News media calls me out for lying.. (confession) 📰 PEW NEWS📰
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News media calls me out for lying.. (confession) 📰 PEW NEWS📰

*POP* I’m Poppy Harlow and you’re watching Pew News. [ayy finally] The most News News site of all time. *Best news intro* First of… MERCH Okay? MERCH What? DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND? There is new MERCH. What are you doing? Now I’m Poppy Harlow *noshit* and I’m not supposed to give my own opinion but I’m gonna make an exception and say that this is THE HOTTEST MERCH. He brought back the Cyka Blyat shirt-hat-thing. [buys] *POP* *Please Buy Merch* *Pewds needs money. He always get D-monetized* We really have just two news I want to
talk about, there hasn’t been that much – that I care about. The first one is about
FfoRtNiTe. Everyone’s favourite game… Apparently now parents are paying tutors
for teaching their kids to become better at Fortnite. *cute skrrata from god * These scrubs… This is what
happens when you birth beta Beta children that needs help (grammar) to become
better. PATHETIC Really what they should be doing… is giving their children. [???] According to the article that originated from – The Wall Street Journal *oh the memories* There’s pressure not to just play it but to be really good at it [lol not really] *professional Newsmaker burping everybody* Do they not know that all they gotta do to be good at the game is- you just need to- you don’t need to learn the game. You just gotta be exTREMLY good at
Photoshop, okay? There you go everybody. Problem solved. You don’t have to pay 20
bucks an hour to teach your kids ‘Cause apparently that’s what’s happening. You can go to this website called Gamer Sensei. If you
want to improving games, I mean fair enough. I can’t really hate on that. I just find it funny that parents think it’s somehow required to give their
children this so that they can seem cooler or fit in you know? BACK IN MY DAY I couldn’t get my parents to buy me anything gaming related so HEY props to
you parents. I guess I don’t know. This parent called Nick Menon says has been
paying coaches to tutor his son. Noble said the 12 year old’s gone from
struggling in the game to throwing down 10 to 20 wins [Not that much…] DAMN son! [PEWS IT’S NOT THAT MUCH COME ON] You know when
when I was a child World of Warcraft was the game that
everyone played I remember if you weren’t playing World of Warcraft You weren’t really part of that the social group or whatever Or Tibia it was
actually Tibia but regardless there wasn’t really any requirement for you to
be good at the game I guess now that big game is fortnite. Kids want to be good at it And seem better than they are it’s an
interesting phenomenon a lot of people are justifying this as: “oh I can train my
child so that they can become pro” Yes because fortnite will definitely be
relevant in another couple years That seems like a great investment [lol no] it’s not just social exclusion. That is causing some parents to turn to tutors *9yrs old* :”You are not good at Fortnite you can’t hang with us” Jimmy comes back couple lessons later Throwing down 10 or 20 wins. Gets all the women Saves the day Jimmy is a legend *POP* One collegiate eSports club called
Tesla announced this year it would offer Over 1 million in scholarships and
prizes to student competing in Six different video games This reminds me of.
I think in Japan they have like Youtube schools because it’s because it’s such a
popular phenomenon to be a youtuber in Japan And it’s not like anyone that
finished these schools have become any YouTuber This is one of those useless
things you could get into that won’t lead up to anything I’m not saying that
that’s necessarily the case here but it does sound fairly familiar it’s also
interesting because I reflected myself a couple days ago on how the approach to
YouTube has shifted tremendously When I started I mean when Pewdiepie started
YouTube it was eight years ago I felt like I was the Biggest Loser ever even
just talking alone in a room in front of a camera that was just unheard of even
just talking into a microphone alone on camera it was just weird you wouldn’t do
that you were a weirdo if you did it *Pop* *Pew Pew Pew Pew Pew* Surprise surprise there’s another news
article about PewDiePie Tagged W T F influencers. What did he do this time huh
can’t even go a week PewDiePie makes fake claims over sponsored videos. Posted byDdigiday who claims to be About authority, insight and honesty *Type X for Doubt* So they’re basically saying that I’m claiming to be sponsored by Volvo when
really I wasn’t and saying that I make fake claims over sponsored videos. I love
how they don’t allow comments on the article so the only way to really find
out what people think and I think it’s pretty unanimous and this is a how do I
not swear it’s a bad story The video that they are referring to is me playing
PUBG I feel like at this point I need to just stop replying because the more I
reply then more inevitably I’m going to get more hit pieces like this because it
just reinforces that I’m against the media and therefore I’m an villain in
the media’s I and I just gonna keep on going and going and these will just
appear but this is this one is just too funny and not to bring up it’s me playing pubg driving around in a car *Sponsored by Volvo* That’s it. Surprise surprise
Volvo the car manufacturing company Did not pay me to play PUBG to drive around
in a car that’s not even a Volvo It’s a dacia. It’s a big surprise big shocker. I know. So what this website decided to do instead of having a brain was well it
says in the title is sponsored by Volvo so we’re gonna reach out to Volvo and
ask them *Curb my pasta* And guess what they said No it isn’t. Surprise. Big surprise everyone. It’s not sponsored by Volvo That video wasn’t actually sponsored by Volvo
according to a Volvo spokesperson First paragraph. Cool alright cool.
This seemed like a great article. But it keeps going. Volvo was unaware of this
association with PewDiePie They’re not associated. It’s a joke. I’m driving
around killing people with a car It’s a joke. It’s a joke why do I have to spell
it out do I have to say it every time I know it’s like I meme that I always go
it’s a joke but this is taking it to next level so they reached out to Volvo
and then reached out to me as well I saw the email and I thought that is the
dumbest thing they cannot be serious they cannot be seriously writing an
article about this so I changed the title to sponsored by Saab so what do
they do they reach out to Saab as well on August 3rd more evidence
popped up to indicate Volvo did not sponsor the video they’re really living up
to the insight and the honesty here definitely good doing a good job they
found more evidence guys that this was not actually sponsored after do today’s
email to PewDiePie’s channel the title was changed to sponsored by Saab and
they actually they reach out to Saab as well They reach out Why? Why? Why? Did you
reach out to Saab as well Are you that *Dumb* You can’t there’s no way you’re not
stupid. Saab responded we do not have a sponsor relationship with him and had no
knowledge of that YouTube video prior your email a Saab spokesperson emailed. They reached out to Saab as well. So by their logic is that he said that the
video was sponsored by Volvo for a year and then all the sudden and it’s not
sponsored by Volvo and then all the sudden a year after it gets changed to
sponsored by Saab so we better make sure to reach out to Saab to make sure for
more evidence that it isn’t actually sponsored by Saab. *Meme Review X Pew News* it’s pretty clear that
they’re not that stupid Like no one is this dumb. That’s the thing.It’s clear
they’re pretending to be dumb just so that they can go around and ask brands
like is it true is it true so what they’re implying in this article here is
saying that advertisers often take their cues from other advertisers in the
decision whether to work with an influencer, Pewdipie may have thought
that other advertisers would see the volvo video as a sign that the
controversy is over so there’s basically implying that this wasn’t just a joke
this was me trying to make so that branch would pay me money
tricking people into this video was actually sponsored by Volvo so that I
could make more money I’m just saying what they think this is I
I know it’s ridiculous so they can reach out to a bunch of brands that I work
with it’s just it’s basically another way to hurt my brand they just want
people to know that Hey PewDiePie is a controversial youtuber you shouldn’t be working with him and I agreed like if you if you’re a company and you’re not
aware of who I am you shouldn’t be working with me either.
I’m not trying to trick people into paying me I want to have genuine good
relationships with brands Luckily I’m not dependent on working with brands to
do what I do but when videos get Demonetize which does happen so it’s a
nice way to counter that I always pick brands that I know that you guys will
enjoy as well what will make an entertaining video or a product that you
might be interested in the chairs for example is a great example because we
did the promotion just at probably the worst time ever they took a leap to work
with me and he turned out great it was a great promotion and obviously the whole
meme happened and it was just a really successful thing and fans loved it too
it was great for the company and that’s the thing I want people to know yes I am
a controversial figure I don’t care about working with you if you don’t know
who I am. So this article is just a way to as dumb as it is this is a way to
basically try and hurt me even more and these articles just keep coming and they
keep coming and it’s just so pity and it’s so desperate and it’s so reaching
and it just ruins the credibility of your website. I feel like there’s a such
a disconnect between the corporate world and the culture on the internet and
that’s why there’s a disconnect between what my brand is and how a lot
of bigger corporations perceive it a lot of times the brands that a lot of big
companies love all the big youtuber names that appear in the in the rewind
or whatever those are the type of brands that most people on the internet
actually don’t respect It seems like their worlds are completely upside-down
the more you appeal to the corporate culture the less respected you are on
the internet for being dishonest because people are smart enough to see through
it I don’t know I kind of went off on a tangent didn’t I. I genuinely don’t
want to pick fights with the media like I’m It’s tiresome I’d be lying if I said
that you know obviously it’s fun to laugh at these articles but when they
come in all the time it’s annoying it’s frustrating because I know people don’t
understand it most of it probably it’s because of me I don’t want to pay myself
as a victim or anything because I know a lot of it is self-inflicted but I do
think I get a lot more SHATT Than I deserve
and I think this article is it An example of that because anyone with the
brain were just understand this was clearly a joke and especially it was a
joke that could not hurt anyone it’s not an offensive joke it’s just a joke what
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always *Pop* *Pew News* *The most relevant new site of all time* *Now stare on this blank space* *subs to chadismyname*

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    "Hi, XY from Washington Post, are you sponsoring PewDiePie? "
    Marketing Rep at Volvo after a deep sigh: "No, we are not. "
    Puts down the phone, while a HUGE grin appears on the journalist's face: "What a story, maaaaaan!!"

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  3. I think Facebook deleted 3 years of posts, then went back and contacted a bunch from my timeline, and one of the previous agencies, that I no longer work with reached out to me using a dead person’s phone call. This is a sign of controversy and dishonesty especially using gdpr without my consent.

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  10. PewDiePie I'm from Christchurch New Zealand and the media are sick and twisted they are on a power trip it made me sick that they called you out when that man came to my hometown and shot up that mosque and all the disinformation and crap that followed that event. you should of never been expected to apologise for that shit. I read his manifesto that guy was a sick troll that thought his actions could change the world instead it changed my country keep up the good content and don't let these media groups try and ruin you.

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