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NEWS FLASH: This Could Be the Beginning of the End for Instagram | DailyVee 573

So a lot of kids going into next year, the question get asked, well, what do you want to do
with the rest of your life? What do you want to do– It’s a stupid question. You ask the parent and
teacher are they happy. Are they happy with what
they’re doing for a living. – [Interviewer] Yeah. – [Gary] When 15 year old Gary
got made fun of by teachers, I looked them dead in the face, I did this three different
times in high school, and said are you happy with
the way your career ended? Like, you’re telling me
that I’m gonna be a failure ’cause I got an F in science? Like, I have a very good read of what I’m gonna do with my life. I’m gonna be a successful business man. You may be right Mrs Statz. I remember your names. You may be right Mrs Statz
that I may be a failure, you also may be wrong. But before we guess what’s
gonna happen with me, let’s focus on you. Are you happy with your life? (slow guitar music) (electronic beat) – [Woman] Hey Gary. Hey, how are you buddy? Nice to meet you. Welcome, come on. take a seat.
Such a pleasure. Like, the foundational
aspects of my happiness is predicated that I do not care what other people think of me. Not because I’m audacious, it’s ’cause I know that
they don’t fully know me. The same way I don’t fully know anybody. Everybody’s scared because
they’re worried about what their parents, older
siblings, spouse, partner or best friends are gonna
think about their failure. I don’t care when I lose, it’s my loss. That has nothing to do with you. Everybody I know is losing, so if you’re casting
judgment on what I failed at that’s fine, that’s cute. – [Interviewer] You’re not
doing anything good for yourself while you’re doubting others. I’m just not interested in your judgment because everybody sucks
at something else too. – [Woman] Yeah, okay, we all
fail at something or other. That’s where people are getting crippled. They’re not doing things ’cause they actually care
about what other people think. – [Interviewer] A young Pedro
here used to work for us now he’s moved on, Pedro.
He’s crushing it on TikTok by the way. – [Interviewer] Oh are on TikTok? TikTok’s the shit man.
Is it? Wait a minute, Pedro can
just come in like that? – [Woman] Yeah. I like this place. Good job Pedro. I saw Gary Vee’s videos,
talking about TikTok, this is maybe like, six months ago, and then I got an account. It just shot up and really, yeah it just, crazy stuff man. And that’s an example of
first, TikTok’s still looming, TikTok’s the first platform,
used to be known as, got bought, it popped three years ago, it’s popped back up in the last year and it’s the first
platform that has a chance to really push Instagram,
as Instagram right now is the establishment in the culture. TikTok may or may not
but it’s at enough scale and it’s young enough to do to Instagram what Instagram did to Facebook. And so you’ve got to pay
attention to it right now and most people listening right now are like, wait a minute, that’s what my 11 year old daughter is on. But don’t forget that’s
what we said about Facebook, that’s what we said about Instagram. You know these things start young and then eventually they age up. (electronic beat) – [Interviewer] Quality
content, or quantity of content and he asked why spread yourself across so many different platforms? Because you’re capable. Like, why did Deion Sanders
play football and baseball? Because he was capable,
but most people aren’t. First of all, quality needs to be debated. Who gets to decide it’s quality? The creative director? The brand manager? Who? Before a piece of creative
sees the day of light, it cannot be decided
what kind of quality is. We need to understand the
agenda of the creative and so, for me, quantity is not debatable. I always tell my team, guys, gals, if you’re going
to deliver a piece of work three days late, that a
client was waiting for, that’s not a debate,
you are three days late. That is not subjective,
that’s black and white. Once you deliver that work. What she or he thinks of it,
is completely subjective. And we see a lot of perfection and a lot of politics
and a lot of subjectivity which is just hiding
insecurity in this industry and so, I do not understand
how people don’t understand that we live in a world of
10 to 15 digital platforms that really control the
attention graph of our society and for us to not be telling
stories that are relevant to the 12, 15, 35 different cohorts that we could be speaking to across these 5 to 15 platforms is leaving something on the table and I think agencies and
startups and organizations need to restructure to be able to be a quantity and quality
player in today’s world but a traditional creative department of copywriters and art
directors and senior creatives debating work and then pitching two ideas is not built for a 2019 internet world which is why they push
so hard against quantity and judge it as schizophrenia
or not on brand, spray and pray, see what sticks. I see it as marketing for the sake of getting quant and qual
feedback to do better marketing. – [Interviewer] I think we have probably just another minute or two left so let me, let me ask you of which I’m sure you probably get asked a lot. Which are the platforms
to watch at the moment? You mentioned TikTok earlier, is that the kind of one
that you would argue marketers should be looking at right now? For all the marketers that are listening, knowing the makeup of this audience, TikTok is important because just remember what you thought about
Instagram and Facebook over the last 15 years. It starts super young and then over time it ages up. And I do believe that we’re in the moment of Instagram’s prime. Instagram has become
absolutely the prime place, much like Facebook was in 2011. And I think when you’re
in your deep prime, you’re in the beginning stages
of being past your prime. And I think that TikTok
is the only platform that has that much use
at that young of an age that has the potential to
mature up and challenge. And so, yes. But, we’ve also already mentioned, I think every single person
that’s listening to this podcast should start producing
content for LinkedIn. Everyone of them. Every one. (slow electronic beat) Regardless of whether
people love you or hate you they want to listen to you, whereas I listen to
other people in business and I just get bored and I just tune out because it’s, like, a bit dry. I think whether, you know, I also, thank you, I think
whether it’s entertainment value, I think the one thing that has been very, that I’m very happy about,
is I stay in my lane. I definitely believe that I
know what I’m talking about because I mainly only start talking once something has proven
to me that it works. So I think a lot of people
right now are guessing for the sake of creating
content, or maybe striking gold. I appreciate you saying that. I really do think, it’s
also why I stay very narrow. There’s a lot, I don’t talk about SEO. I don’t talk about, you
know, global economics. I don’t talk about a lot things ’cause I’m not educated on them, but I think that staying in
your lane of expertise matters. Yeah, well I think social, looking at the content that you put out, I think it’s really interesting because you are very much in that space and you have to be an early adopter to, say, new platforms like TikTok. In Australia they actually
recently hid likes on Instagram. I’m aware. Which has been interesting. Which I’m a huge advocate of. Really, why? I think that people have become too one dimensional in knowing what their
audience is looking for, completely predicated on the
arbitrary number of likes. And I think it has limited creativity and expansion of people’s horizons and I think it’s an
extremely healthy change. And I’m hoping it becomes
a global, permanent change. I really do. And I’m somebody who gets a lot of likes, I just think it will be
better for more people. How do you switch off when you get home? And do you switch off? That’s the question. I don’t switch off, but I usually collapse and go to sleep. You know, I get home very late. 11, 12 is pretty consistent
for me, weekdays. So, I’m exhausted after 18 hours of, and I bring a lot of
energy all those hours. I can imagine.
You know, when I think about my school career, those 8 hours, I probably
put out 40 minutes of energy. And I see people do that
at work all the time. They work for 9 hours, but they’re really working for an hour. But for me, I’m going 15
hours and I’m going 15, I’m going 14 hours and 52 minutes. So I don’t turn off but
I think I just breakdown and go to sleep. So, yeah I don’t, I’m never off. I’m only on to something. Yeah I’m just. Things like sports card, we were talking about before, those are good distractions, right? Like, when I was flying here, today, on the 14 hour, 15 hour
link from LA to here, I slept 8 hours but, the other 6 hours I was on Ebay looking
arbitrage to buy soccer cards. That’s brilliant, good stuff. So I’m not off, but I’m doing something that is not that serious,
so that allows me to. Somebody next to me may be
watching a Avengers movie, and that’s how they unplug. Or somebody else might be playing a game. I tend to unplug by doing more business. (slow electronic beat) – [Jack] I’m coming to see you later. – [Gary] Thank you. We came up here with my dad ’cause– How are you sir? My dad introduced me to you a couple years ago. He’s always been your biggest fan, always preaches your stuff.
Thank you so much. Up until about a year ago, I didn’t really take it onboard. I just can’t thank you
enough for the message that you put out there.
What’s your name? My name’s Jack. Jack, nice to meet you. Nice to meet you Gary.
Thanks for saying hello. Whoop, mah hah. I wasn’t sure whether
you were having downtime, I saw you just chilling
out and I was like okay. Let’s do it. Sneak it in. – [Woman] Oh wait, the light is bad, can’t see anything.
You’re amazing Gary. Let’s go.
I don’t get starstruck ever and you’re just, you’re killing me. I’m very flattered Jack, thank you. Hi. Let’s go this way. That way, I can actually see your faces. – [Jack] Thank you so much. – [Woman] Oh much better. I’m literally shaking right now. I’m very flattered. (chuckles) Awesome.
Thank you. Thank you so much.
Such a pleasure to meet you. Great. So, thanks for saying hello.
You’re amazing Gary. Thank you. I’m not in the best place
right now, mentally. I know–
Thank God it’s so early. Yeah, thank God it’s so early. You know, like you say, moments– I believe in that, I mean I, there’s no better time, to
not be in the best place, than when you’re under 30. You literally have your entire life to get into the best place. And I’ve sort of come to the point, I’ve been working full-time
as an employment consultant. Yes.
Helping other people find work.
Yes. And I’ve sort of got to the point where I’ve been working so much that I haven’t done any self care. Yes. And I’m just like, I
need to focus on myself. I need to, in my whole 21 years I’ve never actually got
in touch with myself. Yeah, listen, there’s
people who go 80 years, that don’t get in touch with themselves. Exactly.
That fact that you’re even aware, to
get in touch with yourself at this young of an age, in
itself is a real accomplishment. Thank you. You really need to understand that. It’s the truth Jack. I’m not trying to be nice.
I know. Getting to a place where
you think about those things at this young of an age, have
that level of thoughtfulness, you’re setup for success. Now it just becomes a game of
making sure that the things that you’re leaning into,
are completely predicated on the things that you
understand about yourself, make you actually happy. You know? I just, I just, I’ve always
been so knowledgeable about business and about,
you know, my creative side and I just, I’ve always been torn about which side of me I go to. So I’m still, you know– Look, one of the things
that I can tell you is, and you know, you know
this better than he does and even we are still young
enough to not fully be there. Life is so long, the answer is both. You can go 8 years on being creative, wake up at 29 and say you know what, I wanna make a couple more bucks, I don’t wanna live in this place anymore and then go into your business side. I mean I think, I think that people think that they have to make choices, when in reality they don’t. And I think– You’re sipping cappuccinos
’till you’re 35. (laughs) You just, you know,
you just don’t have to. You don’t have to make
a choice in perpetuity. Make a choice right now, go all-in.
Exactly. And then, maybe that’s good forever. Look, one of the reasons I like leaning into the creative side, is when you have a business acumen underneath that creative side, sometimes you end up marrying the two. There’s no victories in passiveness. Exactly.
No. I gotta run, Jack. Take care of yourself.
Pleasure. Thank you so much.
Appreciate it. Such a pleasure. So a lot of kids, going into next year the question get asked,
well what do you want to do with the rest of your life? What do you want to do– It’s a stupid question. Yeah, well what do you, you’re a 17 year old, what
do you say to a parent or a teacher or someone
that asks you that– You ask the parent and
teacher are they happy. Are they happy with what
they’re doing for a living? ‘Cause that’s what I did. When my 14 year old, when 15
year old Gary got made fun of by teachers, I looked
them dead in the face, I did this three different
times in high school, and said, are you happy with
the way your career ended? Like, you’re telling me
that I’m gonna be a failure ’cause I got an F in science? Like I have a very good read of what I’m gonna do with my life. I’m gonna be a successful businessman. You may be right, Mrs Statz, I remember your names,
you may be right Mrs Statz that I may be a failure. You also may be wrong. But before we guess what’s
gonna happen with me, let’s focus on you. Are you happy with your life? Yo what up Graham? If you got two Gs and you’re under 18, your business has to be about
the thing you love the most. When you’re youngest,
the number one strategy is to try to start something around the thing you enjoy the most. ‘Cause you have the most
time to invest at this point around that strategy. There’s nothing, there’s
nothing greater in the world than loving what you do and supporting the
lifestyle that you want. And the best way to do that, is to start as early as possible, ’cause you have years
that you could put in to try to get there. It’s much harder when you’re
42 and have all these expenses. It’s still the right move
at 42 as a side hustle until you can go off of your
actual business and do it. But, listen to me and listen to me good, 2 Gs as a foundation. 200 bucks as a foundation,
build a media company around your biggest passion, or flip stuff around your biggest passion. Flip sports cards, Pokemon
cards, sneakers, clothes, or start the number one
podcast and Instagram and YouTube channel around that subject. Media or retail around the
thing that drives you the most. (slow electronic beat) – [Interviewer] Have you heard
of the Tall Poppy Syndrome? No, but it’s funny you said that, because three people tweeted, that exact terminology to
me on a flight last night. And I was going to Google what it meant but then I got a popup because right now I’m in a cocoon of buying sports cards and I’ve been trying to buy up a bunch of Messi rookie cards and I
got a notification from Ebay so I got sidetracked,
then I had to go buy it, but I’m thrilled now because now you get to tell me what it is. – [Interviewer] Tall Poppies,
you’re the tall poppy and everyone else is
trying to bring you down. I see. – [Interviewer] Yeah, so it’s called the Tall Poppy Syndrome. It’s funny, I have a saying that says there’s two ways to build
the biggest building, one, just be good enough to build the biggest building in town. Two, try to tear down
everybody else’s building. I very much disrespect people
who tear down buildings. I couldn’t be more disrespectful
of all the small poppies that are wasting all their time trying to tear down the big poppy. Instead of focusing on their own poppy and building a bigger
poppy than somebody else’s. (laughs) – [Interviewer] And telling that poppy no. Telling, yeah, yeah, to me, I’m not just, I’m just not worried about
anybody else’s poppy. I don’t care how big
or small your poppy is. I’m gonna focus on my poppy and that’s what I’m about. And by the way, here’s something
else I’m very proud of, if you go out and build a bigger poppy I’m your number one fan. I get a lot of accolades
from my angel investing but I’m often, when I
get too much accolades say hey, did you look at
Scott Belsky and Chris Sacca? They did it better than I did and I was part of that GushBook. So, I’m not worried about
anybody else’s poppy and if I happen to build a bigger one then I want clapping
and the cheers for that. But if somebody else builds a bigger one I’m not booing it. I’m admiring it. Especially if that poppy didn’t use you know, fertilizer that was illegal. (slow electronic beat) Are you seeing, are you
still seeing resistance to your content, marketing,
methodology or your methodology? Yeah. And why do you think that is? Like, are they just lagers? ‘Cause it’s hard. Right. People just don’t get it? People get it, people don’t wanna do it. I get that you have to eat properly and workout everyday to
have a tremendous physique. Doesn’t mean I want to do it. Twinkies are fun. Sleeping in is fun. I’m out, I mean 90% of the stuff that’s gonna be said out there today, versus what is say, is gonna
be completely contradictory. There is no passive income. There is no fucking shortcut. There is not system. Bleed outta your fucking
eyes and provide value and wait 30 years to build
something meaningful. Who the fuck wants to hear that? There’s resistance ’cause it’s hard. (crowd cheers) – [Audience Member] You always
seem to generate more energy, the more you work and the older you get, how do you it, how do you get that– I fucking collapse when I walk in. Like when I walk in at 11 or 12 p.m I’m asleep within eight seconds. – [Audience Member] How are you bringing all that in and people pay? I really like what I’m doing. You know how much energy I had in school? Dick. (audience laughs) I think the more you like it, and listen there’s also like, you know, that’s like me asking you how you have a great head of hair. Like, at some level, some
people just have DNA. Like I’ve always had
a fuck-load of energy, that’s just what I was given, right? So I also think for me specifically the combination of natural
energy that was handed to me with whatever chemical
infrastructure I have plus genuinely liking
what I do, that’s how. – [Audience Member] So are you saying the passion and the love is
where you get the energy from? Bro, every single person that chases cash over loving the process, ends up far less happy than people think. All of them. That’s my answer. – [Audience Member] All
right man, thank you. You got it. (crowd cheers) – [Announcer] It’s Gary. Thank you for the time for flying– Thank you. Thank you so much. – [Announcer] Did you
get your money’s worth? (cheers) Did you get your money’s worth? Love you guys. – [Fan] Hey Gary. Gary. – [Gary] Yo. There’s someone Gary, just one. I’ve been waiting for you
long time, five years. Five years, five years I
was waiting for you man. Love you. Will you sign my book please. Can I take one photo, one photo Gary. Hurry. I’m sorry man, I’m really, really sorry. – [Announcer] Richard
Branson is coming out. And here is our first five
if you wanna get involved. The price is $59 for you
guys you get a free upgrade. (crowd speaks over announcer) Thank you guys. (calls) Sorry, they’re pulling me, bye guys. (cheers) – [Man] Lionel Richie’s
brother or something? Yeah I mean, you know, sometimes people give me letters which is always kind of daunting
because I suck at reading. So probably take me 10 to 50 times longer to read this letter than most people but other times, you know, I sometimes don’t get through them. Sometimes I’m not sure they are and other times like tonight
I don’t have to do anything on the way to the airport,
I’m gonna read it. And in that reading, in those stories you get a lot of insights
to themes or other things I use to help and plus get to librandus the ambition of the
person handing it to me which is either being heard,
or whatever asks they may have which is often the case so,
that’s the story of the letter. (slow electronic beat)

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  33. Instagram is hot and at its prime, definitely! Fb is ageing and that I sort of feel Fb soon will be all about video.

    Gary… man!! Where do you get all this energy and how?

  34. Thank you Gary for this video! I wouldn't have written a comment if I didn't read the leave a 'hi'. I love the way you always harp on saying know what you are talking and do what you love. Spend time working on it and honing your skills. Everytime I feel like giving up on a particular medium or client pop comes your video or voice saying to just do it.

  35. Dude they establishment is scared. Haha I had my first tik tok viral video two days ago. It’s been exponentially growing. It’s exploded. I see quality as something embedded with your talent

  36. When he mentions LinkedIn… does anyone have any idea as to what kind of content he’s talking about? Bc every platform is a little different, and LinkedIn seems to be very business oriented, but part of me feels like it doesn’t have to be that way

  37. 1:25 "I don't care wether I lose, is my loss it has nothing to do with you, everybody I know is losing so if you're casting judgements at what I failed at that's fine that's cute, I'm just not interested in your judgment cuz everybody sucks at something else to." Legit talk 👍👊💥🔥💪

  38. I am 30. I want to do graphic art design and filming. I want to start filming my content of me going from novice to beginner and most of all monektizing it. I tried doing cold-calls for business niches that I was not passionate about. is it too late for me?

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