New Instagram Trend (No Ideal Body Types)
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New Instagram Trend (No Ideal Body Types)

This is a new trend on Instagram and to be honest, it’s one of my favorite trends that I’ve seen so far. This trend is about girls that prove
there are no ideal bodies. They show how just with lighting and posture a girl’s body can actually look way better than how she is in everyday normal life. For example, let’s say you see a very shredded guy I mean he’s in magazines cover shoots, but in reality with bad lighting and bad posture, He may look more normal to you. Here’s an example : Hopefully YouTube doesn’t demonetize this video, but here we got a photo on the left This is just to show you guys I saw her stomach looks flat her skin also looks very flawless, but if she sits down and doesn’t wear makeup, she shows you what she looks like in her everyday life, and there it is That’s what she looks like! If you compare both photos, she just proves there’s no ideal body types. So this is what this trend is all about I actually think it sends a great message, especially to younger girls who think they need to look a certain way. But how’s it going everybody! Welcome to Reaction Time! We’re gonna look at this trend. Look at some more photos- All the photos are gonna be in the description first link and without further ado, let’s just jump right into it! Alright, so the next one we got is an Instagram model as you guys can tell, she honestly looks like she’s fit and in shape There’s her taking a selfie for Instagram, but she wants to show you the truth. If you got lighting at a wrong angle, you can actually see that she has some cellulite, and she’s not afraid to show it so even girls that look like they’re in extreme shape, and they look fit from certain angles; She even proves that she has flaws and has cellulite just like normal people do… Alright so this is the next one- As you guys can see the girl actually puts her chest out a bit and puts her butt out a bit as well she has good posture. It’s a good photo, but if she stood normally and didn’t try to post for the camera BAM! There she is! Another photo that proves that she doesn’t think there are ideal body types. It’s all about your posture. So isn’t that crazy how you guys can compare the before and after. Here’s another one -So obviously this girl is very pretty she took this Instagram photo. You could actually tell she actually has abs, and she’s very skinny But if she doesn’t try to post for the camera as much… Alright I think I think she’s like joking here, but she always shows you that that’s probably what she looks like and her more everyday life rather than the other pose. Here’s another perfect example: This girl here, she has very smooth skin smooth legs But in reality she’s gonna prove to you guys that in her real life she actually has a little bit of cellulite. So as you guys can see when she sits down she has cellulite and you would have never guessed that if you look at the original photo But now you guys know. So maybe your ideal body type, your dream fitness goals… Maybe they’re not as hard to achieve because you don’t really see the flaws of the person taking the photo Another good photo- Here the girl looks like she has a very lean stomach. It’s very small, her waist is pretty tiny but it might just be the way she took the photo because if she puts her pants down a bit , we can see that she’s very curvy and right here, she just proves that ideal body types are sometimes too unrealistic, and this is way more realistic And I actually think this looks great still either photo This one is a fitness model as you guys can see she’s very lean in shape But when she actually grabs her fat on her stomach you guys can see that it doesn’t look as flat as it looked in the other photo. Of course she’s in great shape, but she proves that even when you look like you’re in great shape, there’s still body fat. Like I said so far I think this trend is actually… It really sets an example for people letting them know that fitness models, athletes They might be hiding some flaws or insecurities that they have, and they’re just human at the end of the day. A few years ago I was dating this girl, and she actually wanted me to get bigger, like bulk up a bit, which I agree with. I need to bulk up a bit but, I just realized the standard for guys is actually really hard to achieve, like think about this: Girls always seek really shredded guys that look like this, and I guess it’s achievable for some people but I think that this is extremely hard to achieve for an average person. Look at that! That’s insane! Holy ****! So it’s not just girls that had like those ideal body types guys had that too. But a lot of times these photos are touched up a bit. They lift a lot of weights right before they take the photos to get that pump. They put some oil on their body to make it look like they’re more cut, they get a tan. So let’s see (Googles)”fitness model reality” Here’s another perfect example. This is a fitness model on Instagram on foot on the left. But when she sits down she shows you that even she has some rolls as well. And it says on the bottom : “Not every angle is your best angle and that’s okay”, and she’s a hundred percent, right. Here’s the before picture. Good angle. She’s smiling. She has good posture one of her legs is actually sticking out This is her when she slumps her shoulders and just looks normal almost like she looks completely different, but again It’s all about the posture And she just might walk around like this every single day normally and now pose for a camera all the time Here’s another great photo in the first photo as you can see she’s lifting her legs up But when a Sun hits it the wrong way you guys can see she has a little bit of cellulite and she wants to prove To every other girl out there that it’s okay if you have some cellulite It’s normal a lot of girls have it even in photos when girls hide it They probably still have it so here’s the same girl again the before and the after As you guys can see in the second photo There’s maybe a slight bit of cellulite as well Which is completely natural same girl sucks in her stomach when she’s sitting down smiling and then with everyday life I guess she sits more like this more of a slump posture as you guys can see her stomach doesn’t look as flat But it’s the same person, so don’t believe everything you see on Instagram or the Internet It’s all about posture as yours can see it’s all about posture and your pose don’t feel insecure because these models and Instagram stars are actually more normal than you think this one’s another great example as you get to see on the left the Stomach looks flat, but what she’s laughing it may look a little different. So guys what do you think? Let me know in the comments. This proves to you that even the greatest fitness models still have normal flaws just like everybody else. Hope you guys enjoyed the video check it out : the first link in the description if you want to look at some more of these photos If you guys have any pictures of guys like Shredded versus Normal Life. I could probably react that too Hope you guys enjoyed this video. I’ll see you next time! Until then check out some more videos and Peace Out!

100 thoughts on “New Instagram Trend (No Ideal Body Types)

  1. I saw the date tat this was publish and it said 19th February 2018 and I thought it said 2019 not 2018 and I was confused and I was like, SO THIS WAS POSTED IN DA FUTURE?!? lol

  2. i truly like your video but why do you shout ? and why do you describe what we can already see ? anyways, I'm new here, and I liked your video, but I had to decrease the volume to 10/100 to be able watching the whole video.. hahhaha

  3. Love this video as there are many girls, who are ridiculously hard on themselves, thinking that all that glitters is gold so to speak, meaning they see photos of models and think how great they look not knowing all the things they have to do or go through to achieve at least one perfect photo. I especially think that hearing this from a guy helps. I truly do hope your comments are genuine and just not to score points on a video.

  4. Me seeing the pics of those guys :

    Hoooollyy shiiizzzz…those effing VAINS…… oh think I might be fully lesbian now….uggghhhhh whyyyyyyy

  5. Omg, this trend did a lot to my self-esteem. The last years, I've been really insecure about my body and this is really helping.

  6. Thank you SO MUCH! I know this is from a year ago but Im SUPER self-conscious about my stomach. My crush just called me fat and it only made things worse. Long story short, He's not getting any. He tried hitting on me the other day.

  7. Now all we have to do is stop calling these things “flaws” and “bad angles” because they look equally as good 🙂

  8. I’m going back to this and realizing- don’t ever ‘bulk up’ just because some girl you dated told you. You don’t need to either, it’s just so insensitive.

  9. 1:02 ok sorry but I am very disturbed by her legs. Like I hear a lot of girls want thigh gaps but to me it just looks really weird and unsettling.

  10. Yea I love these. So many girls feel so insecure and not beautiful simply because we don't look like the Instagram models. But not even the Instagram models look like themselves in real life. It's almost a relief for us to see they're normal like us. As for guys. I personally don't find muscles attractive. Maybe slightly toned but muscles are a no go for me. But I won't judge anyone who likes/has them. Just not my personal taste.

  11. White skin=creepy👽
    Black skin=ugly🙉


  12. I actually like guys that are more feminine and kinda like u know more of the skinny type….

    Maybe I'm just more of a lesbian and too manly guys won't just suit mu tastes

  13. An I the only girl on this planet that likes a guy who ISN'T ripped? I list don't like to many bulky muscles and I honestly couldn't care less about abs

  14. I'm very skinny but I have stretch marks on my legs, it's just a natural thing, and I'm not ashamed of it

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