Iran. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

  25. Large media houses will push an agenda. You should expect them to. I have found that once you know they will push an agenda you will look for the agenda and by that will be less likely to believe their outlandish stories and to see the truth in what they say.

  26. Amy Goodman spews radical leftist propaganda on a daily basis, no better or worse than conservative leaning media, and every bit as delusional.

  27. Propaganda is just something that spreads a particular ideology or perspective. Usually considered to be more prevalent than other sources of information. On a scale where the awareness of an ideology or mentality is present within a particular environment it becomes possible to define as propaganda but it is also possible that even where there is less power behind an ideology that it may be propaganda. This is propaganda, the media is propaganda, the person handing out leaflets if propaganda. The guy at the party with more people behind his opinion is propaganda as is the person who has less. Just words and metrics.

  28. A lot of people see propaganda as inherently bad.What I learned when studying rhetoric is that, propaganda is the spread of information that goes one-way. As in the news, you can’t talk to the people on tv. This video itself is a piece of propaganda, but propaganda is only a way of propagating information just like persuasion. Propaganda is only terrible when used by terrible people (spreading misinformation).

  29. The western media is going hairwire on Trump. So what does make Trump? The only "media" Trump got is his tweet through twitter also "fox News". So im wondering which side Trump is right now. Most of the MSM is in the democrat's grip aka CNN, MSNBC etc anyway. Doesn't that proved that Joe Biden, Warren and Bernie are just a bunch of media nut heads?

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