26 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj, Cardi B & More Slam Instagram Removing LIKES

  1. What do you think? Is everyone overreacting or do you think Cardi and Nicki are both agreeing on something for once?

  2. Idc if people don’t agree with me, I feel like they should just leave it alone. Don’t change nothing that doesn’t need to be fixed.🤷🏾‍♀️ When people like what you have now, why give yourself a chance to just ruin your business?

  3. I love the fact that they are removing the likes! It’s probably one of the most exciting steps that IG is taking I currently have 4K followers on there and will not be effected by the likes

  4. Instagram is built on likes views and followers. I have never agreed with nicki on everything but its a money grab to take away the ability of non famous people who built their platform to sell ads and instead force advertisers to buy from ig directly.

  5. Uh…. it's probably both. I mean, when you put things on Instagram you, yourself if you aren't putting it for basically your own use as an online photo album that is public for your family and friends (but who really does that on Instagram, really? I thought that was Facebook, and now it is more just specific photo cloud services), then you are doing it for the exposure reasons or essentially the likes. That sort of external gratification can be damaging to a person's psyche as well as addictive… but it's what most of us all want. We want to be recognized for our photography, our art, our visual accomplishments, or even just our bodies.

    There also is a level of wanting others to share in your experiences or to be transparent, believe you are living your best life… However, I don't know how bad that really is for any of us, and I agree that on the immediate surface of feeling bullied and mental health, it's the comments that are truly nasty, and if you get a ton of likes but only a couple nasty comments, that gives a whole different meaning to your interpretation to the post. I have to be clear that I wouldn't want comments to be removed either, but I do agree that they probably do effect people more than the likes. I don't really know what is best for curbing online bullying on the Instagram platform, I want to think of the default: more moderation, but that is the most expensive solution in the end (and Instagram probably don't want the most expensive solutions).

    That said, I also think the criticism that you can't trust Instagram for manipulating what comes up on a person's screen and being less transparent about that in favor of possibly showing what they want to show, or even giving more priority to advertisers and their actual channels is the best reason for being against this.

  6. I really wish that ig would make it an opt in thing. The same with showing how many followers you have and allowing only followers to comment. Give us the option, don't decide for us.

  7. Giving likes is easier than writing comments specially if you’re following many accounts. They should thought about removing these ads instead

  8. #IfYoureGonnaBeALittleBitchAboutLikes #StayOffOfTheInternet #TheyreJustLikesYouFuckinBabies #TheresLiterallyAnEntireWorldOutThere

  9. So basically comments matter like they did on Myspace they are destroying Instagram but oh well because I was getting tired of that app anyway

  10. Well i dont have a Instagram but, yall said they are just hiding the likes so there not technically removing them. But yeah i can see that, removing the popularity contrest of who has more followers just to get more likes. I get it. But i also get how it will hurt people who get paid to advertise on Instagram. But things change all the time thats life. Find a new way to make money. Or use this as an opportunity to start another platform for people to use. Thats how youtube and facebook and Instagram and Twitter all began. Something new.

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