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roses are red pallets are five happy tuesday to you let’s get on with the news aka little however story above and a
half a day what high bulk bypass right now it is looking like it is going to be
launched in august also looks like the new had packed and
they look at that many will be released next month so if you have been awaiting on these
products i think i just give me a little update autumn plus the fact that news is
gone today thanks that brought a lot of u out there
that used we come back when it’s a pretty much aa screw you
because you used to eat that going to upload order enjoyed either used to be a
face book it’s no longer going to be supportive tweet that runs on the old twitter a
p_i_ one point alwyn only run it on the one point one there has to be discontinuing the sweet
debt after all the stores and this is why i use things like food sweet no
that’s not a sponsor thing i just really enjoy food sweet it’s simple it’s easier to get the job
done god i like the person you’re dating though we have this apple you’re both
well you can probably not use it anymore and find something that moving on alone you know uh… via iron man three second
official trailer has hit today they’ll look at this what a mess was set up that i have no
war sits threads that explode go one step for trevor that’s not what’s that about selena
gomez entirely don’t ask me not to use of this new music video issues with it
quite beautifully five i’d say so myself i think this red swimsuit looking thing
and then there’s this get out the looks pretty sexy but my favorite picture is
that i hate to see you go but i love the one she waved him there’s guarded about licenciatura from the beach that i know
a lot of guys out there anyway of arena sure wish apart we’ll started talking about you pervert that’s that’s taken all the beautiful
ladies let’s mention cape opted real quick now for some reason this story has
just been held up the internet addicted to twitter anna retrieve whatever
pesticide or picture of for saying hey i have your double ganger
a gay you are looking like and even can’t like that’s amazing
babygirl that states but like his daddy russian mellor brian she goes by the
name of anita and i want to go check out our twitter but it has been protected
and hurts what her name is who lived in jeddah you’re gonna have to
check out the link down below we won’t carry health report what they
want or wrote twitter is and maybe jewel for
him but there’s also a beleaguered side of
that story today should this huge thread and it’s amazing some of things that
people can do a photoshop but i mean i have to say i guess you’d definitely
look a lot like a thought that we should be prepared to suffocate i’d get the bushes baked beans gap aren’t you lucky and finally the other store that was all
below one of the internet today has to do with me looked cool it’s she was
going to be about this guy by the name of chris start for bbc radio one and
this guy is just completely nervous in he is just arrest interview me lakotas
and i can sympathize with him and i the light i’d hi my my my idea annular it at your heart until they do the same way but merely
because this guy’s never cityguide turns the interview around and she kinda starts interview would
have been mentioned explorer lasted it just proves holland horrible me left
it’s you have got to see this video it’s the kind of like me likud if you are
definitely going to fall in love with her after watching this again both state
and uh… go check out this video the students
complete nervous wreck in me with your ships normal prying eyes as committee to take showed
up at the leave a comment on the question of the day which ends person would make you the most nervous
if you had to choose the interviewer let me know also don’t forget the like video coverage of the political
inevitably want to do this journal don’t forget to subscribe you guys have a great day st awesome and
i’ll see you back here will see that guys


  1. omg, so excited for this Iron Man 3!!!! Mike, you're the best! Beyonce would make me nervous if i were to interview her because I'm such a fan of hers! 🙂

  2. I watched the interview and wow she really did injoy it!! I hope he doesnt get in trouble 😛 well at least she had a good time huh?

  3. I highly doubt he'll get in trouble. The video is going viral. That's just great publicity for the radio station.

  4. Hello,Michael.
    Obviously,Tommy Lee Jones / Will Smith in their M.I.B . outfits would make me nervous. Or Sigourney Weaver.(They all hate aliens..)

  5. I pitched the Kate Upton story to Buzz60 a couple days ago but they said it was too sexy. Obviously, not too sexy for the Michael Warbux show! Good job, buddy.

  6. I cannot think of anyone that I would be really "nervous" to interview. I think there are a couple of people that would cause me to get labelled a straight cougar if I interviewed them, because it would be difficult to not look at them like a bowl of warm milk. Like The Rock, Darryl Johnson, Boris Kodjoe or Channing Tatum. Meow!

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